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Oral Presentation Brielle Warner.

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1 Oral Presentation Brielle Warner

2 Dorothy Patricia Jagel Grandma
Background Born: August 7th, 1924 in Cleveland, Ohio Ethnicity: Father (Polish), Mother (American) Siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother Marriage: Married at age 20 to Clarence Jagel, mother of 3 children

3 Childhood/School Experience
Went to a catholic school with no uniforms and mixed classes however, they were very basic (spelling, grammar, geography etc.) Teachers didn’t hit the students, they were very friendly No college expectations from her parents (google) Interesting! Priests were allowed to sexually touch girls and boys Nuns would hit students if they didn’t go to church on Sunday

4 Work Experience Jobs: Kayne shirt factory phone operator
desk clerk at hotel Hallmark retailer Earned an average of $18 dollars a week! Her paycheck was given to her parents instead for herself (google) Interesting! Men had better job opportunities and got paid more..not much different than today, ladies!! Women were expected to walk instead of drive to work!

5 Entertainment age 21 Interesting! Harry James The Big Band
Cleveland, OH theatre Harry James The Big Band Interesting! Movie tickets were only 35 cents! They used to give customers candy bars when they walked in! The Fox Trot Clark Gable Betty Davis

6 Fashion age 21 Women wore dresses,
hats, belts, gardenia's, bobby pins for hair Women were judged more easily than men based on their appearance. (Google)

7 Expectations for her daughters
Encouraged her 2 daughters to either become nurses or teachers so they would have more time to spend with their children. This was seen as very common! She wasn’t at strict to her children as her parents were to her.. (Shoe Polish Story) “My dad asked me to hand him the shoe polish but accidently I handed him toothpaste…I guess I didn’t hear him correctly and he was soo mad…he beat me really bad with a belt!! It was common for parents to hit children for punishment”

8 How does aging impact her life as a woman?
“Nothing to look forward to..I have to use a cane, losing eye sight.. The women have a harder time to be seen as desirable from losing physical beauty. Men look ok but women are judged for not being perfect.” (Google)

9 Interesting small side facts during my interview!
More men smoked than women, women didn’t go to the bars When daughters were in school, only cheerleading was offered to them but men had all the other sports. Bread was only 10 cents! For Christmas, my grandma got small items such as a coloring book and crayons. She had to wear her dresses over again because her family didn’t have much money.

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