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King Robert the Bruce Heritage Centre

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1 King Robert the Bruce Heritage Centre
Renton Station Station Street Renton West Dunbartonshire Scotland

2 As it was…. Unused for past few years after short period of use by local history group A magnet for vandals Local community unhappy with unmanned station

3 Why us….. Had existed since 2005
Known and respected in local community Already a presence in premises on Main Street Well organised and disciplined group of volunteers Informative website regularly updated with factual reports on events and activities

4 Preparation Gathering exhibits, furniture, equipment
Decoration of premises Artistic artizan Duncan Brown



7 Wallace Bruce

8 Scottish Television interest

9 Official Opening 27 March 2010

10 Patron




14 Open to the public 12 – 4pm Monday – Friday 12 – 5pm Saturday – Sunday
Staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers Offering tea, coffee and the story of Robert the Bruce’s links to the area Lending library of Scottish history books Showing our own films of events at home and abroad



17 Quote from Stewart Maxwell
Quote from Stewart Maxwell.MSP “It is quite clear to me why the Robert the Bruce Heritage Centre won ‘Best Adopted Station’ in 2010.  The work and the skill which have gone into this centre are tremendous.  I am extremely impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Strathleven Artizans who have created this excellent educational resource and I was delighted to be able to visit the Centre with Cllr Robertson and meet some of the ‘Artizans’.


19 Burns Day saw the Artizans play host to a group of English visitors. Representing communities as diverse as Morpeth in the North, Birmingham in the Midlands and London in the South East the visitors were guests of Renton Community Development Trust on a fact-finding mission to discover how the village had changed over recent years. A party of Artizans were on hand to greet their guests to a musical background of a pipe medley from Nicola Gray of Dumbarton District Pipe Band. Within the Heritage Centre the group were given a brief history of the development of the KRBHC from Duncan Thomson and Paul Hunter. Elspeth Crocket and Jeanette Ryan were on hand to help with questions and suggestions as to how local history can help to raise the esteem and the profile of any community.

20 First Anniversary

21 In Conclusion….

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