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Evelyn V. Gopez M.D. Professor of Pathology Associate Dean, School of Medicine Inclusion and Outreach.

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1 Evelyn V. Gopez M.D. Professor of Pathology Associate Dean, School of Medicine Inclusion and Outreach

2 Medical School Applicant Interview Do’s and Don’ts

3 Goals Be Prepared! Be Confident! Be Yourself!

4 Be Prepared!

5 Mock Interviews Prepare for questions – Know your application – Rehearse your answers Prepare your interview outfit – Wear IT! Sit in it Stand in it Walk in it

6 Before You Arrive Make sure they have received your: – Personal Statement – References – Transcripts Make sure you know: – Where to go – Where to park – Name and Number of a contact person

7 Personal Statement Present information in chronological order

8 Why do you want to be a doctor?

9 What do you know about medicine?

10 Include personal experiences

11 How have you explored your interest in medicine?

12 What unique qualities would help you succeed?

13 Have at least 3 people read your 1 st draft (at least one physician)

14 Personal Statement Checklist Have as many people critique it as possible (especially physicians) List information in chronological order Be original and specific – Include personal experiences, activities, and inspirations

15 Social Media.

16 Appearance

17 Hair “Don’ts” for Men

18 Hair “Do’s” for Men

19 Hair “Don’ts” for Women

20 Hair “Do’s” for Women

21 Make-up Errors (Keep It Simple!)

22 Apparel

23 Don’ts For Men

24 Do’s for Men

25 Don’ts for Women

26 Do’s For Women

27 Appearance Check List For Men:For Women: Well-groomed hair (long hair tied back)Neat hair away from face Good, polished shoesLow–med heel, close-toed shoes Dark, coordinating socksNeutral stockings No flashy jewelrySimple jewelry Solid white or light-colored shirtNo low-cut blouses Coordinated tielight make up For Everyone: Remove piercings (1 earring in each ear ok) Pay close attention to personal hygiene!

28 The Bottom Line Stand out from the crowd. BE YOURSELF. Be your BEST self.

29 The night before the interview

30 Too late for last minute #@*#&%$*#

31 Do NOT go out partying!

32 Make sure your wardrobe is ready

33 Relax.. Relax..RELAX!

34 Get a good night’s sleep

35 Night Before Checklist It is too late to worry. Relax! Don’t party Prepare your wardrobe and documents Get a good night’s sleep Set the alarm. Set 2 alarms. (just in case).


37 Have a good breakfast

38 Scrupulous Personal Hygiene

39 Take a GOOD look in the Mirror

40 Leave plenty of time to arrive.

41 “On time” = 15 minutes early

42 Take Everyone Seriously Medical students are often asked to interview applicants. Their opinions count. EVERYONE is watching and listening, including: – Other students – Office staff – Escorts

43 Before the interview Checklist Eat a good breakfast Pay careful attention to hygiene & wardrobe Check yourself in a full length mirror Know where you are going and where to park Leave plenty of time to arrive Plan on being 10-15 minutes early Have confident body language


45 Be Prepared

46 Stand until the interviewer sits or asks you to sit

47 Shaking hands (optional).

48 Don’t make comments about the office or personal effects of the interviewer

49 Be Confident – NOT Arrogant

50 Be sincere in your answers

51 Be prepared to discuss what you’ve written in your application – Research – shadowing – other meaningful experiences – Be enthusiastic – not over-eager – Be positive – not desperate – Be memorable – Be YOURSELF


53 Challenge Questions Used to discover your thought processes – There are NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS

54 ASK QUESTIONS: Show the interviewer you are interested. Ask about: – The school – Board pass rates – Residency positions – Community service activities – Research opportunities

55 Leaving Leave on a positive note

56 Lasting Impression Make eye contact Shake hands Say “Thank You” to everyone!

57 It’s OVER!

58 Congratulations! Now What? What did you learn? How will you answer in the future? How did you feel in your clothes? What worked? What didn’t? How can you improve “you”?



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