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The Death Of 3 Beautiful Women

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1 The Death Of 3 Beautiful Women
BY: Mayelin Arias

2 The Earlier Years of Selena
Selena Quintanilla-Perez was born on April 16th 1971 in Lake Jackson Texas. She had a older brother named Abraham and a sister named Suzette. Selena parents were both Mexican and there names where Abraham Quintanilla Jr. who was her father and Marcella Ofelia Samora who was her mother.

3 The Earlier Years of Aaliyah
Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January in Brooklyn New York. But then she moved to Detroit in her early years. Her father and mother African American.

4 The Earlier Years of Left Eye
Lisa Lopez was born on May 27, Her hometown was in Philadelphia. Her parents names are Wanda D. and Ronald E. Lopes. She was the oldest and she had a younger sister named Raina and a brother Ronald. Lopez father was in the U.S. Army.

5 Types Of Music Aaliyah and Left Eye did R&B and Hip-Hop. Selena Quintanilla did some English and Spanish songs. But mostly known for tejano and pop.

6 Biggest hit song Selena biggest hits where I could fall in love, Dame Tu Amor, and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. Aaliyahs biggest hits where Rock the boat ( which was the last music video before she died), More then a women, and try again. Left eyes bigget hits with her group TLC was Aint 2 pound 2 beg, baby – baby-baby, and what about your friends.

7 Marriage Left eye got married with football player named Andre Rison but that was a rocky relationship that didn’t let there marriage last long and end up in a divorce.

8 Marriage Selena got married with her boyfriend/ lead guitarist Chris Perez. Which at first her father was not very happy about that but selena was willing to fight for him because she loved him. Aaliyah was the only one that didn’t get married.

9 Age at death All three women died at a young age in there 20’s. Selena die when she was only at the age of 24. Aaliyah which was the youngest die at the age of 22. And left eye which was the oldest die at the age of 30.

10 Sexuality All the girls where straight but rumors say that selenas manger thought that selenas was les she really never had a boyfriend and that’s why they had a big fight that day where selenas manger shot selena.

11 Fame Selenas fans loved her so much that they still make shirts with her picture on them, still sell her cds and a lot more other stuff. But selenas father said that as long as he is still alive he will always bring back selenas memories by show a tribute every year with her music and people that knew her performing her songs.

12 High school Selena didn’t get to graduate from her high school because she was too busy with high school so she got her GED. Aaliyah got her high school degree.

13 Death of Selena Selena die on March 31 at 11:50am in room 158 of the Days Inn Motel. Shot by Yoland Saldivars with a handgun and the bullet weighted less than one ounce and could cost about 25 cents. Cops waited about nine to a half hours for her to get out her car and not shot herself.

14 The death of Left Eye Lisa Lopez died a month before her 31st birthday in She died in Honduras while driving a Mitsubishi Montero Van. Lisa was with seven other people but she was the only one that died because she wasn’t wearing a seat beat. And she got a fractured skull from the accident to.

15 Death of Aaliyah Aaliyah died on august 25th Which that day she was on her way home to Miami from Bahamas. It was a III-Fated Flight that crush from what they say an overloaded plane. Which they plane was a small plane which Aaliyah hated and was scared of small plane. That day she thought she was going on a normal plane.

16 Favorite food Selena favorite food is pizza. Left eye’s favorite food is was Maryland Chicken boiled in beer. And Aaliyah favorite food was pancakes and waffles but mostly any breakfast food she loved.

17 There favorite colors Aaliyahs favorite color was Black. Selenas favorite color was also black but she also liked purple. Left eye was a colorful person and she didn’t have a favorite color.

18 What they do on there free time?
Left eye on her free time would go to Honduras or other countries and explore the outdoors of the nature. Selena would either hang around her family and husband or she would work around her house like with the garden and stuff.

19 After death After Selena, Aaliyah, and left eye die a lot of peoples started making shirt, cd’s, posters, and dolls. Most would try to find there cd albums if they weren’t finished. A lot of people made books and a photo book of them. Some artist made tributes to them in there own songs to or music videos.

20 Still talk about them? For Aaliyah and left eye some TV show or people talk about them on there death date or birthday. But Selena is the only one the has a weekend tribute that air’s on the date that she die. Also in Texas where she last perform artist get together and show videos of her and sing either her songs or sing a song to her.

21 Pets Selena had 5 dogs and a python. But Aaliyah and left eye didn’t have no pets. Left eye use to have a dog when she was with her ex husband Andre Rison. But when they had a divorce she didn’t have the dog anymore because it was Andre’s.

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