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Switched-on research summary: Verbatims 5 th June 2009.

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1 Switched-on research summary: Verbatims 5 th June 2009

2 Contents Executive Summary How research data was captured The verbatims Major themes

3 Executive Summary

4 Too much connection between BT and switched-on, leading to confusion. Limited confusion as to the effects of the switchover and the impact on Broadband. At least one instance of the mailing being mistaken for irrelevant mail, leading to a non-reading. Some comments on the changes in the line, but nothing severe. The following main issues have been reported, all of which will be addressed in the comms refresh:

5 Capturing the research data

6 Each migration has been followed by a wave of research, interviewing a proportion of the migrated population. These interviews have been carried out both by telephone, and on doorstep. The questionnaire was primarily designed to measure recall, the clarity of the information provided and whether the information generally reassured people. General migration experience was measured in a separate study. However, our study captured several experience comments which have been included here for completeness. –Some comments highlight relatively minor changes in service as ‘faults’, suggesting that some respondents gave the answers they felt they should give.

7 The verbatims

8 Wick & Bedlinog: July 2007 Communications Experience “I would like to know when the broadband is going to be migrated” “What it didn’t really indicate was, what was the purpose of the change” “It didn’t tell me any benefits of the service” Customer Experience “dialling tone is different” “the voice is different for 1471” “it takes a lot longer to dial out” “when I pressed 1471 its slower than usual” “there has been a lot of echoing” “On Saturday I could not phone out” “The phones went out of order for two hours” “crack during a call” “I am getting a lot of interference from my broadband” “when [I] dial out it doesn't have the same dial tone, very faint”

9 Nelson: November 2008 Communications Experience “There were lots of notices about when the work was being done but very little about what was being done” “It does say they were going to change the broadband later, I don’t know what they’re going to change on it, that was the confusing bit” “I couldn’t understand it”

10 Nelson: November 2008 Customer Experience “The dial is slightly different” “There is a slight change in the tone of the dialling tone” “1471 has a posher voice” “I find that the answerphone is not as quick or as clear as before, the ladies voice is not as good as the last one” “It sounded echoey, like if I talked I could hear myself in the background” “It was a bit clearer than before” “It’s a bit clearer, I’m a bit deaf but I find a bit clearer” “I didn’t have a phone for two days” “It was just crackling on the line” “There’s been a crackling which is as you pick it up and as you’re on the call, it’s OK now but it’ll come back as you’re on the phone”

11 Penarth: January 2009 Communications Experience “...but does it actually mean anything for me?/Am I supposed to do something?” x 10 “It would’ve been nice to have more info, but then I’m quite techy” “Does it affect me? I’m on AOL...” “I didn’t get it, but then I live in a quiet area – only 3 houses, you know...” “Sky does my phone now, so I guess this isn’t me” “Did I get it? Hang on, let me look for it... Hmm, Important Information from the Telecommunications Industry, switched-on... That can’t be it”

12 Communications Experience “I’m not with BT, I’m with Swalec” “I’m with Sky, not BT” “I’m not with BT” “I use Sky for telephone and broadband” x2 Customer Experience “Slow broadband ever since the change” x2 “There’s been a crackling noise ever since” Ferndale & Tonyrefail: March 2009

13 Roath: May 2009 Communications Experience “I’m switching to the Post Office” “I’m changing to Sky” While researching in Bronwydd Avenue our researcher was approached by a lady from number 2 Bronwydd Avenue, not on either the Direct Mail or Doordrop lists to receive a mailer. She complained that the print on the leaflet she had received was too small for her to decypher, and wished the print were larger. “I’m with Virgin” “I’m with Swalec...but I could change back to BT” “I’m not with BT” “I’m with BT for phone, but NTL for broadband” “Sky do my phone” “I got a leaflet and a letter” Customer Experience “I only use my mobile” x4 “I have a problem with my laptop. I’ve rung the call centre but they didn’t resolve my problem”

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