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GOV.UK Transition Workshop Government Digital Service.

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1 GOV.UK Transition Workshop Government Digital Service

2 2

3 21 GOV.UK is an online service for citizens and businesses where the content is: * clearer * simpler * faster GDS GOV.UK

4 21 GOV.UK has won awards for both its design and its writing style. GDS GOV.UK

5 21 “… as neat and functional as the London Underground map.” – Evening Standard “…perhaps I'd seen a glimpse of the future.” – BBC Technology News “The new website aims to combine all the UK Government's websites into a single site, saving millions of pounds in the process.” – Gizmodo “Government Digital Service's attempt to compile all the UK's governmental pages and web services in a convenient format …” – Wired GDS

6 21 How does GOV.UK benefit users? GDS

7 21 All government information is in 1 place Consistent and easy way to find and understand information Content is focused on addressing user needs GDS

8 21 How does GOV.UK benefit you? GDS

9 21 Easy-to-use publishing tool Cost and time savings The most cutting edge technology Learning from across government GDS

10 21 Don’t just take my word for it … GDS

11 21 GDS

12 21 Focus on user needs GDS

13 21 Content published on GOV.UK must be driven by an analysis of user needs. So that people can find the information they want and complete tasks easily. Example: As a citizen or business I want to find information about local risks of flooding So that I can take necessary actions GDS

14 21 It's still your content GDS

15 21 GOV.UK is a platform for you to publish on. Your content must adhere to the style guide, but it is still your content. GDS

16 21 Update on progress GDS

17 21 The target transition date is April 2014. We have prioritised all the agencies to be transitioned, and this is reviewed every 2 weeks. We have projected our cycle goals for each stage. GDS ✗ July 2014

18 21 Transition process GDS

19 21 GDS Discovery User needs Content analysis, build and publish Business as usual Redirect and decommission Programme Stages

20 21 GDS

21 21 GDS

22 21 GDS

23 21 Cycle goals GDS

24 21 GDS Discovery User needs Content analysis, build and publish Business as usual SM L 1 week 6 weeks 6.5 weeks 7 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks ∞ ∞∞ Redirect and decommission 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 12 wks17.5 wks 22 wks

25 21 We are measuring cycles to see how we’re tracking against our goals GDS

26 21 We’ll measure time elapsed between queued & done for each stage. GDS User needs QueuedDone = 1 week We’ll get average cycle times overall, per department & per size category (SML). 9/9/201316/9/2013

27 21 All this info will be available on a dashboard for each Department GDS

28 21 GDS

29 21 Content GDS

30 Include content that... meets a user need government has a statutory obligation to publish (eg transparency data, consultations) is guidance that helps people comply with the law (not general advice provided by third parties) explains the purpose of the organisation (eg About us, Our governance) is or relates to a government policy complies with the archiving timeframes GDS

31 Content types Corporate information pages (eg About us, Publication scheme, Our governance) Announcements (eg news, speeches, press releases) Publications (eg guidance, research, corporate reports, FOI, statistics) Detailed guidance Consultations Policy and policy detail pages Mainstream content (eg Smart answers) Potential new content types GDS

32 Style Text should be: written in plain English - avoid jargon and cliches focused on the user need and user journey concise, active and direct in the correct content format written with basic SEO principles in mind * Know the GOV.UK style guideGOV.UK style guide * GDS does spot check content for style and quality GDS

33 21 What next GDS

34 21 Things you can be doing now: B ackground reading Installing Google Analytics Understanding the style guide Review, archive and update your content GDS

35 21 GDS

36 21 GDS

37 21 Any questions GDS

38 21 Stay up to date with GOV.UK transition: GDS

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