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2 2 Inception Soham in Sanskrit means ‘Inception’

3 3 What we are

4 4 Focus on Three Distinct Segments Service lines IT Consultancy Infrastructure Management Software Solutions One Stop partner for IT Solutions System Integration Managed Services Business and Technology Consultancy Application development, ERP, Mobile Apps

5 5 Soham IT Reduce IT Spend Target 30+% Open Solutions World-Class Partners Leading Innovation Your Timeline ChoiceCostSolutions Value Proposition

6 6 Global Presence Focus on emerging countries SUDAN, BOTSWANA SOUTH AFRICA Ministry of Health ISPs Software Services System Integration AFGHANISTAN Ministries ISPs NGOs Data Center and Core Banking solutions Internet Services Business Consultancy E-governance System integration AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND Software Services INDIA E-Governance IT Enterprises Education segment Business Consultancy System integration Software Services Corporate Training UAE, QATAR Managed Services System Integration UK Software Services Managed Services

7 7 Empanelled Partners with Soham Capability

8 8 What we are good at

9 9 Soham IT Consultancy Do it yourself or Partner with Soham IT TechnologyConsultancy BusinessConsultancy Senior IT professionals with average of 15yrs of IT Industry experience and Global exposure

10 10 ICT Project Conceptualization Conceptualization Consultancy Business Consultancy AS-IS Study Assessment To-Be Process after study on best practices Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) Change Management and Capacity Building plan Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation Bid Evaluation ANALYZE TECHNICAL EVALUATION COMMERCIAL EVALUATION AWARD CONTRACT Bid evaluation e-Governancee-Governance

11 11 Consultancy Business Consultancy Methodology for Project Implementation Developing Project Management Plans Developing process for tracking deliverables Developing project governance models ITIL Framework E-Gov-PMU (Program Management Unit)E-Gov-PMU PMO (Project Management Office)PMO ITSM (IT Service Management)ITSM

12 12 Consultancy Technology Consultancy Designing Tier I. II and III Data Centers Defining Information Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, Deployment architecture and specifications Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) Information Security solutions Telecom and Network Audit Change Management and Capacity Building Integrated ICT Solutions Integrated Enterprise Software Solutions Enterprise

13 13 ICT Integrated Solution for Healthcare System Integration Web based Hospital Management Application Patient Registration Module Attendance Management System Tracking System Asset Management System Reception Desk Issuance of Smart cards for Patients, Visitors and Staff Add/ modify Patients, Visitors and Staff details Track and monitor Visitors Management Doctors Intercom (PBX) Access control Global Internet CCTV Asset tracking

14 14 What we did

15 15 Consultancy- eGov Designed Tier II Data Center and DR for GSI Designed Tier II Data Center for Geological Survey of India, Ministry of Mines, Gov of India  Infrastructure and networking equipment specification of DC (Kolkata), DR Site (Hyderabad) and Near Site in Kolkata considering redundancy factor to achieve desired uptime, network security (firewall, IPS etc) and scope of passive work for creation of LAN at Server farm, NOC, Staging zones etc  Architecture and internal space design of Data Center and DR site  Specifications of Environmental control with well-defined hot and cold zones in server room, power requirement and distribution path serving devices (server and networking) including generator as fall back source, Generator set specification, HVAC, UPS systems and Security and access control systems  Specifications of Building Management System for DC and DR site  Space requirements of Server room, UPS and Battery bank, link termination zone, sitting cabin for GSI staff, Administrative staff, staging area, Store room, Security Area, NOC room, Electrical room, BMS room, Service corridor

16 16 Consultancy- eGov Designed Data Center and DR for EEMM Designed Data Center for Employment Exchange Mission Mode Project, Ministry of Labor, Gov of India  Design Network Architecture for Centralized Data Center and a DR site  Build WAN to connect all the 996 Employment Exchanges across India, DGIET office, 35 State Headquarters and Public users to access the Centralized services  Server Administration – Consolidate all the existing servers and their applications and prepare Hardware Sizing for Servers at Centralized Data Centre ensuring high availability  Design highly Secured and redundant Network at the Data Centre  Design SAN (Storage Area Network) at the Data Centre and DR site  Prepare estimates for all the Network and Server administration, SAN and WAN hardware required for Both Data Centre and the DR Size.

17 17 Consultancy- eGov Integrated ICT solution for Lakshadweep Administration Designed integrated Infrastructure solution for Dept of Medical sciences, Electricity, PWD and Ports of Lakshadweep Administration, Govt of India  ASIS study assessment and To-Be process- Study the AS-IS processes, Study best practices through secondary research, identify areas of process reform, Carryout Business process re-engineering, Create Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS)  Designing Integrated ICT Solution- Information Architecture, Enterprise architecture, Application architecture, Defining deployment Architecture and specifications, Defining functional, technical and operational requirements  Change management & Capacity building plan  Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation  Request for Proposal (RFP) Document  Bid Evaluation

18 18 Consultancy- eGov Integrated ICT solution for AMD, CCTNS and BDL Designed integrated ICT solution and done Hardware Sizing for AMD and BDL  Study the Application Architecture provided by the Software Consultant/ Vendors for the customer requirement  Design the Deployment architecture for the proposed Software Solution  Identify the Infrastructure required and perform Hardware sizing on the Networking and Server components  Prepare high level budgeting for the overall Infrastructure requirement AMD – Atomic Research AMD – Atomic Research: Communication solution between Centralized location and 6 offices located across India. Evaluated Hardware sizing and Proposed WAN connectivity according to their Application, Internet and other office requirements with robust Security measures BDL – Bharat Dynamics Limited: BDL – Bharat Dynamics Limited: Data Center hardware evaluation and SAP Application – Hardware sizing. CMC is developing Data Center CCTNS Odisha CCTNS Odisha- Evaluation of the proposed Hardware and its sizing by the Vendors

19 19 Project Management HP Ops Hyderabad/ Saudi Arabia HP Ops Hyderabad/ Saudi Arabia Level 2 Team Infrastructure Management Level 2 Team Infrastructure Management LEVEL 3 (Specialists) Hyderabad Hyderabad Dial AtoZ Level 1 Team Visakhapatnam Dial AtoZ Level 1 Team Visakhapatnam Sales Force team Hyderabad/ USA Sales Force team Hyderabad/ USA Network team KabulAfghanistan KabulAfghanistan Application Management team Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Level 2 Team Application Management Level 2 Team Application Management Managed Services Infrastructure Management

20 20 Thank You Lakshmi Prasad G Principal Consultant Soham IT Services Contact: +91 9000655548 Mail:

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