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Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon on behalf of the DM Clients developers GFAL/LCGUTIL to GFAL2/GFAL2 migration.

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1 Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon on behalf of the DM Clients developers GFAL/LCGUTIL to GFAL2/GFAL2 migration

2 2 Remember remember the 1 st of November

3 The 1 st of November  GFAL/LCGUTIL will not be supported  They will be removed from Fedora/EPEL  Fear not! We will give support for migration indefinitely 3

4 Release cycle for gfal2 components 4 EPEL Full production release Development Increase of minor version New functionalities Non critical bug fixes Nightly tests Deployed in the FTS3 Development Services RC Increase of revision number Critical bug fixes Deployed in the FTS3 Pilot Service EPEL Testing Increase of release number “Quarantine” stage of a release Packaging fixes Critical patches Beta testers welcome! Merges

5 5 Getting started

6 Installation  Enable EPEL (5, 6 or even 7!)  Install  gfal2-all  Core + Transfer, DCAP, GridFTP, HTTP/DAV, LFC, RFIO and SRM  gfal2-python  gfal2-util  gfal2-plugin-xrootd for xrootd support 6

7 Fast check $ voms-proxy-init --voms dteam $ gfal-ls gsi drwxr-xr-x 0 0 0 Jul 12 2013 0 7

8 8 Command Line Interface Side by side

9 Descriptionlcg-utilgfal2-util Add an alias for a given GUIDlcg-aaDeprecated Bring SURLS onlinelcg-bringonlineN/A, can be done Copy files with no cataloglcg-cpgfal-copy Copy file and registerlcg-crgfal-copy Delete a file / directorylcg-delgfal-rm Get checksumlcg-get-checksumgfal-checksum Get TURL/slcg-getturlsgfal-xattr List aliases for a given GUIDlcg-laDeprecated Get the GUID for an LFNlcg-lcgfal-xattr List the replicas for an LFNlcg-lggfal-xattr Directory listinglcg-lsgfal-ls Remove an aliaslcg-raDeprecated 9

10 Descriptionlcg-utilgfal2-util Copy between SEs with registrationlcg-repgfal-copy Register a file in the cataloglcg-rfgfal-copy Set a file status to donelcg-sdDeprecated Get space tokenslcg-stmdgfal-xattr Unregister a filelcg-ufDeprecated Create a directorygfal-mkdir Dump stdin into a filegfal-save Dump a file into stdoutgfal-cat 10

11 Two Swiss Army Knifes: gfal-copy  LFC is not a special citizen, but some operations can be mapped easily  Registration = COPY 11

12 # Copy & Register (lcg-cr) gfal-copy file:///local/file gsi \ lfc:// # Copy & Register (lcg-rep) gfal-copy gsiftp://se-a/path gsiftp://se-b/path lfc:// # Register a file (lcg-rf) gfal-copy gsiftp://se/path lfc:// 12

13 Two Swiss Army Knifes: gfal-xattr  Get/set extended attributes: key => value  Some “special” mappings  user.replicas  user.guid  user.comment  spacetoken  spacetoken.token?  spacetoken.description? 13

14 14 Examples

15 15 GFAL2 Python API Side by side

16 GFAL: Less Pythonic import gfal gfalDict = {‘surls’: ‘srm://…’} err, obj, msg = gfal.gfal_init(gfalDict) ret, buff, msg = gfal.gfal_ls(obj) gfal.internal_free(obj) 16

17 GFAL2: More Pythonic 17 import gfal2 ctx = gfal2.creat_context() try: ctx.listdir(‘srm://…’) except gfal2.Gerror, e: print “[%d] %s” % (e.code, e.message)

18 Descriptiongfalgfal2 List a directorygfal_lsctx.listdir ctx.opendir + read/readpp Extend lifetimegfal_pinNot available Async bring onlinegfal_prestagectx.bring_online TURLS from SURLSgfal_turlsfromsurlsctx.getaxttr Delete SURLSgfal_deletesurlsctx.unlink Delete directorygfal_removedirctx.rmdir Status of async bring onlinegfal_prestagestatusctx.bring_online_poll Release SURLSgfal_releasectx.release Copy a filelcg_cp4ctx.filecopy 18 Remote random IO supported too, and thread safe!

19 Copy a file  ctx.filecopy(params, source, dest)  Params is an instance of ctx.transfer_parameters  Members  checksum_check  set_user_defined_checksum(algo, value)  dst_spacetoken  event_callback  monitor_callback  nbstreams  overwrite  src_spacetoken  timeout 19

20 Examples Check our repository 20

21 Do not forget  Supported protocols  SRM  GridFTP  HTTP/DAV  LFC  RFIO  DCAP  XROOTD New DM Clients and retirement plans for old ones 21

22 Questions? 22

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