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Core Customer and Marketplace Concept

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1 MARKETING : developing & implementing customer-oriented marketing plans week 12

2 Core Customer and Marketplace Concept
Products, services, and experiences Needs, wants, and demands Core Marketing Concepts Markets Need State of felt deprivation Example: Need food Wants The form of needs as shaped by culture and the individual Example: Want a Big Mac Demands Wants which are backed by buying power Value, satisfaction, and quality Exchange, transactions, and relationships

3 Marketing Mix Marketing Mix Place Product Price Promotion Distribution
Customer Solution Distribution Customer Cost Communication

4 Features : qualities, tangible and intangible
What Is a Product ? Features : qualities, tangible and intangible Benefits : the want-satisfying value Value package : bundle of value-adding attributes Features are the qualities, tangible and intangible, that a company builds into its products Benefits are what the consumer derives from the product: the want-satisfying value Value package is a product marketed as a bundle of value-adding attributes Features ? Benefits ?

5 Value & Benefit Value Benefit
Value is the relative comparison of a products benefits versus its costs Benefit Benefits include the functions of the product and the emotional satisfactions associated with owning, experiencing or possessing it Value = Benefits Costs

6 What is Marketed? Goods Services Events & Experiences Persons
Places & Properties Organizations Information Ideas

7 Consumer & Industrial Goods
Consumer Goods Industrial Goods

8 Goods & Services Convenience Goods Capital Items Shopping Goods
Expense Items Specialty Goods

9 The Product Mix Product mix is a group of products that a firm makes available for sale (e.g ) Product line is a group of similar products intended for a similar group of buyers who will use them in similar ways


11 Nutrisi untuk Anak : Nestlé Dancow Instant, Nestlé Dancow Instant Coklat, Nestlé Dancow Full Cream, Nestlé Dancow 1+, Nestlé Dancow 3+, Nestlé Dancow 6+, Nestlé MILO, Nestlé MILO 3in1, Nestlé Nutren Junior, Nestlé Fizz. Nutrisi untuk Kesehatan : Nestlé Omega, Nestlé Calcium Plus Non Fat , Nestlé Nesvita, Nestlé Bear Brand, Nestlé Nutren Fibre, Nestlé Nutren Diabetik, Nestlé Peptamen, Nestlé Nutren 1.0, Nestlé Bonus. Minuman : Nescafé Classic, Nescafé Ice, Nescafé Black Ice, Nescafé Gold Blend, Nescafé Gold Blend Decaf, Nescafé 3in1. Produk Kuliner : Nestlé Milkmaid, Maggi Sup, Maggi Bumbu Komplit, Maggi Bumbu Kaldu, Maggi Saus Tiram, Maggi Seasoning, Maggi SiSedap. Permen dan Coklat : FOX’S, FOX’S Oriental, FOX’S Sugar Free, KitKat, POLO, Smarties, Nestlé Classic, Nestlé Eclairs, Nestlé MILO Nugget. Makanan Bayi : Nestlé Bubur Susu dan Nestlé Bubur Bergizi. Sereal Sarapan : Nestlé Koko Krunch, Nestlé Honey Stars, Nestlé Honey Gold, Nestlé Milo Cereal, Nestlé Corn Flakes, Nestlé Trix. Bisnis Food Services : Nestlé Coffee-mate, Nestlé Carnation Coffee-mate, Nestea, Nestlé Lemonade, Maggi Vegetarian Stock, Maggi Tom Yam Paste, Maggi Beef Stock, Maggi Sup, Maggi Seasoning, Maggi Saus Tiram, Maggi Chefs Master Stock, Nescafé, MILO.

12 Products Life Cycle (PLC)

13 The Seven-Step Development Process
Product Ideas Commercialization Testing & Marketing Screening Prototype Concept Testing Business Analysis

14 Branding Products Branding is the process of using symbols to communicate the qualities of a product made by a particular producer Brand equity Brand awareness Brand equity is the degree of consumers’ loyalty to and awareness of a brand and its resultant market share Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand name comes to mind when the consumer considers a particular product category

15 Private brand or Private label
Types of Brand Names National brand Licensed brand Private brand or Private label Types of brand names National brand is a product produced by, widely distributed by, and carry the name of the manufacturer Licensed brand is a product for whose name the seller has purchased the right from an organization or individual Private brand (or Private label) is a product that a wholesaler or retailer has commissioned from a manufacturer

16 Illegal copies of national brand-name goods.
What about knockoff brands? Illegal copies of national brand-name goods.




20 Packaging and Labeling Products

21 Good Packaging Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams, constantly innovates

22 What Is Pricing ? Process of determining what a company will receive
in exchange for its products

23 Pricing Objectives Achieving a target return on investment or profit.
Building traffic. Achieving greater market share. Creating an image. Furthering social objectives.

24 Simple Price-setting tools
Cost-oriented pricing Mark-up Break Event Analysis Variable cost Fixed cost Break event point (BEP) Cost-oriented pricing considers the firm’s desire to make a profit and its need to cover production costs Markup is the amount added to an item’s cost to sell it at a profit

25 Pricing Strategies E-Business Existing Product - Dynamic pricing
- Fixed pricing Pricing Strategies Dynamic pricing works because information flow on the Web notifies millions of buyers of instantaneous change in product availability. Sellers can alter prices privately, on a one-to-one, customer-to-customer basis. Fixed pricing is still the most common option for cybershoppers. New Product - Price skimming - Penetration pricing

26 Pricing Tactics Price lining Psychological pricing Odd-even pricing
Discount Price lining is setting a limited number of prices for certain categories of products Psychological pricing takes advantage of the fact that consumers do not always respond rationally to stated prices Odd-even pricing is based on the premise that customers prefer prices not stated in even dollar amounts Discount is a price reduction offered as an incentive to purchase

27 Price Lining

28 Psychological Pricing

29 Discount

30 thank you

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