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What is Good Governance ?

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1 Leveraging IT for Good Governance: A Vigilance Perspective By DS Mishra CVO, AAI 22.06.09

2 What is Good Governance ?
Key factors: accountability, transparency, fairness, equity and ethics. Key value ingredients: democratic pluralism, public participation, consensus, legitimacy, rule of law, responsiveness, accountability, transparency, and strategic vision for sustainable development.

3 Corruption is the biggest challenge to Good Governance.

4 Corruption is use of public office for private gains.

5 Corruption = Discretion + Mystification - Accountability

6 Elements in System-Design to Curb Corruption?
Accountability; Transparency; Total Fairness; Removing discretion; Access to feedback; Competition; and Timeliness.

7 What is Scope of IT? Efficient handling of voluminous data in structured format; Online access and update; Independent of time and space- any time, any where; Confidentiality yet accountability; Business process reengineering; and Simple and user-friendly applications.

8 How IT Helps? Speeds up decision making;
Removes need for direct contact- curtails scope for negotiations; Curbs discretion through standardization; Improves transparency and demystifies; Increases accountability- traceable trail of action; Empowers stakeholders through access; and Enables effective monitoring.

9 What has been done in AAI?
Initiatives having public interface: Uploading NIT & Tender Document on website and web-link with NIC; Uploading brief of contracts on website; e-Payment, e-Billing , and e-Receipt, also e- Auction through MSTC; No Objection Certificate Application System (NOCAS) getting online; Online Recruitment Application System (ORAS); Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) getting online; Online facility for feedback/ suggestions/ complaints ; Online Portal for Investment of Surplus Funds; e-Procurement under pilot; etc. Initiatives for internal empowerment: Airport Information Management System (AIMS); Individual Finance & Personnel Information Management System (IFPIMS); etc.

10 What Can You Do? Ensure increased usage of IT Applications;
Insist on paperless transactions; Identify IT champions and encourage; Make realistic IT Plan and adhere to milestones; Be in touch with IT Deptt. to remove bugs; Update yourself with latest developments in IT; Volunteer to be pioneer in application; Sensitize staff by reviewing progress of IT at all fora; and Inculcate culture of ethical practices through IT.

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