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Time Time “Not having time” is not a good reason for being uninformed. I need to reorganize so I make time for the reading.

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2 Time Time “Not having time” is not a good reason for being uninformed. I need to reorganize so I make time for the reading.

3 Exercise Session Tip for starting and maintaining a consistent exercise program- should start with a small period of time (even 5 minutes) but do it everyday-Incorporate at least 3 types of routine activities. Sweat!

4 Practical Steps for Undoing Racism I enjoyed the energy and truth from which this message was conveyed. Being African American, this presentation was very beneficial for me and it also allowed me to rethink my own “personal perspective” in regards to racism!

5 Moving I have often been told on long journeys that the best way to accomplish the goal is to “keep moving.” The conference certainly embodies that motto-we have been on the move and shall continue today

6 Beginning-Navigation Team Leaders Meeting Let’s have fun! Share and learn! The winds are perfect for this journey although the waves are high so be alert! We’re ready to sail thru the conference and beyond…

7 A Reflection We are being bombarded with information-we are supposed to eat, network, listen to a speaker and visit displays all at the same time! Suggest building in a little down time for an opportunity to distill what we are learning. (and eat our cookies…) (and go to the bathroom…)

8 Economic Analysis These different types of economic analysis and the use of each form depends on the comparisons to be made-whether its apples to apples (efficiency), apple tree production in terms of cost input (effectiveness); and the cost of growing apples in terms of benefits (apple a day keep doctor way).

9 After…Navigation Team Leader Meeting We just concluded our navigation team leader training and from the information we’ve received, yesterday’s sessions, past CityMatCH conferences, I know we are in for a marvelous adventure! I am excited!

10 Knowledge Plenary So many good sessions to choose from…so hard to choose! I love the information that addresses the need for sound environments and social conditions across the life course to affect healthier outcomes for mom and baby. PS Love the information that discouraged dismissing prenatal care, but instead looked at it as an opportunity to start with care at the very beginning of the life course!

11 Faith Based Practice As a “parish” or now faith community nurse, CityMatCH should consider a pre-conference on this topic in the future-the community is where health care will be delivered in the future by the foundation upon which community and public health was built-nurses.

12 !!! Full sail ale—local brew that is worth a try!!

13 Partnership It was great to see the March of Dimes recognized for their on- going partnership with CityMatCH.

14 CBPR Modeling what they preach with co-presenters from academia and CBO’s- Refreshing!!!

15 Racism Practical ways to eliminate racism culture, brings us together; race splits us apart!

16 Poster Session I appreciated being able to review posters. It gave me ideas for my team’s DUI poster that we will present in October for graduation. Posters that were colorful and presented information in a simple, concise manner, I responded to the most.

17 Breakfast Having the navigation teams has made me get to know people I might not otherwise. I appreciated the opportunity.

18 Time Didn’t quite understand the need to meet again before 6:00 to turn in- I think we need a little more time with the navigation teams. Our group had great discussion just not enough time for documentation, just like at work…

19 Opening Plenary Wow! MCH issues drive populations life courses- our work is for reaching-need to refrain for others at home.

20 Economic Analysis Economic Analysis so important- but there must be a practical, case-based way of teaching it! You need to use it more in all our MCAH work.

21 CBPR We all need to find out how to do CBPR.

22 Impact Evaluation: Initiatives, activities and coalitions Stephen Horan deserves accolades for providing free access to this valuable information on evaluation on his website and he will also respond to questions via e-mail evaluation.

23 !!!! Team 9 ROCKS!!! We need to give ourselves a team name!

24 Strategic Action for Making a Real Difference Community-based research brings research where it should have been from the beginning in the community. This will prevent the idea from the community “that outsiders are treating us as guinea pigs”

25 Poster Session I have attended a lot of conferences, but never one where detailed, constructive feedback for the poster presenters is part of the focus. I loved it! Instead of skimming through a room of presentations, never giving feedback or really engaging, I spent 30 minutes going over a single poster in detail helping the presenter to see what worked and what didn’t.

26 Navigation team I was not excited about participating in a navigation team and actually didn’t want to. I was very pleasantly surprised after our first team meeting yesterday and enjoyed it. We have a very stimulating, knowledgeable group and I have enjoyed getting to know the people in my group and share learnings, opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Thanks, group!

27 Navigation team meeting After sitting here listening to the instructions, I can truly say that I am confused! Hopefully I will get a better understanding about what it is we’re doing.

28 Undoing Racism Never has such a presentation been delivered in such a long time in the “real” world. Language powerful!

29 Navigation team meeting The navigation team meeting sets the tone for the conference. I’m looking forward to fun (our Queen had a lovely tiara), mysterious surprises and seeing old friends. I’m excited to be here

30 Reverse Site Visits County commissioner—very impressive! Northwest area of US has a nice array of programs/services: good focus on youth and specific populations and cultures

31 Exhibit The child death review is currently working with NFIMR to create a seamless system of mortality reviews. The CDC display provided references and abstracts for a range of systems.

32 A faith based community In the African American Community you must see the church as culture and must utilize it to have the most impact with the community. Even if individuals are not regularly attending a church they will respect and value efforts that come through the church. The church must become a recognized partner with public health.

33 Undoing Racism team The first step to undoing racism is acknowledging it exists. Policies for undoing racism must be built into our organizations and their missions. Exploring our own definition of racism is important.

34 Connecting Faith and Health Faith based organizations and public health agencies share the goal of promoting a healthy community. Equalized partnership should be sought.

35 Impact Evaluation Session on impact evaluation was great. I learned that planning for evaluation is really an extension of program design and those same skills can be used for grant writing.

36 Undoing Racism Blueprint an awesome document and breakout session, was stimulating and empowering. The challenge is how we can go back to our communities and key decision makers and encourage/engage/etc. to change the way they think and the way they do business and addressing racial/ethnic disparities.

37 Initial Reactions I found it very effective that the morning presenters had variables ad factors that went beyond pathologizing an individual. I benefit from learning about other’s work that includes structural and macro level mediators when looking for constructive outcomes.

38 Foundations and Funders Well organized and presented to meet our needs. We may be public, but there is plenty of private money out there. We can apply for it, but need to know the differences in the process – very important info.

39 Barbara Major Barbara gave several definitions of racism, but the one I found most useful was, “The belief that some are not fully human.”

40 Knowledge Plenary It’s been nagging my brain for two years, are we doing prenatal care “right?” This discussion lead to a wow and lost of energy toward re-evaluation.

41 Reverse Site Visits Informative and encouraging in that these encounters made front live efforts more recognizable.

42 CPBR and Racism Plenary In Grad school, I studied CBPR and a case study of DRC, however having reps from there described the process was very profound and relevance as a public health professional. I appreciate Mr. Guzman’s refreshing honesty in his struggles to relate to the researchers. It also made me understand that just because I think I’m part of the community, that that may be perceived as a academic that cannot relate. Barbara Major was right on target. She’s articulated my thoughts and views social programs verses empowerment ad social action.

43 Breakout Session: Breaking the cycle with Michael Lu The breakout session gave me so many ideas of how to integrate programs across our local health department and make better connections while using undoing racism health disparities as the theme. Luckily this is a theme that our programs are already invigorated by Michael Lu’s analysis always clarifies the scientific principles translates them into action for me.

44 Welcome fellow travelers! I’m checking in with some excitement, joy, some nerves, and a smile at being asked to facilitate our journey. I’m looking forward to a fun, challenging, and enlightening trip with all of you.

45 Reverse Site Visits Learned as much here as though breakout sessions. Portland and surrounding areas doing great innovative programs to be able to effect health of many publics. True public health.

46 Poster Session I like structured abstracts and posters and these posters were my favorite or most effective. By far, the best part was the opportunity to participate in peer review. Thank you for enticing us to learn!

47 New Political Mandate Reinforced the need for knowing and involving traditional and non-traditional stake-holders.

48 CityMatCH would like to thank our Navigation Leaders. You made Expedition 2004 a success! CityMatCH would like to thank our Navigation Leaders. You made Expedition 2004 a success! Angela Ablorh-Odjidja Kathy Carson Brook McKelvey Ann Salyer-Caldwell Kim Wyche-Etheridge Curtis Fenton Deb Bara Carol Brady Ken Swann Leslie Ahonkhai David Dubé Kathy Cowen Ray Howard Helen Jackson Brian Karsif Beverly Kelly Jackie Nash Carolyn Slack Misty Thompson Helene Kent

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