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MLK Jr. Holiday Weekend 2006 with: Rebecca Joe Casey Brian.

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1 MLK Jr. Holiday Weekend 2006 with: Rebecca Joe Casey Brian

2 First Stop: Pick up Joe in Denver on the 6:45 a.m. Amtrak… …And then head directly to Quandary Peak (14,265’) Hey guys, that mountain looks kind of big.

3 You’re going to die Joe!

4 Key instructions for Joe – “If caught in an avalanche, ‘swim’ to the top. And pray.”

5 Better pack my purse!

6 Lunch stop at 13,000’. We’ve broken through treeline and only have a couple hard miles to go.

7 A long uphill climb with great views.

8 “This mountain is tiring!”

9 I don’t feel so good…and Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring of Fire” keeps going through my head…it might be related to that bag of chocolate-covered raisins that I ate.

10 Casey and Marley reach the summit.

11 “I’m king of the world!”

12 Celebration time!

13 Winter mountain climbing means an early sunset.

14 Luckily we have headlamps and a full moon to light our descent. Group photo time.

15 Sledding and skiing are the fastest way down.

16 Whoops, I dropped through to my belly. Help me out!

17 Casey, what happened??

18 8:00 p.m. – Back to the car. What a day!

19 Well we maimed Joe, but didn’t quite finish him off. Time for the next test – Rock Climbing!

20 And Joe gets in some more solar product testing.

21 Casey also does some product testing…on that metal plate in his collarbone. “Works like a charm!”

22 Don’t worry, I’m holding your rope. As long as I can stay awake.

23 It’s much warmer down here above the Denver skyline. Brian working the overhang.

24 “Brian’s such a monkey.”

25 Joe’s turn. Solar power don’t fail me now!

26 Joe makes it. Time for the rapel.

27 Well Joe is still standing. Time for the next sport – Ice Climbing!! Key instructions for Joe – “Don’t let any of the sharp pointy things go through your body”

28 Up Joe goes. But he seems to be missing a crampon.

29 Duct tape saves the day…well, at least temporarily.

30 I made it!

31 Your turn Casey.

32 Brian loves his new Christmas presents!

33 Ah, what fun!

34 But why stop now? Let’s go snowboarding at Eldora!

35 “When are you coming back to Colorado Joe?”

36 “As soon as the hurting stops.”

37 The End

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