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Warp it AG ATA e-Business Forum San Antonio, 24-26 June 2014 © 2014 warp IT AG.

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1 warp it AG ATA e-Business Forum San Antonio, 24-26 June 2014 © 2014 warp IT AG

2 eCERT for SAP R/3 e-ARC utilizing SAP warp IT AG, Werner Magerl © 2014 warp IT AG Page 2

3 Speaker Werner Magerl Director of SAP projects 20 years of experience in Aerospace & Defence business Page 3 © 2014 warp IT AG

4 Company Facts warp it AG was founded in 2000 as a consulting company for Aerospace and Defense Over 15 years of experience in logistic processes Specialist in ATA SPEC2000 and ASD S2000M specifications  consulting chapter 1-4 as well as other chapters  co-operation with ATA working groups  ATA e-Business Forum participation Specializing in e-Business processes in A&D Specializing in integration of SPEC2000 into SAP R/3 landscape SAP certified Partner „Powered by Netweaver“ since 2005 Page 4 © 2014 warp IT AG

5 Agenda – eCERT for SAP R/3 Industry Background Advantages of electronic ARC Industry standards Product overview General Architecture Inbound process Outbound process Certificate Cockpit Live Demo Page 5 © 2014 warp IT AG

6 Industry background ARC (Authorized Release Certificates), also known as Airworthiness Approval Tags are implemented and required by the Airline industry for the following reasons: Used by the manufacturer for conformity determination Prevent unapproved parts being used Identify parts and assure traceability Currently implemented using paper forms! e-ARC is the electronic representation of authorized release certificates. Defined in ATA SPEC2000 chapter 16 Page 6 © 2014 warp IT AG

7 Industry standards The ATA SPEC2000 has two relevant chapters ATA Spec 2000, chapter 16 (Electronic Parts Certification Forms)  This standard represents e-ARC currently used by industry electronically. This standard was introduced by ATA to cover electronic part certification for the airline industry. ATA Spec 2000, chapter 42 (Aviation Industry Standards for Digital Information Security)  The ATA standard for digital security utilizing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for determining the currency and validity of the message sender’s digital certificate. Both standards are XML based Page 7 © 2014 warp IT AG

8 Advantages of electronic ARC Implementing e-ARC using IT technologies offers numerous advantages: Higher reliability Security Authenticity Data consistency Cost reduction Page 8 © 2014 warp IT AG

9 Product Overview Data and interface functionality and eCERT cockpit integrated in SAP R/3 User does not have to change tools and system Standard SAP R/3 functionalities can be used Integration in SAP modules SD, MM, QM  Sales Order, Outbound Delivery, Transportation,  Purchase Order, Inbound Delivery Customizing  Can store certificates for each SAP document object (deliveries, inspection lots,…) Incoming and outgoing certificates can be stored and viewed Page 9 © 2014 warp IT AG

10 Product Overview Digital signature validation performed with SAP SSF functionality (SSF: Secure Store & Forward)  SAPSECULIB and STRUST store  Support 3rd Party products  Hardware or Software certificates SAP authorization concept  To identify logged in R/3 user Rule based workflow ensures compliance with regulations  User must review the form before signing Page 10 © 2014 warp IT AG

11 General Architecture The eCERT solution contains these main modules  Outbound modules for suppliers (SAP QA-IDOC, XML conversion and preparation, process integration)  Inbound modules for airlines (XML conversion, process integration, SAP QA-IDOC)  eCERT Cockpit Page 11 © 2014 warp IT AG

12 General Architecture Page 12 SAP R/3 eCERT Solution SD module MM module SSF InterfaceGeneric Object Services (ArchiveLink) Outbound: IDOC to XML conversion eCERT Cockpit © 2014 warp IT AG Inbound: XML to IDOC conversion

13 Outbound process The SAP SD module is customized to create the part certification during delivery or shipment Page 13 SAP R/3 Conversion to XML signed XML SAP SD eCERT Table Storage Generic Object Services (ArchiveLink) IDOC Interface (QALITY02) XML Validation PDF ArchiveLink XML and HTML ArchiveLink eCERT cockpit Delivery / Shipment Smartform (XML to PDF) Outbound Receiver Port IDOC creation XSLT (XML to HTML) Document Store (Unsigned) Sign Electronic Signature (X509, PKCS#7) © 2014 warp IT AG

14 Inbound process Page 14 SAP R/3 signed XML eCERT Table Storage Conversion to IDOC SAP MM eCERT cockpit Purchase Order Shipment Notif IDOC Interface (QALITY02) Generic Object Services (ArchiveLink) XSLT (XML to HTML) Smartform (XML to PDF) PDF ArchiveLink XML and HTML ArchiveLink Document Store (Unsigned) Verify Electronic Signature (X509, PKCS#7) Inbound Receiver Port XML Validation The SAP MM module is customized to link the part certification into the purchase order and inbound delivery © 2014 warp IT AG

15 Certificate cockpit Page 15 © 2014 warp IT AG Main transaction SAP R/3 eCERT cockpit Transactions Tables eCERT list eCERT display Certificate data XML messages ATA_Partcertificate+Infoset Certificate details (date, time, user,…) References Previous certificates

16 Live Demo SAP business documents and trigger from Shipment Page 16 © 2014 warp IT AG

17 Live Demo SAP IDOC with ATA extensions Page 17 © 2014 warp IT AG

18 Live Demo eCERT cockpit step 1 Page 18 © 2014 warp IT AG

19 Live Demo eCERT DISPLAY Page 19 © 2014 warp IT AG

20 Live Demo Sign and Send Page 20 © 2014 warp IT AG

21 Live Demo eCERT cockpit step 2 Page 21 © 2014 warp IT AG

22 Live Demo eCERT display step 2 Page 22 © 2014 warp IT AG

23 Example – ATA_InformationSet JAA Form One string string string Page 23 string string string string 7142 string TESTED © 2014 warp IT AG

24 Example - Signature 3818 string string string Page 24 © 2014 warp IT AG

25 Page 25 Q&A © 2014 warp IT AG

26 Ralph Kutzner Email: Phone: +49 8635 69399 09 Fax: + 49 8635 69399 12 Contact Page 26 warp IT AG Ahornweg 5 84568 Pleiskirchen, Germany Werner Magerl Email: Phone: +49 8635 69399 08 Fax: + 49 8635 69399 12 © 2014 warp IT AG

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