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Commercializing Nanotechnology Jim Von Ehr CEO & Founder Zyvex Group.

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1 Commercializing Nanotechnology Jim Von Ehr CEO & Founder Zyvex Group

2 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 2 Nano: Big Opportunity Source: BCC Research Zyvex

3 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 3 Zyvex Background Zyvex Corporation started in 1997 to develop molecular nanotechnology: manufacturing products by putting every atom where it was designed to go Became one of the most respected and well-known companies in the field First six years spent in basic research Last four years spent commercializing tools and materials Internally-developed technologies moved from invention to product to business: tools, materials, structures

4 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 4 Customers Partial List

5 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 5 Alliances Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center Partial List

6 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 6 Commercialization, part 1 In 2Q07, Zyvex spun off four focused entities: Zyvex Instruments: nanoprobing tools for failure analysis in the semiconductor industry (30 people) Zyvex Performance Materials: high-performance materials for sporting goods and defense (18) Zyvex Labs: Atomically Precise Manufacturing, MEMS instrumentation (4) Zyvex Asia, Pte. Ltd.: Singapore-based company working with Zyvex Labs to commercialize APM (3)

7 Advanced Instrumentation for the Nanoscale

8 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 8 Our Vision Zyvex Instruments is a leader in the nanotechnology market with years of experience providing tools, instrumentation, and applications to serve the semiconductor and advanced research markets. We help our customers understand the world at a different scale — and unlock new technologies for the future.

9 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 9 Nanomanipulator Systems

10 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 10 Installed in FEI Nova200

11 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 11 Cleaving Nano-Wires for TEM Prep Nano-cleaving single crystal wires on a TEM grid.

12 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 12 IC Probing Solution Land on contacts <100nm diameterI/V curve of n-type MOS-FET

13 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 13 nProber™

14 © 2007, Zyvex Instruments, LLC 14 Business Case Examples Customer “A” —6 hours of probing —1 week of FIB and TEM time —1 week of analysis —Savings on the order of $20M Customer “B” —1 week long probing experiment (multiple transistors) —1 week of analysis —Savings on the order of $10M


16 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 16 Our Vision Zyvex Performance Materials is the first commercial nanotechnology company providing real CNT powered products to the marketplace. Our vision is to be the leading supplier of enabling technologies and performance materials which provide our customers with breakthrough results through Carbon Nanomaterials.

17 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 17 What are the Benefits of Nanomaterials? Conventional materials fail at defects in the structure. Nanomaterials are remarkably free from defects, and this precision often leads to orders of magnitude performance increases.

18 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 18 NanoSolve ® Technology Two distinct functions: Non-damaging binding to CNT Customizable adhesion to host material Exfoliation Dispersion Adhesion to matrix Zyvex NanoSolve® Enhanced Composites Kentera™ molecular engineering

19 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 19 Current Applications Commercially Available

20 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 20

21 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 21 NanoSolve ® Value Chain

22 © 2007, Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC 22 NanoSolve ® Products NanoSolve Kentera™ dispersing agent NanoSolve Additives —Bulk material concentrations NanoSolve Performance Materials —Pre-Preg carbon fiber sheets —Master batch pellets —Thin film —Resin —Treated solvents —Fabric composite panels Product Development Services —Medical delivery technologies

23 Atomically Precise Manufacturing Hersam and Lyding UIUC

24 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 24 Nanotech Flavors Wet/bio Dry/nano Active Passive Enzymes Ribosomes Molecular motors Molecular machines Biotech Drugs Nanopowders Nanotubes Electronics

25 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 25 Definition Molecular nanotechnology is the precise, controlled rearrangement of atoms into higher value products. An illustration

26 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 26 Zyvex Labs Vision Lead the commercialization of adaptable, affordable, atomically precise manufacturing. Creating the final step in precision manufacturing… Hand-crafting (blacksmith) Precision mass-manufacture (Ford) Semiconductor lithography (Intel) Atomically Precise Manufacturing (Zyvex Labs)

27 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 27 Atomic Precision Roadmap from 1983

28 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 28 Atomically Precise Manufacturing Manufacturing physical objects by putting (nearly) every atom where it was designed to go – positionally-controlled chemistry Apparent end-point of Industrial Revolution: the ultimate manufacturing precision Disruptive cost advantages: low-cost factory, highly- differentiated but low-cost products Faster time-to-market: software controls manufacturing, leading to fast setup time, quick turns, customized products Long-term environmental impact: clean, green (“nature’s way” of manufacturing)

29 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 29 What does APM do? Enables the manufacture of materials and structures at the atomic or molecular size scale. Integrates the knowledge and cost structure of low-cost high- volume chemistry with the knowledge and manufacturing flexibility of engineered systems (treating matter as software). Results in a disruptive and enabling manufacturing technology that achieves extremely low cost, yet highly customizable products. Possibility of doing this demonstrated by every living thing: we molecularly transform material from food into ourselves. Green plants do this via solar power.

30 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 30 200120062008 Pre-APM Zyvex NIST-ATP $25M USD 20__ Zyvex APM Strategy 5 Year APM Manufacturing Scale-up ……. High Volume Manufacturing Build own “Factory” APM Manufacturing Scale-up ……. High Volume Manufacturing Build own “Factory” APM Proof of Concept ……. High Value, Low Volume Manufacturing APM Proof of Concept ……. High Value, Low Volume Manufacturing 3 Year APM Manufacturing Systems ……. Sell “Factories” to other Manufacturers APM Manufacturing Systems ……. Sell “Factories” to other Manufacturers

31 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 31 APM Early Markets Medical & healthcare —Sensors —Molecular diagnostics & molecular binding sites —DNA-sequencing nanopores Energy —Bio-inspired catalysts – synthetic enzymes —Nanostructured membranes: batteries, filtration Semiconductors —Metrology standards —Nanoimprint lithography templates —Specialty devices like quantum computers Other: ultraprecise resonators, photonic devices

32 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 32 Become the global leader in APM —Major core enabling technology for medical, semi, and energy industries in our lifetime —Develop “APM factory”: IP, know-how, product Will create a significant economic impact —Five spin-outs over next ten years —Attract and retain top technical talent —Create thousands of new high-tech jobs —Form alliances with other key countries/institutions Social Impact —Transform manufacturing into software-like economics —Better, cheaper, “greener” products Zyvex Value Proposition

33 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 33 Zyvex approach to APM Atomic resolution lithography via Scanning Tunneling Microscope: H depassivation from Si surfaces Atomic Layer Epitaxy (ALE) Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Hersam and Lyding, UIUC Passivated surface Depassivation Self limiting Deposition Depassivation Use these techniques to create 3D Si structures Rudiments of Patterned Si ALE have been demonstrated

34 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 34 Scaling up Movie download:

35 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 35 Precision Assembled Systems Q3,05 Mini SEM column Shrink components to sub- centimeter scale Opens major new markets in small instruments —Lab instruments —Homeland security —Industrial automation

36 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 36 Precision Assembly Assembled, actuating micromachine

37 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 37 Mini Atomic Force Microscope ~300 mm ~$150K Laser alignment Consumable probes Atomic resolution 5nm/min drift ~0.5 mm ~$50K Integrated resonator w/fdbk Renewable probes Resolution TBD 1nm/min drift + Integrated closed loop positioning in X and Y + arrayed architecture + on-chip electronics = higher throughput

38 © 2007, Zyvex Labs, LLC 38 Summary The pathway to building a new technology is a winding path Nanotechnology commercialization is happening today Atomically Precise Manufacturing will lead to “digital matter”, which will deliver similar benefits as digitization of information Zyvex has been, and intends to continue to be, a leader in the commercialization of nanotechnology

39 Contact Jim Von Ehr:

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