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2 HONORS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ORIENTATION Estrella Mountain Community College

3 Alex Andrews Director Honors Program Lorena Chacon Honors/Phi Theta Kappa & Service Learning Administrative Assistant Melissa Avila & Vickie Weeks Office Assistants Honors Office Montezuma 122 623-935-8222

4 Honors Achievement Award The Basics This is a program that monetarily rewards you for completing an Honors project in one of your classes (further details are on the next slides): Fill out an application: Staff will verify if you meet criteria Choose a class to create a project in; Get instructor approval Create your Honors project based on class topic and present it to your class Attend one Honors- Sponsored event & type and upload a 2-page, double- spaced summary Print out the End of Semester Checklist and have instructor sign it; You hand deliver it to Honors office ASAP Upload your project into Canvas by the end of semester

5 Honors Achievement Award Establishing Eligibility Complete an application and bring it to the EMCC Honors office Must have a Maricopa college cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 Must have already completed 12 credits (100+ level) from a Maricopa College

6 Honors Achievement Award Criteria After verifying your eligibility, choose a class to base your Honors project on Discuss project with instructor and get approval, then fill out a CEP online and submit it in Canvas Create an Honors project and present it to the class; instructor signs End of Semester Checklist form You hand deliver that form to us then upload your project into Canvas (both by end of semester)

7 Honors Achievement Award Criteria for Continuation Complete at least 6 hours (100+ level) of coursework each Fall and Spring semester Enroll in/complete, with a "C" or higher at least 3 credits of Honors coursework (Honors-only or contract) each semester Maintain a Maricopa cumulative GPA of 3.25; remain in good standing at EMCC; complete an Honors project Attend one co-curricular activity or event each semester (must submit a typed 2-page paper in Canvas afterward)

8 Course Enrichment Plan (CEP) Find this form in Canvas under “Assignments” Fill it out online; Save it as a document; Upload it into Canvas

9 Honors Classes - Section vs Cohort The encircled ‘H’ on class schedules means Honors class Open class description to see if it’s an Honors Section or Cohort class

10 Honors Section Class This is a traditional class that has a few reserved seats for Honors students You are required to submit a CEP online and create an Honors project pre-approved by your instructor Present the project to your class* then hand deliver an End of Semester Checklist form to the Honors office by end of semester *Online classes subject to approval by instructor

11 Honors-Only Cohort Class Cohort means “a group of people banded together or treated as a group” Cohort classes have only Honors students in them; an Honors project is already built into this class You may take Cohort classes, but they are not required

12 Honors Event/Co-Curricular Calendar Qualifying events & co-curricular activities are listed in the Event Calendar Find the Event Calendar in the Assignment section of Canvas

13 Honors Events/Co-Curricular Activities Events are usually held on campus Co-curricular activities are usually held off campus Any time you attend an event/co-curricular activity, sign the sign-in sheet Afterwards, type a 2-page, double-spaced paper of your observations and reflections then submit into Canvas ASAP

14 Honors Project Examples PowerPointTypewritten EssayPrezi Project MUST be uploaded into Canvas by end of semester

15 End of Semester Checklist Form Located in Canvas You fill out Section A Instructor fills out Section B You hand deliver form to the Honors office by the end of the semester Award Amount is Determined by Credit Hours: 6-8 = $245 9-11 = 325 12+ = 500 Only 1 award per semester - Maximum award of $500 per semester

16 Honors Points for Transcripts Distinction Criteria Boost your academic profile by accumulating 15 Honors points for transcripts distinction : Every class you submit an Honors project in, the credit hours count as pointsClasses must have different prefixes (such as MAT, BIO, PSY, ENG, etc.)15 points and a 3.5 cumulative GPA designates Honors Program Graduate 15 points and a 3.75 cumulative GPA designates Honors Program Graduate with Distinction Examples of Points by Class Credit Hours: BIO 109 = 4 ENG 101 = 3 PSY 101 = 3 SOC 101 = 3 MAT 220 = 4

17 Honors Expo A Fall event that showcases scholarly research as individuals or groups Choose a topic based on current Honors theme, then research Design a Poster Board, PowerPoint or Oral Presentation Practice, practice, practice You will present before a panel of judges Top winners travel to compete at the Honors Western Regional Conference

18 Honors Western Regional Conference Top winners from Honors Expo will travel in the spring to compete at this event 2013 Winners

19 Phoenix Symphony A campus event held during the spring semester Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear these highly trained musicians Better yet…it’s FREE!

20 Other Information All-USA Scholarship This is an annual competition open to students who will be transferring on to an accredited 4-year institution of higher education. This scholarship pays two full years of tuition to one of our three Arizona public universities (ASU, NAU, or U of A) with money awarded for transfer. Chancellor's Scholarship This annual scholarship covers tuition and fees for one full year; up to 18 credits per semester [in-county tuition] plus $250 per semester for books and supplies. Maricopa Colleges Faculty Foundation Scholarship This scholarship is awarded based upon the college Honors Coordinator’s decision. Amounts can vary. Check with your Honors Coordinator for eligibility requirements. (International Students are eligible to apply) Further scholarship details listed in EMCC web pages Designated Honors student advisor: Beverly Garwood (Enrollment Center, Komatke Bldg)

21 One Last Thing… Check your Honors section in Canvas regularly for updates and instructions!!!

22 Questions? Visit the Honors office located in MON 122 Or call us at 623-935-8222

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