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If It Ain’t Broke, Matt Fleming President, MidwayUSA Break It!

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1 If It Ain’t Broke, Matt Fleming President, MidwayUSA Break It!

2 My Purpose Successfully embrace and implement: Key Take-Aways 1.Baldrige CAN’T be delegated 2.Employees MUST be engaged 3.Baldrige is a lifestyle

3 Family-owned, established 1977 Catalog and internet sporting goods retailer 150,000 square feet of office and warehouse 100,000 products 800 Vendors 5,000 packages/day 350 Employees About MidwayUSA

4 Goals = Stakeholder satisfaction Customer satisfaction = 93% Employee satisfaction = 82% Vendor satisfaction = 94% Average sales growth = 26% (2004 – 2010) Average profit growth = 54% (2004 – 2010) Missouri Quality Award in 2008 Baldrige Award in 2009 (first attempt) Productivity increased Our Results

5 Baldrige = Success


7 Why Baldrige? Baldrige is Hard work Better results Sustainability Achieve our vision Vision To be the best-run business in America for the benefit of our Customers by systematically practicing modern leadership and management principles

8 Our CEO is the Baldrige “champion” Senior Leaders are Baldrige criteria experts Senior Leaders are Baldrige category experts Unwavering commitment of all Senior Leaders We implemented Baldrige from the top-down Our CEO is the primary driver of Baldrige It Starts at the Top

9 The Challenge “We will apply for and win the MQA award in 2008 and the Baldrige award in 2009.” -Larry Potterfield (2006)

10 Receiving the Baldrige National Quality Award is a Shareholder Key Requirement Adopted Baldrige Glossary of Key Terms Regular Monthly Baldrige Category Meetings Baldrige-aligned Strategic Planning Process The Approach

11 We Were Voluntold…

12 Employees as Examiners helps deploy Baldrige All Senior Leaders are trained Examiners All key Employees are trained Examiners Systematic process for Examiner selection Choose key Employees as Examiners “The Tipping Point” (2007) The Examiner Process

13 Trained Examiner Measure

14 We celebrate Examiner participation We fully support Examiner participation We formally recognize Examiner participation Profit Sharing rewards Examiner participation Reward & Recognition

15 Examiner participation helps develop Leaders Recognized by Leadership Excellence magazine as a top-ten government/leadership program Examiner participation is part of our Leadership Development Program and considered training Part of Personal Development Plans On every Career Map Employees rotate on and off as Examiners Leadership Development

16 Baldrige breaks down silos Everyone aligns around common goals Less compartmentalization Self-assessment teams Team Building

17 Self-Assessment Measure

18 Take-Aways 1. Baldrige MUST be led from the top 2. Every Employee SHOULD be involved in Baldrige 3. YOU HAVE TO make Baldrige a part of your Culture Commit to Baldrige Lock, Stock & Barrel

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