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STONE FOX CHAPTERS 8-10 contestants A person who participates in competitions.

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3 contestants A person who participates in competitions.

4 The group that gathers together for a particular occasion, “A large turnout gathered for the race.” turnout

5 positioned the place where someone or something is in relation to other people or things

6 clenched Squeeze parts of your body together or grip something tightly.

7 tension a feeling of nervousness that makes you unable to relax

8 deserted Empty “Willy raced by the old, deserted barn.”

9 disqualified Stop someone from doing something or taking part in something because they have done something wrong.

10 glimpse A short look at something; see something very briefly.

11 effortlessly Without effort; with ease.

12 steadily At a steady rate or pace.

13 challenger The contestant you hope to defeat.

14 massive very large and heavy

15 limp To walk in a slow and awkward way because of an injury to a leg or foot..

16 Chapter 8, Text Dependent Questions, Key Ideas and Details Why wasn’t Little Willy able to see out of his right eye? Why do you think Little Willy looked back at the farmhouse when he was leaving for the race? Why didn’t Little Willy like to hunt? What does this tell you about him? What did Little Willy tell the townspeople about his eye? Why didn’t he tell the truth? Chapter 8, Text Dependent Questions, Craft and Structure 1. On page 68, what does it mean that “all bets were on Stone Fox”? 2. Why does the author tell us that Little Willy didn’t care about who won the race for the youngsters? 3. Can you find the simile on page 69? (His face was frozen like ice.) Explain the meaning of the simile. 4. Why does the author have Little Willy say “Morning” to Stone Fox (on page 69)? 5. What words, phrases, or sentences on page 70 describe the “tension” that “filled the air”? Why does the author describe tension like this?

17 Chapter 8- Journal Topic “ The Day” is the title of this chapter. Is that a good title? Why or why not? Can you think of another title?

18 Should the people in the town admire Little Willy? Support your opinion with evidence from the text. Writing Prompt:

19 Why is Little Willy winning the race in the beginning? Use evidence from the story. Why didn’t Little Willy have to slow down like other racers did? What does Little Willy see when he passes Grandfather’s farm? What makes “tears of joy” roll down Little Willy’s face? What made Little Willy mad? 1. On page 71, why does the author say that “Stone Fox started off dead last”? 2. Why does the author write ”Swish! Swish! Swish!” on page 72? (Explain that this is an onomatopoeia. Could you use words like this in your writing to make it more interesting?) Why does it make sense to use these words in this part of the story? 3. On page 78, what does it mean “that she poured on the steam”? Why does the author use this phrase to explain what is happening? Chapter 9 Close Reading Questions:

20 Chapter 10: Close Reading 1.Why is the crowd cheering madly at the beginning of chapter 10? 2.What happens 100 feet from the finish line? 3. Why does Stone Fox draw a line in the snow? 4. Who wins the race? 5. What are Stone Fox’s only words in this story? Why did the author choose to have him say these words? 6. How did the author surprise you with the ending of the story? Chapter 10, Text Dependent Questions, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 1. How did Little Willy change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story? 2. How did Little Willy and Stone Fox’s relationship change over time? 2. How are Stone Fox and Little Willy alike? How are they different? (Use a double bubble or Venn diagram)




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