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Instant Challenge TM Training.

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1 Instant Challenge TM Training

2 Team Manager Recap Registered with DI and received team number
Received hard copy of the Program Materials Claimed your team at Check website for Clarifications. (last day is Feb 15, 2015) Met with team, chose Challenge, work on solution, have fun. Following the Roadmap Read your Challenge and Rules of Road

3 Team Manager Recap….. Set up a team calendar Got a snack schedule
Stay in touch with Team Parents Ask Parents to help you No Interference Relax and have FUN! Remember, it’s the Process! Practice Instant Challenges with your team Giggle and eat Chocolate!!

4 To Do List Register with Washington Imagination Network (WIN) at . Volunteers* and forms Parental Consent Forms Special Circumstances (2 teams, sibling teams, other kid commitments) Advanced TM Training, Tuesday, Jan 13, RSVP Instant Challenge Workshop, Saturday, January 31, 2015

5 Tournament Appraiser*
*A word about your Volunteer Appraiser* 18+y/o Preferably NOT a parent. DI Provides: Breakfast and lunch and a fun day All Appraisers must be available for the following days Training - Saturday, Jan , 2 hour training at KSS Tournament - Saturday, Feb 28, 2015, 8am-5pm at KSS

6 Any Questions ? Concerns ? Doubts ? Nightmares ?!!!
Before we move on….. Any Questions ? Concerns ? Doubts ? Nightmares ?!!!

7 Creative Problem Solving against the Clock
INSTANT CHALLENGE Creative Problem Solving against the Clock

8 What is an Instant Challenge?
Instant Challenge provides a chance for a team to show off its creative problem solving skills in a short, unrehearsed presentation to Appraisers. Although each Instant Challenge has different requirements, Instant Challenges reward teams for teamwork and the uniqueness and creativity of the team’s solution IC’s are 5-10 minutes long At the tournament, each team that competes in a specific Team Challenge in a specific Level will receive the same Instant Challenge. (Rising STARS) New for No Electronic Devices (Rules of the Road pg 248)

9 Why do Instant Challenges?
A great way to learn and practice Creative Problems Solving (CPS) tools for use in the Central Challenge. (Read about CPS Tools in your Roadmap) Great for team building Instills confidence in team members Team members can use techniques to help solve “challenges” in their daily lives - Remember we are teaching a process

10 Tips for Team Managers Put together an Instant Challenge Toolbox- What’s in it? Pipe-cleaners, mailing labels, non-flexible straws, paperclips, rubber-bands newspaper, index cards, toothpicks, cardboard tubes, paper cups, paper plates, string, clothes pins, popsicle sticks, coin rollers, aluminum foil, paper bag, paper, corks, envelope, clay, spaghetti, unsharpened pencils or chopsticks, ping pong balls, markers, scissors, marbles, feathers, cotton balls, most anything from your recycle bin. Jo-Anns or Michael’s Coupons

11 Tips for Team Managers….
Let the team play with the materials Which materials are: Connectors Lengtheners Strengtheners Start introducing time requirements.

12 Tips for Team Managers Three types of Instant Challenges
Task / Performance /Combination Practice IC’s in Roadmap, online, books and CD’s Team Member roles: Leader / Reader / Timekeeper / Techie Rising Stars – Leader / Story person Practice, practice, practice

13 At the Tournment – Rising Stars
The general logistical flow at a Tournament Instant Challenge Site Rising Stars ICs are usually three to ten minutes long Immediately before their RS performance Parents and audience can watch Each team has a different IC Simple and fun activity for the team to showcase their creativity and teamwork - Development of story (beginning, middle and end) - Use of materials - Teamwork

14 At the Tournment – Competitive Teams
The general logistical flow at a Tournament Instant Challenge Site – Competitive Teams Central Challenge time and IC time ICs are usually five to ten minutes long Teams will not know the IC until it is presented at the Tournament No audience Not every member must participate Teams decide if one Team Manager may join them in the IC room Teams may NOT talk about their IC, except PRIVATELY among themselves – Vow of Secrecy and Chill Out Room IC scoring criteria may include but are not limited to: - Development of skit - Character development - Use of materials - Creativity of solution - Teamwork - Effectiveness of solution

15 Now is IC Appraised? Complete their objective?
RS = Learning + Fun + Working Together Creativity So-so / Cool / WOW! It blew my socks off! Teamwork / Team Dynamics Mutual respect / Diversity of Skills / Team Roles Performance Beginning, Middle and End Performance Skills 5. Sticky Notes / Sticky Notes and scores

16 Interference Two ways to commit Interference in IC room
If team knows the Challenge before their actual competition If someone helps the team in the IC room during competition A Team Manager can have a lot of fun working with team and training them in IC techniques All CPS Tools can be taught to the team Teaching CPS tools in IC is teaching skills Have team practice all three types of ICs

17 Instant Challenge Questions??

18 Task Based Instant Challenge
Focus is on team working together to move, build, change or protect materials they are given in order to complete a task or communicate information. Evaluated on how well team works together to design the solution, effectiveness of solution and on the creativity of their final project

19 Task Based Instant Challenge
Focus and listen carefully to instructions (oral and written) Practice giving everyone a part Task completion Know where the points are in the Challenge Understand all possible uses for materials Work through “alternative uses” Use materials uniquely and creatively Break into sub-groups if necessary - Divide and Conquer

20 Performance Based Instant Challenge
Focus is on team working together to create and present a theatrically solution Evaluated on creativity of performance, presentation and/or use of materials along with teamwork Types of Performance-based ICs With Props Without Props Team-created Props Imaginary Props

21 Performance Based Instant Challenge
Speak loudly and clearly Listen to instructions carefully Practice giving everyone a part Know where the points are in the Challenge Listen to teammates when doing Improv Don’t make unnecessarily long speeches Practice talking yourself out of jam Practice saving a teammate who cannot think of line Practice using exaggerated movements / expressions Make up own Improv games

22 Now it’s Your Turn….. Task Based IC Dish Duty All Aboard
Performance Based IC Aquarium First Day Join the Circus Birdcage Combination IC

23 9 Questions after every Instant Challenge
How did you do as a team? How well did you manage your time? What worked well? What didn’t work? If you could do it again, what would you do differently? How well did you use the materials? Did your solution fit the scoring? Did the solution work? Why? Why not? Could it have been more creative? How? What did you learn?

24 Improve your Instant Challenge Skills
Assign team jobs to be better organized Leader/Reader/Timekeeper/Story/Techie Switch jobs Videotape the IC so the team can critique themselves, then ask, “What did you see?” Repeat the IC, with a different solution Remove or change materials Re-run Instant Challenges Divide into two teams and compete Try imaginary props Silence Shorten the time frame

25 Play Improv Games Resource: Whose Line is it Anyway on YouTube
Party Quirks Headlines

26 Instant Challenge Workshop
SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 2015 Klahowya Secondary School Instant Challenge Workshop for Teams: 12:30pm– 4:00pm IC Training for Appraisers and TM’s*: 11am- 12 noon $35 per team / register by January 10, 2015 First Come First Served Late registration $45 until January 20th Optional activity

27 Instant Challenge Workshop Appraiser
The Instant Challenge Workshop Appraiser is different from your Regional Tournament Appraiser In order to participate in the ICW: Two Appraisers 18+ y/o Parents are encouraged to participate Training will be 11am - 12noon, Sat Jan 31, 2015


29 Thank you for coming!

30 Thank You!

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