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Sells products from many suppliers, including: 800-887-8003

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1 Sells products from many suppliers, including:

2 Products Balances Analytical Precision Semi- and Ultra-Micro Moisture

3 Products Barrel / Drum / Floor Stationary / Portable Painted / Stainless / Sanitary Deck Built-in or separate ramps

4 Products Belt / Conveyor Weight Parts Count Quality Control

5 Products Bench Food Service Checkweighers Shipping Scales

6 Products Counting Small parts Large parts

7 Products Crane / Tension 250 pounds to 500,000 pounds

8 Products Dimensioning Stationary In-motion

9 Products Hopper / tank / pipe lever Vertical Horizontal Up to 450,000 lbs

10 Products Indicators / Displays From Basic to Advanced Intrinsically Safe Remote Display

11 Products Livestock Ring Portable Multi-Animal Single Animal

12 Products Railroad Track Pit type Above ground

13 Products Specialty Fork Lift Medical Portable Wheel Load Virtual

14 Service We service most brands of scales at very competitive rates

15 Rentals We rent: Counting Scales Floor Scales Portable Truck Scales Other types of scales

16 Custom Applications Truck In-Out Commodities with Moisture & Dockage Scrap / Material

17 Custom Applications Truck Axle 2 to 15 axles Remote display Stop/Go lights Custom messages

18 Custom Applications DOT Compliant Materials (spread) Projects / Jobs Pits Customers

19 Custom Applications Pallet label Pre-price UPC-A barcode label Box label Custom label

20 Custom Applications Filling Concrete Batching Ingredient Batching Shuttle Filling Multi-Tank Filling / Discharging

21 Custom Applications Dual Floor Scale Monorail Animal Sorting Multi-Animal Batch Loading Spreadsheet Link

22 For More Information Hundreds more products are available from: 1701 W. Madison St., Sioux Falls SD V: F: E:

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