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Regina Madyarova Group Talent Manager Overview.

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0 Everest Operational Leadership Programme Challenging Journey,
Rewarding Outcome Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC

1 Regina Madyarova Group Talent Manager Overview

2 Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC
Do you have what it takes to lead globally? ENRC is a FTSE 100 international mining company, with annual turnover of US$6.6 billion It’s one of the leading diversified natural resources groups with integrated mining, processing, energy, logistical and marketing operations ENRC operates in Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Brazil and Africa (the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa) The Group’s strategy aims to bridge its current position as a diversified natural resources group largely based in Kazakhstan to its future opportunities as a more broadly based international mining group

3 Key facts Six divisions supported by a central Sales & Marketing operation Over 75,000 employees, of which 65,000 are located in Kazakhstan The world's largest producer of ferrochrome on a chrome content basis The largest iron ore mining and processing enterprise in Kazakhstan and one of the world's significant iron ore exporters by volume The world's ninth largest producer of traded alumina by volume Low-cost production model based on wholly-owned energy supply and logistics

4 Divisions Ferroalloys
Produces and sells high-, medium-, and low-carbon ferrochrome, ferrosilicomanganese and ferrosilicon, as well as chrome and manganese concentrate. Iron Ore Produces and sells iron ore concentrate and pellets to steel producers. Ancillary products include limestone, dolomite and construction gravel. Alumina and Aluminium Produces and sells alumina to aluminium producers and also produces and sells the Group’s own aluminium. Energy One of the largest electricity providers in Kazakhstan, accounting for approximately 16.3% of the country’s recorded electricity production in 2011. Other Non-Ferrous Mainly located in Africa, incorporates the copper and cobalt assets, a stake in Northam Platinum, and a number of development projects in other metals across the African continent. Logistics Provides transportation and logistics services to the Group’s principal Kazakhstan operating divisions and to third parties. Sales and Marketing Operation Provides ENRC’s operating divisions with a fully integrated and centrally organised sales and marketing function.

5 Aim Build a pool of leaders who are capable to assume senior roles within ENRC globally Are you ready for the climb of your life? 5

6 Who we need We need people who are out of the ordinary, different, special. We take it as read that you are ambitious, highly motivated, talented, and looking to make your future in the mining industry. But you’ll need more than ambition and talent to be right for the Everest programme. You’ll need to be bilingual, with Russian, Portuguese or French along with fluent English.

7 Who we need You will also need to demonstrate that you are:
Flexible, adaptable, willing to go anywhere, do anything Able to deal with pressure, perform at the highest level, re-energise fast Self-motivated, keen to push yourself hard and reach your full potential Eager to learn and develop your languages and professional skills Resilient and driven Good at getting on with people of all kinds at all levels Culturally agile and enthusiastic for new experiences in new places Able to deliver exceptional results, personally, and as part of the team, and above all… A leader: someone who can inspire, enthuse and drive others to perform If you can tick every box, and are up for a challenge, we have a challenge worthy of you.

8 What we offer This is your chance to make your mark What we offer, is the chance to make your mark and realise your full potential with the help of committed support. You’ll be taken seriously and given real responsibilities and the opportunity to perform, right from the beginning, to ensure you gain key skills, experience and exposure early in your career.

9 What we offer Over a three year period you will have a chance to work across various entities, developing your understanding of our business and making a real contribution to the bottom line. First placement in the country where you have the right language capability to allow time to learn an additional language (e.g. Russian – Kazakhstan, Portuguese – Brazil) Your development will take place on and off the job, with a world class leadership development programme running alongside your role. Each role will offer different experience in line with the objectives of the programme

10 What we offer 2nd placement 3rd placement 1st placement 9 months
3 year programme 9 months 1st placement 2nd placement International placement 6 – 12 months 3rd placement Continuous personal & professional development both individually and as a community Product Knowledge  Exploration (mining) Production (plant) People Management Programme / Project Management Sales & Marketing (pricing) Change management Logistics Stakeholder management Customers Suppliers Partners Colleagues (cross-functionally and cross-regionally) Health & Safety Financial understanding (budget management) Business management Resource planning Business analysis M&A

11 What we offer A mentor – a senior leader within the company, who will guide and support your personal and professional development, and help shape your career path so that by the end of your three year journey you will be in the strongest possible position to choose your future. A line manager, who will support you day-to-day at work and keep you fully informed about what’s expected of you, how you’re doing, and if necessary, what you need to do more. A buddy - someone around your age who’s been in the company awhile and can show you the ropes, help you settle in and get a feel for the culture, your new colleagues, and the best place to go to relax after work. You will be a part of the global network of peers to connect and share experiences with.

12 Your future At the end of your programme you’ll be assessed. If you’ve achieved what was expected of you, and proved to be the exceptional individual you were chosen to be, you’ll gain access to our Global Talent Pool Programme This is just the start of your journey

13 Your future Membership of a Talent Pool means we’re looking to you to take up a senior role within the company within five years. Talent Pool is designed to reflect our business strategy, nurturing the capabilities we’ll need to drive and support it at every level

14 Application and Selection Process
The deadline for applications to our Everest Operational Leadership Programme is midnight GMT on 13 January 2013. Stage 1: Online application form Stage 2: Online Testing – Inductive Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning Stage 3: Telephone interview Stage 4: Online Personality Test Stage 5: Assessment Centre

15 If you are ready for the climb of your life apply at http://careers

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