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Innovation and Project Management Cecilia Enberg.

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1 Innovation and Project Management Cecilia Enberg

2 1970;ies 2010

3 THE STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE OVERALL STRUCTURE From innovation at a macro level to innovation on a micro level… …combining it with a critical perspective. STRUCTURING A WEEK’S WORK From grasping theory…. …to applying what you’ve hopefully learnt and get a grasp of the practice. …and still have the possibility to relax in the weekends and have some fun! 3

4 The content of the course Setting the stage – the foundations of the course – Knowledge-based theory of the firm – Innovations – what are they? – Critical perspective Opening up the innovation process – Open innovation – Challenges of radical innovation Knowledge integration – a prerequisite for successful innovation – Knowledge integration in interdisciplinary project teams – Learning from local projects to global project organisations – The project-based organisation Collaborative projects – Cooperation across organizational borders – Knowledge integration in collabortive projects

5 A TYPICAL WEEK AT (the first part of) THE COURSE 5

6 Ways of working and examinations Grasping theory – lectures and individual minor examinations Applying what you’ve learnt – cases prepared in groups (reports to be graded) Problematizing and critical examination – research proposal in pairs of two

7 And not the least… Samläses med internationella studenter från SMIO – ta chansen till internationalisering på hemmaplan!

8 Innovation and Project Management Course period; Week 14/44 – 15/03 Webpage; management-15-hp?l=en management-15-hp?l=en Contact;

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