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Heist SOCIETY By: Ally Carter PowerPoint by: Makenna L.

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1 Heist SOCIETY By: Ally Carter PowerPoint by: Makenna L.

2 Information Author- Ally Carter Number of Pages- 287 Genre- Action and Adventure Year Published- 2010

3 Summary Teen thief Katarina Bishop conned her way out of the life of a thief, the life of the family business, and into the life of a normal student. But when her dad is (wrongly) accused of stealing priceless paintings, Kat is forced back. With her team of teen thieves behind her, Kat is forced to help. She has two weeks and five teenagers to find five paintings that could be anywhere in the world. The alternative: become an orphan.

4 Ratings 1 2 3 4

5 I gave this book a 4 out of 4 (or a Mona Lisa) because it was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was really action packed and left you wanting to know more. I would really recommend you read this book.

6 Characters Katarina (Kat) Bishop- The main character. Teen thief extraordinaire. Hale- Kat’s best friend and fellow thief. Bobby Bishop- Kat’s dad. An experienced thief. (I’m seeing a pattern here.) Gabrielle- Kat’s cousin. Teen thief and family flirt. Uncle Eddie- Kat’s great uncle. Head of the family business. (Yep, it is a family of thieves.) Simon- Kat and Hale’s friend. The team’s tech person.

7 More Characters Arturo Taccone- Art collector. The person who gets his art collection stolen. Hamish and Angus Bagshaw- Friends of Kat’s and thieves. Marcus- Hale’s butler and is an important part of the actual heist. Nick- A pick-pocket Kat finds in Paris that is reluctantly accepted into the group.

8 Places New York Las Vegas London, England Naples, Italy

9 And More Places Vienna, Austria Warsaw, Poland Sabina Valley, Italy Paris, France Rome, Italy

10 “We didn’t know they were nuns!”

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