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Keeping it Simple Low Tech Computer Access

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1 Keeping it Simple Low Tech Computer Access
Low-Tech or No-Tech Computer Access Options

2 Presenters Dr. Elizabeth Bagley, SC Dept of Ed Regional AT Specialist
Susan Maloney, SC Dept of Ed Regional AT Specialists Randi Cogswell, OT, Lexington School District One Will Harmon, PT, Lexington School District One

3 Positioning Aids It's important to think about furniture when we consider access to school activities. A one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't work as students vary greatly in size--and are growing all the time. A good "fit" and firmly supported feet help to stabilize the student, cutting down on fatigue. Better support makes the student more comfortable. Uncomfortable furniture can distract a student's focus from work. Good positioning can foster more participation by requiring less physical effort. There are adjustable-height desks/tables for elementary classrooms that can provide appropriate positioning for all students.

4 Positioning Aids Non-slip surface on chair to prevent slipping (e.g. Dycem) Rolled Towel or Blocks for Feet Dycem Activity Anchorpad Mobility Matters Best Priced Products, Inc.

5 Positioning Aids Examples
Idea Cart (Anthro) This adjustable table changes height with the turn of a crank. It's ideal for classroom or lab use. Cost: $169- $239 Tripp Trapp Chair (Therapro) This chair's seat and footrest can be re-positioned. Both the seat and footrest adjust vertically and horizontally to comfortably accommodate children to adults. Hip belt, pads, pommel and tray also available/ Cost: $199.95

6 Examples Footrests (Ergo Solutions, Ali-Med) Footrests provide a secure base for a child--with feet flat and ankle and knee at 90 degrees. You can also use a stabilized box to achieve this position! Cost: $45 - $55 Seat Cushions (Pocket Full of Therapy) These products provide a variety of seating alternatives, all of which can be used safely and unobtrusively in a classroom or home setting. Pallone Ball Chair Sit 'N' Fit Disc Move 'N' Sit Wedge Seat Cushion Bumpy Junior Disc Seat Cushion Classroom Chair Seat Cushion

7 Reading Aids Several aids are helpful supports for literacy activities: Adjusting the position of books and reading materials to suit an individual student can make the content much more visible or accessible. Being able to turn pages, without having to call for help, frees a student to read at his or her own pace. Highlighting not only makes important information stand out, but helps students find information easier and faster. Portable alternatives to heavy dictionaries and other reference materials allow students to more easily find answers to questions and pursue their interests.

8 Reading Aids PortaBook: lightweight bookstand that opens to 5 different angles, holds books open & stores flat to carry easily. Can also be used to carry papers, pens, and pencils when closed. Page-Up: Clever copy holder holds up to 20 sheets of paper in an upright position. Use next to the computer or at the student's desk when a standing copy is needed. Small enough to throw in a backpack or purse or to fit between computers. Assorted colors. LightWedge Original: Add extra, indirect light exactly where it is needed on the page. The light from the edge diffuses through the clear plastic that covers the page giving an even lighting to the entire page. The LightWedge has two light levels and helps the reader see and focus on the text, especially in poor lighting conditions. Don't forget that a filter can also be placed between the page and the LightWedge to offer the student color if needed. PortaBook Page-Up LightWedge Original

9 Reading Aids Highlighter Tape 3 Point Erasable Highlighters Hi-Liter Pens Hefty Index Tabs7K Highlighting text has been a valuable study tool for many years. Unfortunately it is not always possible to highlight text in textbooks. It is never an acceptable alternative in library or reference books. Now with removable highlighting tape a student can highlight text where ever needed. The tape is transparent and comes in different colors. You can also write on it.

10 Reading Aids Implementation of Highlighting New vocabulary Key words,
Dates Important people or facts Definitions A sequence of steps or events or concepts pointed out by the teacher as being important Please see handout titled “Removable Highlighting Tape and Tabs” for further information

11 Reading Aids Removable Highlighter Tape Sheets Transparency Files The use of color for reading and copying tasks has been examined and tried for many years. Helen Irlen of the Irlen Institute found that the use of special color filters helped some people who had consistently been unable to learn how to read easily and successfully. The use of colored pieces of clear plastic created a visual environment that allowed them to learn to read. Colored overlays can be most effective for individuals whose difficulties are isolated to reading. Colored overlays are an important first step in determining whether the Irlen Method can work for you and provide your students’ first experience with relief.

12 Adapting and Protecting Early Childhood Books
Page Fluffers

13 Adapting and Protecting Early Childhood Books
Laminating Using sheets of plastic laminate (Cleer Adheer, C-Line, available at Sam's Club or office supply stores, $10 per box of 50) Cut book apart and use laminating machine Page Protectors (floppy) slip the pages into page protectors and put them in a 3 ring binder. This works well if the child will be "pushing" or "sliding" the page from right to left rather than "lifting" each page to turn it Page Protectors (rigid) tag board or pieces of manila file folders Adapting Pages for Interaction

14 Writing Aids

15 Math Aids

16 Communication Aids

17 Craft Aids – Scissors and Cutters
"Mary Benbow" Scissors: These scissors feature small finger loops coated in vinyl to help scissors stay on the child's fingers for a better grip. Softgrip® Pointed-Tip Scissors This model opens effortlessly and cuts cleanly to its pointed tip. It can cut felt, fabric, ribbon, yarn, string and construction paper. The finger loops are roomy. Recommended for second through fourth grade. Loop Spring Scissors (Sammons Preston) These self-opening scissors require half the effort of regular scissors. For students with limited hand movement, these scissors offers a wide loop for an easy grip. Right and Left handed: $8.95

18 Craft Aids – Scissors and Cutters
Squeezzers: These are ideal scissors for students with limited finger mobility and coordination. You close the short metal blades by squeezing the coated loop handles. When you ease the grasp, the blades open automatically. This product helps to reinforce a basic open and close pattern. This paper punch features a large, non-stick button for "whole hand" use. It punches paper, construction paper, self-adhesive labels and many other paper materials. It offers 13 different "punch" shapes. Use it upside down for greater accuracy. Adapt-A-Cut: A revolutionary new way to cut for students who have problems with a "regular" scissor. The handle adapts with Velcro for extra support, a crossbar for horizontal support and "pushing" rather than grasping. The blade is safely inside the tool.

19 Craft Aids Personal Paper Cutter
Lyrax Crayons: High quality wax crayons with a triangular shape to help encourage children to grasp them correctly. Set of 6 colors. Jumbo Paint Brushes Sponge tip painters. Kids simply press the round tip on the paper and a dot of color appears. As children learn more about coloring, they can make lines or cover an area with overlapping dots.

20 Craft Aids Chubby Crayons Magnetic Art Set Wikki Stix
Tempera Paint Markers

21 Self Help Aids

22 Miscellaneous Aids

23 Resources Resources WATI Initiative (1997). Designing environments for successful kids: A resource manual. WATI: Amherst, WI. High & Low Tech Tools for People with Learning Disabilities. Richard Wandeman's Tips:

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