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Guinea Pigs By: Anna Hulslander.

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1 Guinea Pigs By: Anna Hulslander

2 Introduction Guinea pigs make amazing pets. They are fun to take care of and to play with, so cute, and a perfect pet. You might think taking care of a guinea pig is a lot of work-its not that hard! I have put this presentation together to tell you about guinea pigs. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot.

3 Guinea Pig’s History Guinea pigs originated from Peru, South America, not New Guinea They got their name from once being sold for the price of a coin called a “Guinea” The “Pig” part of the name came form all the sounds they make: oinks, whistles, chirps, purrs, etc.

4 Are You Prepared? Do you have the time to play with your pig, clean it’s cage, and give it food and water? Do you have enough money to buy all of the supplies?

5 Your First Guinea Pig Once your pig gets to know you, he or she will love to be petted and held gently Guinea pigs are not toys, they are small rodents and can easily be hurt They will need a lot attention and play time, they must be well fed, and their cage needs to be clean When you first bring your pig home, give it 2 to 3 days of rest before you hold it

6 Guinea Pig Shopping List
An indoor hutch or cage A water bottle A bottle brush A carrier for trips to the vet A food bowl, and bedding-straw, wood shavings, (not cedar or pine), etc. A chew toy (helps teeth and gums stay healthy Hay (alfalfa or timothy), and guinea pig pellets

7 Getting Ready Place the hutch in a quiet room in your house where there aren’t any drafts Spread a layer of bedding around the cage, it should be about an inch and a half thick Place pellets in the food dish and put it in the cage Add some hay, hang the chew toy, put clean water in the bottle and hang it up on the cage

8 The Life Cycle A newborn guinea pig has hair and can walk. Guinea pigs are born with their eyes open. A guinea pig pup drinks it’s mother’s milk until it is about 3 to 4 weeks old. At about 5 weeks a female pig can have pups of her own.

9 What Do Guinea Pigs Eat? Guinea pigs love pellets, the pellets are made of dried grains and grasses. A guinea pig must have pellets in their cage. Also, guinea pigs love treats. For example, “Yogies” by Wild Harvest and “Nibble Rings” are examples of some treats. Do not give your guinea pig iceberg lettuce or too much fruit!

10 What Do Guinea Pigs Eat? Cont.
Pigs love fruits and vegetables. The chart below shows the fruits and vegetables that you should give your guinea pig. Vegetables Fruits carrots apples peppers pears cauliflower tomatoes broccoli raspberries parsley strawberries spinach pineapple cores

11 Where’s My Water? Guinea pigs need fresh and clean water! Buy a guinea pig water bottle, refill it, and clean it about 2 to 3 times a week. Pigs do not drink out of water bowls!

12 I Need A Friend! You should buy two guinea pigs from the same litter
Keep your guinea pig with a rabbit, just keep an eye on them to make sure the rabbit doesn’t bully the guinea pig Just make sure your pig has a friend that he or she likes!

13 Fun Facts Guinea pigs are also called “cavies”
Male guinea pigs are called “boars” Female guinea pigs are called “sows” Baby guinea pigs are called “pups” A sow is pregnant for about 70 days Some people eat guinea pigs, YUCK! Pigs have 4 toes on their front feet and 3 toes on the back feet

14 Guinea Pigs 101!

15 Conclusion Today you have learned about caring for your pig, what they eat, the history of guinea pigs, and many other facts. Now you should be able to share some guinea pig knowledge!

16 Quiz What is a male, female, and baby guinea pig called?
Name three items on the Guinea Pig Shopping List When you bring your pig home, how many days of rest should you give it before you start holding it? Where did guinea pigs origin from?

17 Created by: Anna Hulslander
Credits Created by: Anna Hulslander Thanks to: Mrs. Ritz Nuggets Reese Cup Thanks for watching!!!

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