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Oppilas on siirtänyt kaikki Portin keskustelualustoille kirjoittamansa tekstit Omaelämäkertaansa. Tässä vain osa Omaelämäkertaa. Koko omaelämäkerta on.

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Presentation on theme: "Oppilas on siirtänyt kaikki Portin keskustelualustoille kirjoittamansa tekstit Omaelämäkertaansa. Tässä vain osa Omaelämäkertaa. Koko omaelämäkerta on."— Presentation transcript:

1 Oppilas on siirtänyt kaikki Portin keskustelualustoille kirjoittamansa tekstit Omaelämäkertaansa. Tässä vain osa Omaelämäkertaa. Koko omaelämäkerta on nähtävissä formaatissa ”Omaelämäkerta”.

2 My Sunday Usually at Sundays I sleep as long as I want. So I get up about eleven o'clock. :'D I dress up, eat breakfast and watch TV, I think. Sometimes I go somewhere with my friends, but last Sunday, which was yesterday, I didn't do anything 'cause weather was bad and I read to the exam of English. Usually I don't do anything special... I listen to music and read. Maybe I check if I haven't done some of my homework yet.. Most of my time I sit in front of my computer. n_n; I chat at MSN Messenger with my friends. It's fun and time flies. ;D Eh. ^____^; I’ve collected my comments from every single project to here so you can read what I think for example about James Bond! :DD I’m starting from the old ones.. Portti-

3 Yep, that was it. ”My Sunday” and those other old projects are really SO old that I don’t even recognize that I’ve written those ‘cause I don’t write that way anymore. My Sunday. :D Well that’s not me, as you can see, but you know what I mean.

4 Keeping Up Appearances I haven’t done this project (I suppose because I didn’t know what to write), but I’ll try to write something.. I liked watching Keeping up appearances at our lessons. It has weird British humour and it was fun to watch a British sitcom series and learn at the same time. Some of the characters are very funny, especially Hyacinth, because she’s the main character. Hyacinth is very bossy women who desperately tries to be a part of the upper-class (even though she is very middle-class), so she answers the phone "The Bouquet residence, the lady of the house speaking“. I can’t really name my favourite character, ‘cause they are all so funny/good actors, but still, Elizabeth is one of my favourites. She is afraid of Hyacinth and she always spills her coffee/tee to Hyacinth’s precious carpets. The best thing in this show is just everything. The situation comedy is so amazing. Part of the Keeping Up Appearances –gang. (Onslow, Daisy, Richard, Hyacinth, Rose.

5 My letter to Santa Claus Dear Santa, First, I hope that you have time to read my letter. I think I've been kind enough this year. I have been working hard in school this autumn. I think that you should bring lots of presents. Even thought I admit, my room is a real mess and I haven't cleaned up in a while. I should do that, I know. I hope that there would be a lot of snow this Christmas, but I think that that is too much to ask, 'cause there is about 7 degrees and only about two weeks to Christmas. There must be snowing, huh? I'm going to spend my holiday just relaxing and in the Christmas eve I'm probably with my family and/or friends. I don't like the most of Finnish Christmas foods. For example the food called 'rosolli' is disgusting. What foods do you like? Sooo, as I said, I wish for white Christmas, but something else also. iPod would be nice. I don't know what else to ask, but I count on you! Have a great Christmas and don't get too tired going around the world in only one night! :) With love, Little-Em. Me and Santa. Christmas 1996

6 Britney and Kevin I don't really have any opinion of Britney or/and Kevin's marriage/divorce, because I don't understand why it is anyone else's business than Britney and Kevin's and their families. But still I can tell my opinion of Britney. I think that she is a good singer and talented, 'cause she has started so early. Her music isn't even near of my taste. I don't like her image. I don't know anything about Kevin Federline, but I don't like him either. I don't like rap and I don't know him, so I can't tell anything good about him! :D Britney's New Look Is Bald! Haha. I think that Britney has really lost her mind this time. But I don't know. Maybe media is just making it look that way. On the other hand I agree with Julle. I mean if Britney really has a depression (+ the alcohol problem), they should leave her alone and let her recover. I'm not so interested what Britney does 'cause she isn't really my closest friend, you know. ;) -------------------------------------------------- Yep, I agree with you all (/two :D) ! When I said that I'm not so interested what Britney does, I really didn't mean that it would be the same to me if she died or something. Of course she should have a happy life like everybody else. And like Klaara said, she must be REALLY tired! She has had a huge career already and she is still pretty young.

7 Beauty behind the make-up ? In this project we were supposed to make a conversation about two videos made by Dove. (You can watch the videos in “Portti”.) Here’s what I thought: Uhh, I found the first video even a bit scary. She was changing so fast and the photoshopping-part was so weird. Media is photoshopping commercials and other things all the time! I think that's sad, 'cause natural people are usually the most beautiful. That's what I think. The other video is really sweet. I've seen it couple of times before so it was familiar to me. I think that people (mostly girls/women) shouldn't worry so much about their looks. Dove has made really good job with doing those videos, 'cause hopefully it makes people to think. (Klaara, I want to ask you something; how do you define "normal"?) -------------------------------------------------- AND I want to add one more thing to this.. I really think that that girl/women was pretty before she got all that make-up on her. She was looking normal! Afterwards she was looking very unnatural and not very beautiful. " No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted."

8 IKEA In this project we were supposed to tell our opinion of two IKEA-commercials (and also about IKEA). Here is what I wrote : Both commercials were good in some way. :D First commercial (“Find your style”, woman changing heads) wasn't really my style. I mean that didn't like it so much. It was even a bit weird. The idea was good, but I didn't like the result. I had to watch that video a couple of times 'till I really understood it and had something to say. I loved the second video! That dog is so cute. Quality of that video is also better so it was nice to watch. The dog seems to be so smart and humanitarian. ´ I have never been to Ikea, but I would want to go. :c My opinion about that ”Find your style”-video has changed from that and now a think that it’s pretty good. And it sells, I think. It is a good commercial. Still I haven’t visited IKEA, but I do have one thing from there! :D My sister brought me a soft animal which is called Minnen råtta.

9 Idol- competitions This project’s idea was that we make a conversation about Finnish Idols and The American Idol-competition. You can see my comments here. Finnish Idols I like to watch Idols, but I would never go there. :DD I don't like the judges 'cause I think that they don't know much about music business. Well of course they know, but I just don't like them.. Nina Tapio is stupid. I think that in the finals judges shouldn't say their opinion, 'cause it effects a lot for the watchers. I mean it's almost the same that judges would decide the winner. I agree with Siiri. But I would say that some people go there, 'cause they want their "five minutes in the spot light". I mean that even if they know that they can't sing, they just go there for fame. I don't like Anna Abreu. I don't really know why. She's just too young. Her voice is ok, but I still don't like her. My favourite is Mia Permanto. I don't know why either.. She just has great personality and she has an amazing voice! -------------------------------------------------- Yep, my favourite idol 2007 is still Mia and I hope that she will get a recording contract soon!

10 American Idol I like to watch American Idol, 'cause they have so many talented singers. But still, I wouldn't say that American Idol is much better than the Finnish one. USA's population is about 57(?) times bigger than Finland's, so of course they have also more talented singers. I agree that American Idol is very different to the Finnish one. Judges are better and usually they make the right decision. Ryan Seacrest (the host) is a good host and also quite cute. ;)) Kelly Clarkson first, and the best American Idol

11 James Bond I haven't seen any Bond-movies, so I can't really tell you who is the 'real Bond'. But still, I have seen many pictures of Bond and I think that Pierce Brosnan is the real- one, 'cause he just looks so 'bondish'. If you understand what I mean. :D If someone says "James Bond", his face just comes up to my mind. I don’t think that James Bond is a big hero. :D Because he is so unreal. He always solves all the problems and survives every time (except this Daniel Graig, or that’s what I have heard). He is more like women’s hero. Pierce Brosnan James Bond 1995–2002 Daniel Graig James Bond 2006-?


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