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Bio-oil production in superheated water

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1 Bio-oil production in superheated water

2 Outline Why biomass? From biomass to bio-oil Bio-oil characteristics

3 Biomass Abundantly available Less regional dependence
Convert waste to energy Conversion to liquid and gaseous fuels Low energy density High water content Complex composition Impurities

4 Hydrothermal Liquefaction
Converts wet biomass to bio-oil. Operation conditions Temperature: °C Pressure: bar Hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass

5 From biomass to bio-oil
K2CO3 Water HTL Process Inlet DDGS ? Bio-oil recovering Bio-oil recovering and refinement HTL Process Outlet

6 Bio-oil characteristics
Yields Char and ash content Viscosity Compostion Elemental analysis (CHNOS) Chemical compounds

7 Outlook Upgrading bio-oil Construct a new HTL reactor
Parameter studies

8 Thank you for your attention!
Acknowledgements Funding Bo B. Iversen Center for Materials Chrystallography Anders J. Mørup Center for Energy Materials Aref Mamakhel iNANO Jacob Becker Danish Research Foundation Peter Hald EUDP David Aarup Marianne Glasius Line Dithmer Søren Villadsen Bodil Nielsby Joan Kai Christensen Section of Inorganic Chemistry

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