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Jeanette Rankin.

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1 Jeanette Rankin

2 The following are two songs from WWI
The following are two songs from WWI. The first was popular in 1915 and the second in Compare the attitudes expressed in both and explain the differences. I didn’t Raise My Son to be a Soldier America, Here’s My Boy for You

3 America Here's My Boy First Verse There's a million mothers knocking at the nations door, A million mothers, yes and there'll be millions more, And while within each mother heart they pray, Just hark what one brave mother has to say. Second Verse There's a million mothers waiting by the fireside bright, A million mothers, waiting for the call tonight. And while within each heart there'll be a tear, She'll watch her boy go marching with a cheer. Chorus America, I raised a boy for you. America, You'll find him staunch and true, Place a gun upon his shoulder, He is ready to die or do. America, he is my only one; My hope, my pride and joy, But if I had another, he would march beside his brother; America, here's my boy.

4 I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier
(Trad) I didn't raise my son to be a soldier I raised him up to be my pride and joy Why should he put a musket to his shoulder To kill another mother's darling boy Why should he fight in someone else's quarrels It's time to throw the sword and gun away There would be no war today If the nations all would say No I didn't raise my son to be a soldier I didn't raise my son to be a soldier To go fighting in some far-off foreign land He may get killed before he's any older For a cause that he will never understand Why should he fight another rich man's battle While they stay at home and while their time away Let those with most to lose Fight each other if they choose For I didn't raise my son to be a soldier I didn't raise my son to be a soldier To go fighting heathens round the Horn If God required to prove that boys are bolder They'd have uniforms and guns when they were born Why should we have wars about religion When Jesus came to teach us not to kill Do Zulus and Hindoos Not have the right to choose For I didn't raise my son to be a soldier

5 U.S. Declares War After years of reluctance, the US was finally at war. Why? In the United States, people believed that Germany’s refusal to respect American claims to neutrality had forced the US to retaliate. From Germany’s perspective, America’s claim of neutrality was far from neutral. The US was providing money and ammunition to the Allies long before the troops ever left for Europe.

6 Reasons for Entering the War
German Submarine Warfare German U-boat (submarine) Changed the rules of naval warfare Element of surprise – give no warning to their targets Americans felt like this was unfair and unjust Irony: Britain had set up a blockade of the seas trying to lead to the starvation of the German people (America felt this was justifiable in wartime), however, the use of U-boats to destroy these blockades was uncivilized in the American eye.

7 British Influence Britain had destroyed the transatlantic cable connecting Germany and the US so all communication came through Britain Information bias – helped shape the attitudes of US in favor of Britain Exaggerated stories to try and create a reaction. A common story in newspapers was that German troops would chop off the hands of Belgian babies. After the war this was proved to be untrue.

8 Sinking of the Lusitania: British passenger liner
Germany spotted the Lusitania in the Irish Sea and suspected correctly that it was carrying weapons for Allies Fired on the line and within 18 minutes the ship sunk with its 1,198 passengers 128 of the dead were Americans Sparks started flying at home

9 The Lusitania Here are two editorials from two newspapers about the sinking of the Lusitania. “Germany ought not to be left in … doubt how the civilized world regards her latest display of ‘frightfulness.’… No plea of military necessity will [help Germany] before the … conscience of the world…. Some atrocities … fall under … universal condemnation …” —  New York Nation, May 13, “If ever the American people stood in need of calmness … it is at this hour. While every other nation is ‘seeing red,’ let us do what the German military authorities apparently have not done—count the cost [of any further action]…. We must protect our citizens, but we must find some other way [to do so] than war.” —  Chicago Standard, May 13, Analyzing Primary Sources  What is the difference between the two editorials?

10 Germany had issued a warning reminding all potential travelers there was a war going on and to sail at their own risk. They took no blame for the incident. Wilson demanded that Germany renounce unrestricted submarine warfare and make payments to the victims survivors. Germany laughed. Wilson ordered a second stronger note – Germany says they will stop sinking ships without warning… but continued to do so Wilson had just been re-elected on the promise to “keep us out of war.” What would you do?

11 Zimmermann Telegram A telegram from Germany was intercepted on its way to Mexico by Britain and they released it to the US. It was an agreement that if the US decided to declare war, Germany would form an immediate alliance to Mexico promising them that if they would fight, Germany would recover their lost lands: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.


13 Russian Revolution By 1917, Russia had suffered enormous casualties: 1.8 million killed 2.4 million taken prisoner 2.8 million sick or wounded In the middle of this, Russia had its own revolution and the czar was overthrown. The US did not like the czar and once he was gone it was one less stumbling block.


15 “The world must be made safe for democracy.”
April 6, 1917 Wilson declares war. “The world must be made safe for democracy.”

16 IN SMALL GROUPS: Referring to the propaganda posters, you are going to break into four groups and create a brief presentation on the following themes: Explain to America why we entered the war Encourage People to Enlist Now! Speak to the role women need to play Defend how war will help create jobs for all

17 Imagine this morning you woke up to the headlines “US Declares War.”
Write a journal entry of your thoughts and feelings. What is going through your head right now?

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