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Saving Children’s Lives

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1 Saving Children’s Lives
English activities Lesson 1 Objectives To be able to retrieve information To be able to recognise features of a media text

2 Starter Look at the picture on the board. Write two sentences that you might expect to find next to it if you saw it in a newspaper or magazine.

3 Read over the text and then ask students to answer the questions.
Answer the following questions: How does Save the Children feel about so many children dying each year? Write it in your own words if possible. What sort of people might be good to help make changes to this problem? What do you think could be the difference between short- term and long-term solutions? Why do you think the charity believes it’s important for children to get an education? Write down three reasons.

4 Big writing! What features would children want if they were
reading something?

5 What features are there on this page that would be suitable for children?

6 Create a mini leaflet for people, telling them about Save the Children
Your task Use the ideas in the article Ideas from the webpage Your own ideas Create a mini leaflet for people, telling them about Save the Children

7 How your leaflet could look
Information about Save the Children Paragraph about the campaign Title Picture

8 How do you feel & why? In what ways might a media text be different if it was aimed at adults?

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