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Trusted Business Advisor September 24, 2014 Becoming a Better Analyst or Consultant.

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1 Trusted Business Advisor September 24, 2014 Becoming a Better Analyst or Consultant

2 Agenda  Question for All  What is an outstanding analyst/consultant?  Three Conversations  Three Listening Modes  Questions – Going Deeper  DISC  Slight Edge  Role Play

3 Question for All You get home earlier than usual in the evening. Your spouse/significant other is in the kitchen and you ask: “Have you started dinner yet?” They get angry at you! Why?

4 Being Outstanding When someone is labeled as an OUTSTANDING Business Analyst or an OUTSTANDING Consultant, what traits do they typically have?

5 Outstanding Analysts & Consultants We pride ourselves on:  Being subject matter experts  Having all of the answers  Adding enough value to justify our employment or our hourly rates

6 Three Conversations YouCustomer 1 YouCustomer 2 3 (External) (Internal) Must Focus Here!

7 Three Listening Modes  Distracted  Peripherally Listening  Main conversation is in your head  Engaged  Point is raised that triggers internal  Internal takes over as you formulate answers  Often interrupt speaker before they have completed thoughts

8 Three Listening Modes (cont)  Focused  Focused on External Conversation for clues & insight s into speakers internal conversation  Focused on why they are saying what they are saying.  You can paraphrase what they are saying and its significance

9 Questions – Going Deeper First Step when asked a Question: 1. Softening Statement:  “That’s a great question.”  “If I were you I’d be asking the same question.”  “We get that question all the time.”

10 Questions – Going Deeper Second Step when asked a Question:  2. Reversing – Finding out what’s really behind the question, its usually either clarification or intent:  “I’m curious why you ask?”  “Is that a concern of yours?”  “Why is that important to you?”  “If we could do this/provide this, what would our next step be?”

11 Bonding & Rapport - DISC  Know the personality type of who you are dealing with  C’s & D’s: Get right to point, minimal small talk.  I’s & S’s: Do personal bonding, meet them outside of work for breakfast/lunch Dominant Competitive Aggressive Impatient Decisive Results Oriented Like Power/Control Compliant Precise Analytical Careful Need data/analysis Get lost in detail Produce high quality I nfluencer Talkative Social Optimistic & Positive Enthusiastic Lacks follow up Don’t consider alternatives Steady Calm Helpful Modest Eager to help Good Team Player Can be taken advantage of Task Oriented Relationship

12 Slight Edge – Have more Live conversations  I didn’t say he killed his wife.

13 Role Play  Common Questions we all get when in our jobs  Get in Pairs  Role play the soften & reverse

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