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Vocabulaire de Halloween. Une araignée L’automne.

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1 Vocabulaire de Halloween

2 Une araignée

3 L’automne

4 Un balai

5 Des bonbons

6 Une bougie

7 Un cimetière

8 Un chat noir

9 Une Chauve-Souris

10 Une Citrouille

11 Un déguisement

12 Un diable

13 Un épouvantail

14 Un Fantôme

15 Une citrouille d’Halloween

16 Une Feuille

17 Hanté

18 Un Loup-Garou

19 Un Lutin

20 Un Masque

21 Une Momie

22 Un Monstre

23 Une Sorcière

24 Un Squelette

25 Un Vampire

26 La Toussaint

27 Toussaint doesn’t look like a feminine word, does it? Toussaint is feminine in French, because the name is an abbreviation of la fête de Toussaint (Toussaint's holiday). The word Toussaint is a contraction of tous (all) and saint (and I don't know why saint isn't plural).

28 Many Christians visit special church services on All Saints' Day. They may also visit cemeteries and place flowers on the graves of deceased family members and close friends. It is customary to leave chrysanthemums or wreaths of artificial flowers on or close to the graves. All Saints' Day is also an opportunity for many people to spend time with family members and close friends. This holiday falls during the autumn (fall) school holidays, it is a popular time for families to take a short vacation or to visit relatives living in other areas.

29 La Toussaint Public life in France is generally very quiet on All Saints’ Day. Post offices, banks, stores and other businesses are closed. Outside of tourist areas, restaurants and cafes may also be closed for one or more days. However, some stores in Paris, as well as at airports and railway stations and along major highways, are open.

30 La Toussaint Background and symbols France is in the northern hemisphere so All Saints' Day falls in the autumn (fall). Chrysanthemums are an important symbol of All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, grief and funerals. Hence, they are often laid on graves, but rarely given as gifts. All Saints' DayAll Souls' Day

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