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Conditional Clauses “if clauses”.

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1 Conditional Clauses “if clauses”

2 Exercises: Conditional Clauses (Mixed)
1. If I see him, I (give) a lift. 2. If he (eat) all that, he will be ill. 3. If he (be) late, we will leave without him. 4. If I (know) his address, I’d give it to you. 5. I wouldn’t drink that wine if I (be) you. 6. He might get fat if he (stop) smoking. 7. If I had know that you were in hospital, I (visit) you. 8. If he had asked you, you (accept)? 9. The hens (not get) into the house if you had shut the door. 10. What (happen) if I press this button?

3 Complete the sentences:
1. If the gates are locked……. 2. If she practised more……. 3. If the river rises any higher……. 4. I’d have brought my coat if……. 5. You would have been angry if……. 6. If Tom comes while I am out……. 7. The grass would look better if……. 8. If the volcano starts erupting……. 9. I could repair the roof myself if……. 10. I’ll probably get lost unless…….

4 Write an if-sentence for each situation:
1. I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t eat anything. 2. The accident happened because the road was icy. 3. I didn’t know that Joe had to get up early, so I didn’t wake him up. 4. I was able to buy the car only because Jane lent me the money. 5. Karen wasn’t injured in the crash because she was wearing a seat belt. 6. You didn’t have any breakfast – that’s why you feel sick. 7. I didn’t get the taxi because I had lost all my money. 8. I am not tired. I will not go home before the party is over. 9. I forgot to take my address book with me. That’s why I didn’t write any postcards. 10. The weather was quite bad. We could not really enjoy ourselves.

5 Write an “if” sentence for each situation (present).
1.This book is too expensive. I’m not going to buy it. 2. We don’t go out very often. We can’t afford it. 3. It’s raining. We can’t have our lunch outside. 4. I don’t want his advice. So I am not going to ask him. 5. I can’t meet you tomorrow. I have to work until late. Write an “if” sentence for each situation (past). 1. Paul helped me with the letter. That’s how I was able to write it. 2. I didn’t pay enough attention. That’s why I took the wrong exit. 3. Rose married Stephen. That’s why she has moved to Australia. 4. I was not cold. That’s why I didn’t take my jacket. 5. Mr Johnson was a distinguished scholar. That’s how I knew his name.

6 What would you do if… 1. Imagine – you lose your passport. 2. Imagine – the house is on fire. 3. Imagine – you’re in an elevator and it stops between the floors. 4. Imagine – you get lost in a foreign city. 5. Imagine – it’s Sunday and there’s no food in your fridge.

7 If Caroline and Sue ________ the salad, Phil ________ the house.
Type I. If Caroline and Sue ________ the salad, Phil ________ the house. If Sue ________ the onions for the salad, Caroline ________ the mushrooms. Jane ________ the sitting room if Aaron and Tim ________ the furniture. If Bob ________ up the kitchen, Anita ________ the toilet. Elaine ________ the drinks if somebody ________ her carry the bottles. If Alan and Rebecca ________ the food, Mary and Conor _______the sandwiches. If Bob ________ after the barbecue, Sue ________ the guests in. Frank ________ the DJ if the others ________ along their CDs. Alan ________ the drinks if Jane ________ him some of her cocktail recipes. If they all ________ their best, the party ________ great.

8 If I ________ the lottery, I ________ a chance to hit the jackpot.
Type II. If I ________ the lottery, I ________ a chance to hit the jackpot. If I ________ the jackpot, I ________ rich. If I ________ rich, my life ________ completely. I ________ a lonely island, if I ________ a nice one. If I ________ a lonely island, I ________ a huge house by the beach. I ________ all my friends if I ________ a house by the beach. I ________ my friends up in my yacht if they ________ to spend their holidays on my island. We ________ great parties if my friends ________ to my island. If we ________ to go shopping in a big city, we ________ a helicopter. But if my friends' holidays ________ over, I ________ very lonely on my lonely island.

9 If the forwards (run) faster, they (score) more goals.
Type III. If the midfielders (pass) the ball more exactly, our team (have) more chances to attack. If the forwards (run) faster, they (score) more goals. Their motivation (improve) if they (kick) a goal during the first half. The fullbacks (prevent) one or the other goal if they (mark) their opponents. If the goalie (jump) up, he (catch) the ball. If the referee (see) the foul, he (award) a penalty kick to our team. Our team (be) in better form if they (train) harder the weeks before. The game (become) better if the trainer (send) a substitute in during the second half. If it (be) a home game, our team (win) the match. If our team (win) the match, they (move) up in the league.

10 Decide whether to use Type I, II or III.
If I had time, I ________ shopping with you. If you ________ English, you will get along with them perfectly. If they had gone for a walk, they ________ the lights off. If she ________ to see us, we will go to the zoo. I would have told you, if I ________ him. Would you mind if I ________ the window? If they ________ me, I wouldn't have said no. My friend ________ me at the station if he gets the afternoon off. If I ________ it, nobody would do it. If my father ________ me up, I'll take the bus home.

11 Reported Speech

12 “I wish I had something to eat,” said Peter.
“You’ve only just had lunch,” said his sister. “I don’t know how you can be hungry again so soon.” 2. “I’ve made a terrible mistake!” said Peter. “You’re always making terrible mistakes,” I said. “You should be used to it by now.” 3. “The ice will soon be hard enough to skate on,” said Tom. “I’ll look for my skates when I get home,” Ann said.

13 4. “I bought this bag in Milan,” I said.
“You shouldn’t have bought that colour,” said Peter. “It doesn’t go with your coat.” 5. “The lake will probably freeze tonight,” said Charles. “It’s much colder than last night.” “I’ll go out and look early in the morning,” said Mary, “and if it’s frozen I’ll make some holes in the ice so that the ducks can feed.” 6. “I’m building myself a house,” said Ann. “I won’t show it to you just yet, but when the roof is on, you can come and see it.”

14 7. “I know the umbrella belongs to you, but I thought
it would be all right if I borrowed it,” said my nephew, “because you aren’t going out tomorrow and I am.” 8. “You can leave your motorcycle in my garage if you like,” he said. “I’ll keep an eye on it while you’re away.”

15 1. “Do you want to see the cathedral?” said the guide.
2. “Would you like to come with us?” asked Ann. 3. “Did you sleep well?” asked my hostess. 4. “Are there any letters for me?” said Mary. 5. “Have you ever seen a flying saucer?” said the man. 6. “What are you going to do with your old car?” I asked him. 7. “Do you grow your own vegetables?” I asked. 8. “Did any of you actually see the accident happen?” said the policeman.

16 Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.
Change pronouns and time expressions where necessary. She said, "I am reading.“ They said, "We are busy.“ He said, "I know a better restaurant.“ She said, "I woke up early.“ He said, "I will ring her.“ They said, "We have just arrived.“ He said, "I will clean the car.“ She said, "I did not say that.“ She said, "I don't know where my shoes are.“ He said: "I won't tell anyone.“

17 Complete the sentences in reported speech
Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns and tenses. "Where is my umbrella?" she asked. "How are you?" Martin asked us. He asked, "Do I have to do it?“ "Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter. "Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend. "What are they doing?" she asked. "Are you going to the cinema?" he asked me. The teacher asked, "Who speaks English?“ "How do you know that?" she asked me. "Has Caron talked to Kevin?" my friend asked me.

18 Complete the sentences in reported speech
Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or a question. He said, "I like this song.“ "Where is your sister?" she asked me. "I don't speak Italian," she said. "Say hello to Jim," they said. "The film began at seven o'clock," he said. "Don't play on the grass, boys," she said. "Where have you spent your money?" she asked him. "I never make mistakes," he said. "Does she know Robert?" he wanted to know. "Don't try this at home," the stuntman told the audience.

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