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第三部份 簡短對話 12/19 健康 天氣 學校. 1.M: Do you have a minute or two, Lynn? W: What now? M: You know I’ve just been elected to be one of the candidates of the out.

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Presentation on theme: "第三部份 簡短對話 12/19 健康 天氣 學校. 1.M: Do you have a minute or two, Lynn? W: What now? M: You know I’ve just been elected to be one of the candidates of the out."— Presentation transcript:

1 第三部份 簡短對話 12/19 健康 天氣 學校

2 1.M: Do you have a minute or two, Lynn? W: What now? M: You know I’ve just been elected to be one of the candidates of the out coming English speech competition? And I’m pretty nervous now. I know you’ll have to prepare for your math test tomorrow, but….? W: Come on. Cut it out. Come by next week.

3 Q: What did the women imply? A.She wants to be a math teacher. B. She doesn’t want to be bothered. C. She enjoys English speech competition. D. She doesn’t want to talk to him any more.

4 2. W: Oh, oh. M: What’s wrong? W: I think you have another cavity. M: Really? W: Yes, really. You have to stop eating so many sweets. Q: What’s the woman’s job? A. She’s a doctor. B. She’s a store clerk. C. She’s a dentist. D. She’s a hair stylist.

5 3. W: You are really doing poorly in this subject, James. M: I know. I have trouble remembering all the place names. W: But you even got the easy ones wrong. For example, the biggest country in the world is not China and the highest mountain is not Ali Mountain. M: I’ll do better next time. I promise.

6 . Q: What subject are they discussing? A.History. B. Physics. C. Geography. D. Psychology.

7 4. W: Do you know what the weather’s going to be like this weekend? M: I saw the weather forecast on TV yesterday. They said there’s going to be heavy rain. W: I guess we’ll have to postpone our trip then. M: Those weather forecast are often wrong, anyway. It might not rain. Why don’t we just wait and see?

8 Q: What does the man want to do? A.Postpone the trip. B. Watch the weather forecast. C. Wait for the weekend. D. Not go on the trip.

9 5. W: Did you write your essay, Jim? M: We had an essay to write? I thought the teacher gave us a free weekend. W: Weren’t you in class on Friday? He assigned us a paper to write over the weekend and turn it in today. M: Oh, really? I guess I’ll have to ask if it’s okay if I turn it in tomorrow.

10 Q: What does Jim want to do? A.Go to class on Friday. B. Turn in his essay today. C. Turn in his essay tomorrow. D. Not do his essay.

11 6. M: So, Katrina, you’re going to start taking English classes? W: Yeah, but I’m a little nervous about it. M: Why is that? It’ll be exciting to learn a new language. W: But how will I be able to understand what the teacher is saying in class? M: I’m sure it’ll be okay. Besides, if you don’t understand something, you can always ask your classmates.

12 Q: What is the woman worried about? A. Forgetting her English. B. Meeting new people. C. Asking her teacher. D. Not understanding the teacher.

13 7. M: How about having a party? W: Well, for what reason? M: You see, the class has been together for quite a long time. It’s three years, isn’t it? W: Yes, about that. M: I think that’s worth celebrating. Don’t you agree? W: Yes, I can buy that. (= I agree with what you say.)

14 Q: Why do the two speakers want a party? A.To celebrate the man’s birthday. B. To have some fun on weekend. C. To celebrate the class being together for years. D. To have a chance to try out a few new things.

15 8. M: Last night the weatherman on TV said it’s going to be quite warm this coming weekend. W: Are you sure we can trust him? M: Well, he is supposed to be knowledgeable in his field. Isn’t he? W: I don’t believe anything the weatherman says. If I hadn’t listened to him last week, I wouldn’t have this terrible cold now.

16 Q: What does the woman mean? A. She believes what the weatherman says. B. She never believes what the weatherman says. C. She should believe what the weatherman said. D. She shouldn’t have believed what the weatherman said.

17 9.M: The final exam is coming soon. W: So what? M: Aren’t you nervous? W: Why should I be? In fact, I’m looking forward to getting it over with. Q: What does the woman mean? A. She couldn’t care more. B. She’s a little nervous. C. She hates exams. D. She’s prepared for it.

18 10. M: What can I do for you? W: I’ll take this cough medicine. M: Anything else? W: Yes, I need some aspirin and some bandages. M: Alright. Make sure you are careful with the cough medicine. Don’t take it before you drive. It’ll make you sleepy. W: Thanks for telling me that.

19 Q: Where are they? A.At a clinic. B. At a drugstore. C. At a medicine company. D. At a hospital.

20 11. W: I heard that your sister’s been hospitalized. M: Yes, she underwent an operation on her stomach. W: How’s she feeling these days? M: Much better, thanks. The operation was a big success, and she should be home next week. Q: Where is the man’s sister now?

21 A.In the hospital. B. In school. C. At home. D. In her office.

22 12. W: Doctor, what’s wrong with Jeff? M: Well, Mrs. Li I can’t find anything wrong with your son. W: But there must be something. He says he’s had pains in his stomach all day. M: We’ll keep him in the hospital for observation, and we’ll do some tests tomorrow. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he simply didn’t want to go to school today.

23 Q: What is the doctor’s opinion of Jeff? A.Jeff should be sent home immediately. B. Jeff is to come to the hospital tomorrow. C. Jeff has no serious illness. D. Jeff is quite ill.


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