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CSci5221 Logistics1 CSci5221: Foundations of Advanced Networking Prof. Zhi-Li Zhang Welcome to Time: Thursday 6:30pm to 9:00pm Location: Mech 212 Spring.

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1 CSci5221 Logistics1 CSci5221: Foundations of Advanced Networking Prof. Zhi-Li Zhang Welcome to Time: Thursday 6:30pm to 9:00pm Location: Mech 212 Spring 2015 3 credits

2 CSci5221 Logistics2 What is Csci5221 about?  Second “Graduate-Level” Networking Course  Assume a first-course “Introduction to Networking”  csci5211, csci421 or equivalent  We’ll learn about –Fundamental networking principles and techniques –Advanced networking mechanisms, protocols and practices foundational material: long half life deeper understanding of R& D issues in today’s Internet mix of theory and practice case studies  Who is it for?  primarily for graduate students who want to learn more about networking and systems  undergraduate students encouraged, must have taken csci4211  others: special permission

3 CSci5221 Logistics3 Course Mechanisms  Lectures, Readings & Homework Assignments – A series of (advanced) topics combining both theory and Practices – Fast-paced Me: lecture and provide some highlights to guide you understand the reading materials You: read papers and learn by yourself  “Hands-on” Course Projects  Project 1: Android mobile phone programming (or other mobile phones) + “back-end” support  Project 2: a “research-oriented” networking project (e.g., virtual id routing/VIRO in Mininet)

4 CSci5221 Logistics4 Course Materials  No Required Textbooks  Some Recommended Textbooks (csci4211/csci5211) that will be referenced  Computer Networks: A Systems Approach by Peterson and Davies, 3 nd Ed, Morgan Kaufmann  Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by Kurose & Ross, 3 rd Edition, Addison Wesley  Other Useful Textbooks:  Computer Networks by A. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall, 4 th ed  An Engineering Approach to Computer Networks by S. Keshav  Assigned readings: 3-4 required papers  Posted on class website (tentatively, updated as we go along)  Optional papers for background, supplementary and further readings  Lecture notes

5 CSci5221 Logistics5 Course Requirements  Will be Fast-Paced !  Do assigned readings  Be prepared, read and review textbook/lecture notes on your own in advance!  Self-reading materials in textbook: read by your own and will not be lectured  So we can spend more class time on discussion and problem solving!  Attend and participate in class activities  Please ask and answer questions in (and out of) class!  Let’s try to make the class interactive and fun!

6 CSci5221 Logistics6 Course Prerequisite  First-Course on Computer Networks  Algorithms, Computer Architecture, OS  Not necessary, but helpful  Basic knowledge of probability  Programming Experiences and Proficiency  e.g., in C/C++ (or Java), Python, C#, etc.  Required! More importantly  Willing to learn and work hard  Love to ask questions and solve problems

7 CSci5221 Logistics7 Class Information  Class Website :  2015/csci5221/ 2015/csci5221/  Announcement Page  Check the class web page periodically  Google Class Mailing List for announcements, Q&As, discussions, etc.  Class Project googlesite “wikipage”  To reach us (me & Tas): csci5221-help@cs

8 CSci5221 Logistics8 Course Topics  Review of Networking Basics (csci5211/csci4211)  Network Architectural, Design, Implementation Principles  Overlay and P2P Networks; CDNs; YouTube & Netflix Case Studies  Router Design, IP Address Look-up & Flow Classification  Packet Scheduling, Congestion Control and Active Queue Management  Data Centers and Cloud Computing Overview  Data Center Networking and Large Enterprise Networking  Data Center Networking and TCP  Internet Measurement Basics: Traffic, Performances, etc.  Intra-Domain Routing and Traffic Engineering  Network Failures and IP Fast Rerouting  Inter-Domain Routing and BGP; BGP Policy Issues;  BGP Routing Instability; Impact of BGP Failures  Internet Architectures Revisited; Intro to SDN  ……

9 CSci5221 Logistics9 Office Hours and TAs  Professor Zhang’s Office Hours: By appointment  TAs: Arvind Narayanan & Guobao Sun Office Hours (tentatively): Guobao: Mon 4-5pm & by appointment Arvind: Tue 11:30am to 12:30pm & by appointment

10 CSci5221 Logistics10 Workload and Grading  Workload  Two homework assignments (20% -- 10% each)  Two course projects (50% total, I: 30%; II: 20%)  One take-home exam (25%);  Class participation: 5% (for on-campus student only)  Optional Bonus Points: volunteer to be scribes!  Focus more on critical thinking, problem solving, “heads-on/hands-on” experiences!  Read and critique research papers  Understand, formulate and solve problems  Two Course Projects

11 CSci5221 Logistics11 Policies and Guidelines  No late hw/project  Please start working on your hw assignments/projects early and hand them in on time!  Make-up exams: only if special occasions  Incomplete: not granted, unless  proof of emergency, “agreement for incomplete” form  Scholastic behavior:  You are encouraged to study in groups, but do your written homework independently!  Take-home exam: must work on it independently!  Acknowledge reference/credit if receive help!  University’s code of conduct enforced!

12 CSci5221 Logistics12 A Few Words on Course Projects  Projects will be in groups!  4-5 students per group, depending on enrollment  Project I: Android Mobile Phone Programming Project  You’ll be learning the basics of mobile phone programming  Each group: one of several suggested project ideas/topics;  You may create your own project ideas, subject to approval by us  10 (?) Android mobile smart phones will be provided for you;  If you prefer to program for Apple iPhones or Window mobile phones, that should be fine also -- provided you have access to such phones  CSE Dept. may have several Android phones for loan  Project II: “research-oriented” networking project  multi-path routing/fast rerouting, etc. based on VIRO  VIRO: a new routing platform we have developed for future large-scale enterprise networks  Programming in Python (or Java) in Mininet

13 CSci5221 Logistics13 Class Registration Put the following information on a piece of paper  Your Name and Student Id  Your Contact Info: e.g., email, or phone  Your Major and Status: e.g., CS grad, registered, …  Background:  Relevant courses taken: e.g., basic networking, OS, architecture, probability theory,..  General programming skills: e.g., proficiency in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, …  Network and Web Programming: e.g., experiences in BSD socket, winsock, javascript, php, ajax, …  Motivations and Objectives, :  Why do you want to take this course?  How much time do you think you’ll devote to the course (reading, homework, project …)  Objective: e.g., you’ll work hard to get an A++!

14 CSci5221 Logistics 14 Questions?

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