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A Look at Research Foundation We’re Here To Help You! Carol A. Darstein, J.D., CRA Coordinator, Pre-Award and Contract Services.

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1 A Look at Research Foundation We’re Here To Help You! Carol A. Darstein, J.D., CRA Coordinator, Pre-Award and Contract Services

2 Pre-Award – So What Does That Mean? Pre-award is the place you start when you begin to think about grants…and contracts…with outside sponsors The Research Foundation is responsible for ALL federal grants and contracts We also handle all NY State awards

3 Important to Know We are known as Research Foundation There is also a Buffalo State College Foundation You need to know the difference and our website can help! Where to Route a Funding Request

4 There are many things we can do to help you! We can help you identify funding sources..

5 How Can We Help You Identify Funding Sources? Well, we start by asking YOU what sort of project you are interested in doing.... By giving us keywords we can help you in your search!

6 How Do We Do This? We subscribe to InfoEd services This includes a database of funding opportunities called SPIN (Sponsored Program Information Network) This database is updated on a daily basis

7 How to Get To SPIN: Our website address is: Once there, go to Departments, click Pre Award, then click Services Provided - you will see the link to SPIN.

8 We Can Help You With Your Searches....: We can conduct the search for you by using information you give us or.... We can work together with you to search for possibilities

9 And, if you need help.... Give us a call at ext. 3047 and we’ll be happy to assist you with your search, or obtain additional information for sources you’ve identified! Remember, we’re here to make it easier for YOU!

10 You can also sign up for SMARTS This is a service provided by the same company that handles SPIN It will send you e-mails daily of funding opportunities based on your keywords

11 Signing Up for SMARTS It’s easy to sign up for the SMARTS service…it will only require about a half- hour of your time By meeting with us during the process we can make sure that you choose the right number of keywords You can deactivate your status if necessary

12 Even if you’re not quite ready to submit a proposal… We will keep you informed of opportunities Most academic departments on campus are on e-mail lists. Soon you will be added to your department list… Please make sure we have your accurate e-mail address on campus

13 Each School has a special liaison assigned to them - They can meet with you individually...

14 Or With A Group.... Of faculty whose interests coincide Or we’ll assist with collaborative efforts- -with faculty from other colleges and universities or... Industry or the community

15 Liaisons are: Jessica Berg – School of Natural and Social Sciences – ext. 3047 Angelo Conorozzo – School of Professions – ext. 4698 John Siskar – School of Arts and Humanities – ext. 4106

16 Who Do I Talk To?? Your school may have a liaison assigned to it – and you can always start with them But don’t hesitate to contact Pre-Award directly We work together to assist you

17 Unique Opportunity The campus Research and Creativity Council through the Research Foundation offers Faculty Incentive Awards An application is in your binder These awards are a good way to start the grant-writing process (and you have a good chance of getting $$$)

18 PROPOSAL PREPARATION We’ll help you as much or as little as you like.... For instance, your liaison can assist in deciding where to apply for funding

19 Once you decide where to apply: You’ll continue to work with your liaison who will let the Pre-Award office know that you are actively pursuing an opportunity The liaison and the Pre-Award office work as a team to help you with your proposal

20 Your liaison or the Pre-Award office will assist you with your budget preparation However, your budget will require the approval of a representative from the Pre-Award office prior to submission Budget

21 We Can Also Help By: Editing your drafts; Assisting you in preparing parts of your proposal –abstract, budget justification. Gathering facts and figures you might need; Completing forms necessary for submission

22 We will also assist you with: The Routing process – you obtain the signature of your Chair and Dean – we are responsible for obtaining the signature of the Provost Completion of any or all forms required for submission

23 Official Submission The Pre-Award office is the only official “submitter” for proposals – whether paper or electronic In your binder, there is also a copy of our “Routing Sheet”. Leave yourself enough time

24 Laptop Loan Available! We have three laptops available for short-term loan when you are actively working on a proposal To make arrangements to use one, contact Guy Cameron in our Administrative office at ext. 6700

25 Want to enhance your proposals? We can help!!! We can use popular desktop publishing programs to make data easier to read and more eye-catching.

26 Electronic Proposal Submission We are also happy to assist you with electronic submissions via the Web. The federal government now mandates electronic submission of proposals via Some individual agency systems are still active - ex. Fastlane

27 The Future is Now!! Problem – it may be mandatory, but that doesn’t mean “perfect”! Pre-Award is the main source of information on the electronic submission process –including all electronic registration procedures –call first.

28 Paper Submissions For those agencies (New York State) or other entities that still require a paper proposal, we will do all the copying and collating for you. We will also ship it via overnight Federal Express.

29 And, if you’re wondering, how much does this cost me? IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!! We’re here to help you! Our services are part of the Research Foundation’s commitment to help you grow professionally

30 Don’t Hesitate! We’re happy to talk to you anytime, so please consider calling your liaison or stopping in the Pre-Award office soon. We want to contribute to your success!

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