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Powerpoint How Not To Do It ! Mike Stokes. Oops !

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1 Powerpoint How Not To Do It ! Mike Stokes

2 Oops !


4 Leave Nothing To Chance Check your props BEFORE starting the presentation !

5 Careful with colours



8 Careful With Colours Keep things simple, clear and not distracting

9 When You Start With A Heading Try to resist the temptation Of using far too many different font styles And too many different font sizes It makes the chart difficult to read And just irritates the reader Try to use just 2 fonts per slide, maximum 3 And make things easy for the reader

10 Sometimes A Good Slide can be completely ruined by unnecessary use of animation this just distracts and irritates the reader it is also a bit old- fashioned now so keep it to a minimum

11 Keep It Simple Sometimes, in an attempt to impress our audience with our knowledge, we fall into the trap of putting far too much information on a slide. This makes the slide very difficult to read, and understand. Pretty soon the audience will switch off – and of course while they are reading, they are not listening to what you are saying. So keep the slides brief and only use them to support what you are saying.

12 Keep It Simple Avoid using too much information Make it easy to read Keep it brief It supports what you are saying

13 Keep It Legible Don’t squash lots of text in, so that no-one can read it

14 Keep It Legible Don’t let your template branding get in the way of the all-important text on the slide

15 Pictures ? Only if relevant and supporting the talk

16 Diagrams ? If they are clear and help to make a point

17 Videos ? Only if they work !

18 What Makes A Good Slide ? Simple but effective use of colour Easy-to-read font sizes Modest use of animation No more than 6 brief bullet points And maybe a strap-line

19 How Not To Do It Do not forget to check that all your equipment works beforehand

20 How Not To Do It Do not stand between the projector and the screen

21 How Not To Do It Do not stand reading your slides with your back to the room Especially if there is quite a lot of text on each slide

22 How Not To Do It Do not place your notes where you cannot easily read them

23 And Finally.... Don’t forget to remind them who you are....

24 Thank You Mike Stokes

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