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Which type of plant is most closely related to flowering plants?

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1 Which type of plant is most closely related to flowering plants?
Cladograms Determining evolutionary relationships Which type of plant is most closely related to flowering plants? CONIFERS

2 History of classification systems
Aristotle – Plants and Animals Linneaus – developed BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE TWO KINGDOMS: plants and animals THREE kingdoms: plant, animal, Protist FIVE kingdoms: plant, animal, Protist, fungi, Moneran

3 CLASSIFICATION K Kingdom P Phylum C Class O Order F Family G Genus S Species Scientific name is genus and species name. Organisms in same genus are closely related

Moneran Bacteria Prokaryotic No nucleus Have cell wall Unicellular Can be heterotrophic or autotrophic Protist Protozoans, algae Eukaryotic Have nucleus Some have cell wall Mainly unicellular Fungi Mushroom, yeast Mainly multicellular heterotrophic Plant Moss, fern, trees, flowers All multicellular autotrophic Animal Sponge, annelids, amphibians, birds, mammals No cell wall

5 Dichotomous key Always begin with #1
Follow directions using choices given What shape is “Gina”? Equilateral triangle

6 Types of Plants Bryophytes Non-vascular No xylem or phloem
Examples are mosses They are small Have to be near water No pollen, seeds, flowers, or fruits Gymnosperms Vascular Xylem to move water Phloem to move food Examples are conifers Have pollen (sperm) Have seeds on cones No fruits or flowers Angiosperms Examples are flowering plants like oak trees, corn, and roses Have seeds in fruits Have flowers

7 PLANT ADAPTATIONS Flowers and Fruits Root, stem, Leaf Flowers have bright petals to attract pollinators Pollen (Sperm) can be transferred by animals When egg joins with pollen, a seed is formed in the ovary The ovary becomes the fruit Fruit surrounds and protects seed Fruit also helps get baby plants in seeds away from parent plant Roots are adapted to absorb water with root hairs Leaves are adapted for photosynthesis by being flat and green Stems move water with xylem

8 TYPES OF ANIMALS Annelids Segmented worms No backbone
“breathe” through skin Closed circulatory system External fertilization External development Insects No backbome Three body segments Six legs Wings Open circulatory system Females may store sperm metamorphosis Amphibians Have backbone Moist skin Gills when young, lungs when adult Three chambered heart Cold-blooded Metamorphosils Jelly like egg Mammals Backbone Hair Milk glands Lungs Four chambered heart Warm-blooded Internal fertilization Internal development Amniote egg

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