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I Can See It All Over Your Face

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1 I Can See It All Over Your Face

2 Background Paul Ekman– Leading researcher in facial expression and emotion Ekman/Friesen conducted similar studies before College students exposed to other cultures Do facial expressions correspond universally to basic emotions?

3 Experiment Ekman/Friesen traveled to the Southeast Highlands of New Guinea to find subjects among the Fore people (Stone Age society) 189 adults, 130 children out of 11,000 Never seen a movie, lived elsewhere, spoke English, been outside the country, or experienced western culture Ekman/Friesen wrote stories and the subjects were asked to identify which story corresponded with which face (western faces of men, women, children all used)

4 Results No differences between men and women, or adults and children, in identifying emotion The distinguishing between fear and surprise was the most missed connection The general results: Adult average correct: 75.8 % Children average correct: 89.6%

5 Discussion With cultural differences, facial expressions of emotions are universal. Facial expressions for emotion appear to be innate, rather than learned (and not culture specific) Through evolution, humans developed the ability to identify potentially threatening emotions (anger) more easily

6 Recent Applications Recent studies found that children with autism appear to have difficulty recognizing facial expressions Ekman’s studies played a fundamental role in cross- cultural psychology research Eyebrows are the most important facial feature when determining emotion

7 Conclusion Facial Feedback Theory: The expression on your face feeds information to your brain to help you interpret the emotion you are feeling Facial expressions may indicate lying

8 I Can See It All Over Your Face

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