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This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering.

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1 This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering.


3 Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

4 Please unwrap candies and turn off cell phones at this time. Photography or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. Supertitles provided by Chadwick Creative Arts

5 (from Falstaff, Act II Scene II)

6 “At last I’ve plucked you, radiant flower… I’ve plucked you!”

7 And now I’ll be able to die happy, for I will have truly lived, after this hour of blissful love…

8 - Oh sweet Sir John! - My beautiful Alice!

9 I don’t know how to play the swooning lover, nor flatter you with flowering phrases…

10 - …but I will at once speak my guilty thought. - Which is?

11 - I wish that Master Ford would pass on to a better life. - Why? - You have to ask?

12 - You would become my Lady, and Falstaff would be your Lord! - Poor Lady indeed! - Worthy of a King!

13 I picture you adorned with my coat of arms, displaying with the gems the splendor of your bosom…

14 I see you in diamonds and flowers, with your tiny bare feet beneath your Farthingale skirt, you’ll shine like a rainbow!

15 Such jewels hurt me, and I despise the false idol of gold. I prefer a crossed veil, a pin at the waist, and a flower in hand.

16 - Siren! - Flatterer!

17 - We’re alone and safe from ambush. - So?

18 - I love you! - You’re a sinner!

19 Love always seizes the moment! It’s not a sin to do what comes naturally.

20 - I love you, and I can’t help it! - Your flesh is too corruptible.

21 When I was page to the Duke of Norfolk, I was slim, a lovely mirage, light and tender…

22 That was the spring of my youth, a happy May. I was so skinny I could have wriggled through a ring!

23 When I was a page, I was so thin, a lovely mirage…

24 You’re playing with me…

25 I fear your deceits… I fear you really are in love with… Meg!

26 - With her?! Her face is repulsive! - Don’t betray me, John!

27 - I’ve wanted to hold you for a thousand years! - For pity’s sake! - I love you! Come to me!

28 - What is it? - It’s Meg, she’s coming! She’s in a terrible state!

29 - Damnation! Where can I hide?! - She wants to come in, I’m trying to keep her back!

30 Get behind the screen…

31 - Alice! What a fright! What a racket! Flee while you can! - Mercy! What happened?

32 - Your husband is coming, shouting “After him!” - (Speak louder…)

33 - He says he wants to slit a man’s throat! - (Don’t laugh!)

34 - He was full of terrible fury, cursing all the daughters of Eve! - Oh, misery!

35 He says that he wants to discover your lover at all cost.

36 He’s coming! Save yourself! He’s storming! He’s striking his fists to his head! He’s exploding!

37 - (Really, or in jest?) - REALLY!

38 He’s climbing over the hedges of the garden… A huge crowd is with him. He’s getting closer…

39 - He’s crossing the threshold as we speak! - The devil rides on the violin’s bow!

40 Shut the doors! Block the stairs! We’ll find the boar! Follow his scent! Search the corridors!

41 - Don’t let him escape! - Are you out of your mind? What are you doing?

42 - What’s inside that basket? - Laundry.

43 You, washing clothes? Guilty wife! You, take the keys. Open all the boxes!

44 You’re laundering, all right. To hell with the rags! Bolt the gate for me!

45 Shirts… skirts… I’ll find you, you rascal! Dust rags! Caps! Sheets! He’s not here…

46 - What a hurricane! - Search the beds, the oven, the well, the bath, the cellar…

47 - He’s raving! We have to find him an escape. - Let’s put him in the basket.

48 - He’ll never fit. He’s way too fat. - We’ll see about that!

49 - Yes… I fit… - I’ll call the servants.

50 - Sir John! You… here? - I love you! Only you! Save me!!

51 - Hurry! - Quickly!

52 - I’m in. Cover me! - Quick, fill the basket.

53 - (Come here!) - What a ruckus! - What a racket!

54 - Follow me… - It’s a madhouse!

55 - They’re all crazy with ire… - …and we with love!

56 - Follow me gently… - No one saw me.

57 - We’re reaching the port… quiet and careful… - We’re at our ease… come to my heart…

58 Blessed screen…

59 - After him! - Find the scoundrel!

60 Is he there?

61 - Turn the whole house upside down! - I can’t find anyone.

62 - But I swear he’s here! I’m certain of it! - Sir John, I’ll be a happy man to watch you hang!

63 - Come out, scoundrel! I’ll bombard the walls! - Surrender!

64 Come out, you filthy coward! Keep looking! Surrender, you chamber pot! …He’s not in there.

65 - Glutton! Drunkard! - Liar! Rascal! Rogue!


67 There!

68 - If I get my hands on you… snatch you up… - If I catch you… I’ll smash you!

69 - I’ll break your ugly snout… you’d better pray to your saint… - I’ll hook you like a dog! Woe to you!

70 - (Let’s act like we’re tending the clothes…) - (Let’s act as a hedge against so much confusion…)

71 - (So far he hasn’t realized anything he can confound us with.) - (Risk stimulates our hearts within our breasts!)

72 - Quiet! I’ve found him. Falstaff is there with my wife. - Filthy shameless dog! - Shh! Shout afterwards.

73 - (I’m drowning here!) - (Stay down!!) - We heard a kiss over there!

74 - (If he sees you, you’re a dead man!) - (I’m roasting!) - We must catch the mouse while it gnaws on the cheese!

75 - (How you bend to me…) - (The old men thunder about…) - I won’t go into battle without a plan…

76 - (I loved you when I saw you…) - (Love hears no storms…) - A man his size can rout us with a puff!

77 - (A lovely dream is dawning…) - (A sprite of love is flitting…) - You go right, we’ll go left, and we will knock down the rampart.

78 - (What heat!! I’m melting!) - (Stay down!) - We’ll wait for your signal…

79 - (The scoundrel wants a fan.) - (A little air hole, I beg you…) - (I’ll gag you if you don’t shut up!)

80 - (Your eyes are beacons of light…) - (Everything is delirium…) - Listen, put your ear closer! - It’s his voice. - Pathetic!

81 - (…serene and bright…) - (My heart smiles and sighs…) - He’ll soon be singing a different tune!

82 - (Stupid basket!) - (Keep silent!) - (Restless beast!) - Now is the moment! Silent! Get ready!

83 - (Help!) - One… two… three!

84 - It’s not him! - Amazing!

85 Still new rebellions! You go about your business! I’ve told you a thousand times, she’s not for you!

86 - He’s on the stairs! - Stop him! - Back to the hunt!


88 Servants! Be quick!

89 Empty the basket out the window into the water! There, near the washer women!

90 - There’s a really big piece in there. - You, call my husband. We’ll tell him this crazy story.

91 Just seeing the knight in the puddle will cure his jealousy.


93 - Courage! - The bottom is cracking! - Up! - And over!

94 What a splash!


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