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Morgan Martin Plaintiff Defense - Brochure said CPU offered internships to students, only some actually received them (highest grades) - Staff lacked Masters.

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Presentation on theme: "Morgan Martin Plaintiff Defense - Brochure said CPU offered internships to students, only some actually received them (highest grades) - Staff lacked Masters."— Presentation transcript:

1 Morgan Martin Plaintiff Defense - Brochure said CPU offered internships to students, only some actually received them (highest grades) - Staff lacked Masters or Doctoral degrees - brochure state that "accredit computer scientist professionals that possess highest qualification in their field". Professors took sabbaticals. - CPU didn't disclose activity fee - CPU claimed that credits were transferrable to many schools, but actually only to several schools out of country - Loan company was a subsidiary of CPU - "Instead, they misled me by conveniently failing to tell me important information that would have affected my decisions of where to attend school" (12) - Claims to be "B" and "C" type of student - Lacks motivation, desire, work ethic to be successful (2, 9, 14) - Going to college for wrong reasons (4, 8, 9, 10) - Morgan admits he should have acsked more questions (9, - Morgan didn't read fine print (11) - application disclosed all information about college

2 Jordan Phillips Plaintiff Defense - Found job on Craigslist - shows CPU didn't necessarily hire qualified/best candidates for job - Outlines misleading information in brochure: CPU career placement office actually had poor track record of finding placements - Credits only transferrable to foreign colleges - Faculty accredited by Leibniz League, which was co-founded by CPU - CPU filled seats by any means necessary "short of kidnapping students" shows college in it for money (9, 11) - Phillips trained more to be salesman than admissions counselor, earned commission for getting kids to go to CPU - Feels "ashamed for working there" - Computer related fields included cashiers, gas station attendants, secretaries, meter readers - Intentionally trained to mislead "low intellect" individuals to attend CPU - Courses not available in 2-year block - makes students attend for more than 2 years, activity funds used to raise profits

3 Chris Cringle PlaintiffDefense - Saw Dr. Charlton cheating on test - Head of NACC - 90% of instructors lacked "highest qualification" in field - Technology at CPU outdated - Lax grading policy - Few students actually got jobs in computer science - Course offering sparse - tuition was high, but money spent on students was low - CPU is unaccredited - "Unaccredited institutions are often referred to as "diploma mills". - Left college at untimely moment - lost respect of colleagues (damage credibility) - Personal motive for undermining Charlton's business venture (Charlton is reason for breaking up his love interest, saw Charlton cheating on test) - Evaluation took place before Martin attended CPU - things could have changed -

4 Dr. Shannon Charlton Plaintiff Defense - Dean of Admissions at CPU - Had prior work as admissions counselor in the Midwest - Highly qualified, even overly qualified to serve her job - CPU brochures are honest portrayals of the college - Morgan completed the loan application willingly and was informed by Dana of the procedure - Cris Cringle accused of stealing work - Morgan spent more time socializing than in computer lab - Schools that get good rankings from NACC donate money - CPU doesn't donate money and as a result NACC has it out for it - Evidence - Transcript of Martin - - Charlton "heard" schools that get good rankings donate money - objection on hearsay - Admits to saying "that which was necessary to fill seats, short of kidnapping students". - Could not get internships as promised in brochure - Accept academically challenged students (4) - Uses vitriolic language to describe Morgan (ie slacker) - is his/her description a personal description? Does she have the knowledge to make claims about Martin's work ethic?

5 Dana Detter PlaintiffDefense - Students have to buy products through CPU - Students have to pay activity fee not in the brochure - High delinquency rate on loans - Not Dana's job to help students attend college if that's not what's best for them - School offers free tutoring - Qualified for her job - felt bad for students who could not get financial aid at Zander College (?) - Also felt that it wasn't fair at Zander that students could be rejected for attending "wrong" high school - CPU tuition is competitive - non-traditional college - give students as many possibilities to attend and succeed - Dana provided all information necessary for Morgan to make educated decision - Morgan didn't read the application - Defense should use Dana to paint CPU as an institution whose goal is to give students an opportunity to attend college when they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so b/c of financial aid or high school grades. - Interest rates are high b/c of the clientele - students have no savings or other assets - Tuition is high to cover expenses (13) - Morgan asked no/few questions

6 Casey Key Plaintiff Defense - Some members of staff did take sabbaticals - CPU brochure could have been more explanatory - CPU offered "world class education" but the best job Casey could land was Face Space. - Some required courses were offered during summer semesters. - Didn't remember any questions asked during the tour - checked out of financial aid tutorial - "didn't pay much attention" - try to discredit witness - bias because she was valedictorian - Morgan into partying - "Are you kidding? I'm only here becase I just couldn't wait to leave Fallsview..." - Morgan was rarely in the library or lab - Morgan always seemed to be fooling around - Casey took advantage of all the resources available and was able to land a job as a result - "I would best describe Morgan as extremely lazy, a real slacker." - CPU's career placement office played a major part in my having secured my current positions with Face Space - Used office for job placement guidance and was successful -

7 Evidence Plaintiff Defense - Brochure does list in small print that the college that accept credit are out of state - Report Card - Grades are not strong - Application fee is included - Brochure mentions intro to web development, which Morgan took - College offers flexibility for students - repeated questioning of taking online courses - All terms and conditions of loan application are listed on application - Morgan was consenting 18 year old adult - Dana's memos remind counselors to repeatedly ask questions of prospective students - Morgan's grades show he was not dedicated - confirms "slacker" label - - Report Card - Grades not bad, no F's - English, Math, Writing, Finance and Marketing are not computer science courses. Morgan only took 2 computer science classes during his first full year at CPU - Core classes offered in Summer - Only 45% of the classes Morgan took at CPU were related to computers - Taking classes during the Summer shows Morgan's commitment - He didn't fail any classes - Memos from Dana's desk show CPU employs high-pressure sales tactics to get students to attend - Brochure - discusses career placement office and its effectiveness - conflict with witness testimony. Discusses extra-curricular activities - conflicts with witness testimony

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