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THE PET ESCAPE Happy pet shop.

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1 THE PET ESCAPE Happy pet shop

2 Lesson plan designed by:
The pet escape Lesson plan designed by: Jorge Mazo Liliana Seguro Nancy Florez Luz Marleny Tabares

3 Pet houses and habitats
THEME Pet houses and habitats

4 Visiting different houses
TOPICS Sharing with others Visiting different houses Friendship

5 PURPOSE Showing the importance of sharing with others.
Learning to value the own house. Reflecting about the responsibilities of having a pet

6 BEFORE READING Exploring the title: The Pet Escape Picture walk
What do you understand by the title? What will the story be about? Picture walk Showing the pictures from the story and guessing what happens in each page. Writing students’ predictions on the board

7 WHILE READING Reading Aloud
Read the text from each page and point at the pictures Ask students comprehension questions Point at key words or sentences in the text Reread when you think it is necessary

8 AFTER READING UNSCRAMBLING THE STORY: Organizing the sentences according to the story Then, they went to the cat’s house, but they didn’t like it. So they decided to go back to the pet shop and they were happy. One day, they decided to escape. First, they went to the hamster’s house, but they didn’t like it. A cat, a dog, a hamster and a turtle lived in a pet shop. Finally, they went to the turtle’s house, but they didn’t like it, either. After, they went to the dog’s house, but they didn’t like it. RETELLING: invite students to tell the story with their own words and use the pictures from the book.

9 AFTER READING What’s your opinion?
Do you have a pet? What do you do with it? How do you take care of your pet? If you don’t, would you like to have a pet? Which one? Do you think all animals could be pets? Why or why not? Do you think all animals can live in the same place and under the same conditions?

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