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Stone Crusher Key Features of The Product: Dashboard Charts & Graphs

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1 Stone Crusher Key Features of The Product: Dashboard Charts & Graphs
Menu Masters Payroll Transactions Reports Tab 1 Reports Tab 2

2 Login This is login page.

3 Dashboard This is a Dashboard. This module shows graphical representation of month wise total amount & month wise collections.

4 Masters This is Masters module.

5 Masters ---> Account Master
This is account master page. It allows to create account & it also contain account details.

6 Masters ---> Quarry Master
This is quarry master page. It adds Quarries.

7 Masters ---> Add Crusher
This is crusher master page. It adds crusher. It also maintain crusher details.

8 Masters ---> VAT Master
This is a VAT Master page. It adds VAT & also maintain VAT details.

9 Masters ---> Product Product
This is product master page. It adds product name with Unit & also maintain product details.

10 Masters ---> Vehicle Master
This is vehicle master module. It adds vehicle type and number & maintain all vehicle details.

11 Payroll This is payroll module.

12 Payroll ---> Employee Master
It adds employee details likes employee name, mobile no, Designation, Address, Salary etc.

13 Payroll ---> Allowance Master
This is allowance master page. It adds allowance.

14 Payroll ---> Deduction Master
This is deduction master page. It adds deduction.

15 Payroll ---> Holidays Master
This is holiday master page. It adds Holidays. It maintain holidays details like holidays name, holidays date etc.

16 Payroll ---> Attendance Master
This is attendance master page. It adds attendance.

17 Payroll ---> Modify attendance
DB_Mining This modifies attendance page. You can modify the given attendance in this module.

18 Payroll ---> Salary Process
DB_Mining This module is used for salary process.

19 Transaction This is transaction module. It contain sale & cash bank details.

20 Transaction ---> Sale
It contain Sale details like cash/credit, account name, sale date, crusher, address etc. This calculates Bill amount.

21 Transaction ---> Cash bank
This is cash bank module. It add all bank details like transaction date, transaction mode, transaction type, account, current balance etc.

22 Report Tab 1 This is Report Tab 1 module. This module includes sales, crusher wise sales, vat, account, driver information etc.

23 Report Tab1 ---> Sales Report
This is sale report page. This displays product name, quantity, account name, rate, bill amount details.

24 Reports Tab1 ---> Crusher report
This is crusher wise sale report page. This displays crusher-wise sales report.

25 Reports Tab1 ---> Sales Quarry Report
This is sales quarry report page. It shows all sale report by quarry.

26 Reports Tab1 ---> VAT Report
This is date-wise VAT report page. It shows all vat report details.

27 Reports Tab1 ---> Account Report
This is account report page. It shows report according by account name and date-wise report.

28 Report Tab1 ---> Salary Slip Report
This is month-wise salary slip report.

29 Report Tab1 ---> Driver Report
This is driver report. It shows details of driver information.

30 Report Tab1 ---> Outstanding Report
This is outstanding report page.

31 Reports Tab2 This is Reports Tab2 Module. It contains sales, collections & expenses reports.

32 Reports Tab2 ---> Sales Report
This is sales report page. It shows date-wise sale report.

33 Reports Tab2 ---> Collection Report
This is collection report page. It shows all collection details.

34 Reports Tab2 ---> Expense Report
This is expense report page. It contain all expense details.

35 Reports Tab2 ---> Collection and Expense Report
This is collection & expense report page. It shows both collection and expense report.

36 Thank You 

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