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Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism Pre-IWG October - 2005.

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1 Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism Pre-IWG October - 2005

2 2 Recommendations are assigned with the following objectives: To assist each country in strengthening its policies to combat the problem of drugs and related activities Increase multilateral cooperation in the Hemisphere

3 3 Number of recommendations assigned in the Third Evaluation Round (2003-2004) 7 countries with 16 recommendations 1 country with 26 recommendations

4 4 Number of recommendations assigned in the three evaluation rounds: Evaluation Round Total Number of Recs. Average per country Example: Two Countries X and Y First 1999-2000 43912 rec. X = 11 rec. Y = 17 rec. Second 2001-2002 32510 rec. X = 3 rec. Y = 16 rec. Third 2003-2004 50615 rec. X = 14 rec. Y = 26 rec.

5 5 Variations in the wording used in recommendations and in the scope of recommended actions : Provide specialized training in drug abuse prevention and treatment Conduct a study to estimate the magnitude of drug consumption in the general population Consider, for the investigation of transnational organized crime cases, the use of special investigation techniques (…)

6 6 Tend to be long-term/onerous: Prevalence Surveys / studies Establish minimum standards of care Implementation of systematic national drug prevention and treatment programmes

7 7 What to do when countries accumulate reiterated recommendations? CURRENT SITUATION: Third Round Evaluation (2003-2004): 49 reiterated recommendations from the First Evaluation Round (1999-2000) Letter sent to countries with reiterated rec. from the First Round urging its fulfillment and/or offering assistance.

8 8 Need for guidelines to: Unify criteria of expert Unify treatment given to national reports Improve quality of recommendations Facilitate rec. Implementation and follow-up

9 9 Taking into account the comments received from countries, the main issues to be defined on the drafting of recommendations are: 1.Wording 2.Recommended Actions 3.Timeframe for fulfillment of recommendations 4.Prioritization of Recommendations 5.Number of Recommendations 6.Procedure for the Drafting of Final Recommendations 7.Reiteration of Recommendation

10 10 Proposal: Specify if recommendations can be implemented in a long / medium / short term basis taking into account the action recommended and country reality Justification: a.Guide the country on the timeframe the GEG/MEM considers appropriate to implement the rec. b.Facilitate recommendations Follow-up. c.Avoid continuous reiteration of recommendations. Example: (2 recommendations in the same report) a.Develop a study to estimate the magnitude of drug use among general population. MEDIUM / LONG TERM b.Evaluate the efficacy of some of the treatment and rehabilitation programs. SHORT TERM

11 11 Proposal: Prioritized by countries and reflected in the Follow-Up Report. Justification: a.Improve Follow-Up reports by reflecting more accurately the anti-drug policies and measures taken by countries. b.Facilitate technical and financial assistance. Example: (2 recommendations in the same report) a.Reactivate the National Council on Drugs, suspended since 2000 b.Extend professional training in the area of drug use prevention

12 12 Proposal: Establish a maximum number of recommendations. Justification: a.Balance assigned recommendations to countries b.Highlight recommendations that are more critical to improve an overall anti-drug policy. Example: a.Country X - 2nd Evaluation Round (2001-2002) – 16 rec. b.Country X – 3rd Evaluation Round (2003-2004) – 26 rec.

13 13 Proposal: Include draft recommendations in the first GEG draft of the report (even if accompanied by a note to country) Justification: a.Provide more time and clarity for the country to react to the rec. b.Avoid mistakes or misunderstandings of provided information c.Improve quality of recommendations

14 14 Susana Mañueco López MEM Unit Specialist

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