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The Treatment of Tick Poisoning Charissa Smith BVSc DipAc Dip Herb Med Acacia Animal Care 0418759237.

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2 The Treatment of Tick Poisoning Charissa Smith BVSc DipAc Dip Herb Med Acacia Animal Care 0418759237

3 The Natural Host The Bandicoot can carry large numbers of ticks without illness Housing development brings bandicoots into closer contact with Pets Tick burdens in bandicoots may increase if the bandicoots are unwell.

4 Pyrethrin products garden spray Short lived,insects and arachnids will be destroyed [some of which may be predators of tick stages]. An alternative spray is a mixture of chilli (cayenne powder), garlic and vinegar. Brew for a few days, spray the garden. It is illegal to trap or kill bandicoots, GET Some Hens *** This is the best. Reducing Ticks in the Garden Alter the habitat

5 Wildlife also may be poisoned by poison sprays

6 Observed Effects of Tick Poisoning Fear: light and noise sensitivity High body heat early, low as the animal gets sicker. Rise in Blood Pressure Pulmonary Edema or fluid Paralysis: Laryngeal and Posterior Nausea and Vomiting, Cardiomyopathy

7 Cardiomyopathy Ilkew 1988 AVJ Effects can last 3 months Tachycardia, Stage 4 Bradycardia, Sinus arrest Imbalance Autonomic Nervous System Raise arterial blood pressure Raised peripheral vascular resistance Increased pulmonary vascular resistance

8 Post Tick Poisoning Complications Never the same since Partial paralysis: Neuromuscular abnormalities Immune alterations: Protozoa? Cataracts Cardiomyopathy Emotional disorders Pulmonary impairment

9 Choose the 3 or 4 which best fit the symptoms, nil by mouth Fatty Acids: If the pet has inflamed or dry skin and/or neoplasia and no history of pancreatitis, apply fatty acids trans dermally as an acute measure: EPA/DHA complex 1 cap per 20 kg or 1 ml linseed oil/ 10 kg.

10 A pplying Acute Remedies 1. Trans Dermal Application Hairless areas or shaved areas Oily vectors Glycetracts Alcohol Extracts 2. Intravenous Vitamin C,B12 and Folate and Carnitine 3. Per rectal Vitamin C Trans Dermal

11 Acute Remedies Coenzyme Q 10: Ubiquinone L and Acetyl L Carnitine Vitamin E Vitamin C Coleus forskohlii Craetageus

12 Dose Rates and Physiology: Coenzyme q 10: ATP potentiator 50 mg /5 kg acute 50 mg per 30 kg chronic Carnitine 1 ml per 10 kg I/v 1/4 teaspon Mushashi powder per 10 kg acute Micellised Vitamin E: reduces capillary fragility, antioxidan t 10 drops per 5 kg acute

13 Dose Rates and Physiology Vitamin C 1 ml 15g/50 ml per kg in 15 mls saline, slowly. Sub cut effective but very painful. Per rectally also effective., in increments. Antioxidant and endotoxin protector. Coleus 1 ml 1:2 extract per 20 kg Improves heart circulation, reduces peripheral blood constriction, reduces nausea.

14 Dose Rates and Physiology Craetageus 1 ml 1:2 extract per 10 kg acute, 1/4 ml chronic Reduces blood pressure, dilates capillaries in heart muscle, improves heart contractility and inhibits angiotensin conversion.

15 Post Tick Poisoning Remedies Folic Acid Dr Vera's Eye Rite: Continue the Acute remedies. Fatty Acids Keep the pet still and quiet

16 Dose Rates and Physiology Revenol: Grapeseed and Gingko biloba:ginger antioxidant, cerebral function improvement, capillary fragility reduced.1 tab /20 kg Dr Vera's Eye rite: Bilberry, Vitamin E and Lipoic acid 1 capsule per 20 kg improves retinal function, reduces capillary fragility, improves peripheral circulation

17 Acupuncture for Acute Conditions G.V. 20: Between the ears, dorsal Calms the shen, links to the bladder meridian, raises the consciousness Bl 40: Behind knee centre transverse crease Drains heat, pain chest, CNS problems, Lower Back Ht 7: Prox accessory carpal bone Sedates the shen.

18 Acupuncture: Acute application To effect Sedation with needles receptive subject, leave the needles in til the temperature starts dropping and the pet relaxes Laser in a similar manner. It may be repeated every 5 minutes until effect. Repetition may be needed.

19 Acupuncture for Chronic Condition Kidney 3: caudal to medial tibial malleolus affects the whole body fluid metabolism Cv17: midway first and last vertebrae opens the chest, move fluids, Mu PE, Qipt Bl 67 lateral nail 5th digit hind leg control point of transverse meridians and divergents: clears the mind, ting point.

20 Moribund Acupuncture General ting points: Bl67 Ki1 HT 9 Gb45 LI1 Lu1 GV20 Gv14 Lu 5 Lu 7

21 Homeopathy Low potencies only.sucussed 50 times diluted 1 in a hundred 6 to 12 times Except Lathyrus 200c (chickpea) ***** The tick itself can be potentised and used for early symptoms 6c every 5 minutes or Prevention:30c weekly or 6c twice daily Arg nitricum: opthalmia, progressive paralysis and vomiting. Slow onset

22 , Hopman, Ellen Evert, A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year, Rochester VT: Destiny Books, 1995 Monkshood Aconite napellum 6c. Fear, Panic, photophobia, sudden onset

23 Yellow Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirus 6c. Anxiety with paralysis and excitation, continually moving, blindness

24 Homeopathy Arsenicum album 6c Exhaustion, chest of fluid,vomiting paralysis with weakness of muscles Cactus grandiflorea 6c: chest opression and heart disorders..antidoted by aconite:

25 Conium maculatum: Hemlock Ascending Paralysis Rise in the body temperature, not urinating

26 Arnica Montana: leopard’s bane Vomitting Irregular heartbeat Exhaustion 3c potency

27 Giddiness, lowered pulse, and reduction BP. Failing compensation. Anaemia; oedema; Cutaneous chilliness. High arterial tension.. Chronic heart disease, with extreme weakness. Very feeble and irregular heart action. General anasarca. Very nervous, with pain in back of head and neck. Cold extremities, pallor; irregular pulse and breathing. Chest pain Nervous prostration, with heart failure. Crataegus oxyacantha 6c

28 White English Hawthorne Berries

29 Bach Flower Essences Acute: Mimulus Known and Aspen: Fear Unknown Olive Weak Crab apple: Cleansing remedy Agrimony : Anguish Oak a need for strength.

30 Brisbane Flower Essences Lily of the Valley: cleanser of toxins, rejuvenator of the body;s fluid balances Viola: Heart tonic and restorer of well being, feeling of nurture

31 Post Poisoning Care 1. Keep Warm 2. Keep Quiet 3. Don’t give particled food for 3 weeks, or any food until the animal can swallow 4. Don’t expose to chemical or Neurological toxicity

32 Post Tick Chinese Herbs Tian wang bu zin wan: Cathay 173 The Kings Mind-easing tonic pills Heart and Kidney yin tonic: restless, palpitations, fatigue, dreaming, dry stool, red tongue, thready rapid pulse 6 tabs per 20 kg dog night and morning don’t use if there is loose stools or phlegm and damp retention Whoever has the spirit flourishes; whoever loses the spirit perishes" Ling Shu

33 Ingredients 173 Ginseng panax :6-9 gms centrally acting sedative cardiotonic antifatigue Figwort: Cleanses inflammation from infection lowers Bp cardiotonic dilates blood vessels 9-12 gms Salvia: Improves circulation, inhibits coagulation dilates coronary arteries9-12 gms Poria seed: Diuretic and sedative lowers bl sugar9-12 gms


35 Polygala: Sedative, hypnotic anibacterial and increases gastric secretion. Bpdown 6-9 gms Boita seed: Sedative, aperiant, constipation 9-12 gms Raw rehmania root 10-15 grms Increases blood fluids, reduces fire and nourishes the yin Platycodon reduces cholesterol, antifundgal and antibacterial,hemolytic,lowrs BS 6-9 gms Angelica: anemia abdominal pain coronary heart disease arthritis,regulates blood. Asparagus: 9-12 gms antibcterial, anti mosquito inhibits bacterial growth. for tidal fever, adds fluids. Ophogopogon;nourishes stomach,reduces dry cough, soothes lung reduces fear insomnia 9-12 gms Schizandra liver metabolismstim, cardiotonic 9-12 gm Zizyphus; analgesic lowers tempfor insomnia, night fire

36 Post tick Chinese Herbs Dangui four: Blood tonic, Cathay 168 Tao hong si wu wan : Persica Carthamus Dangui combination blood stasis formula: Cathay 171 Su zi jiang qi wan:Perilla friut combination: Warms lung, disperses phelgm 169

37 Healing Reiki Jin Shin Do Muscle Therapy Postural drainage

38 Suppliers Natural Remedies Group 07 38898830 Integria 1300654336 Metagenics 07 32603300 Biological Therapies 03 95873948 Brauer 1300308108

39 Chief White Cloud. It is the duty of man to preserve the earth and the creations of the great spirit, mankind being but a grain of sand in the holy circle which encloses all life

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