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Welcome to the SEMA Webinar Program 25 Common Mistakes Made by 2008 SEMA Show Exhibitors.

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1 Welcome to the SEMA Webinar Program 25 Common Mistakes Made by 2008 SEMA Show Exhibitors


3 2008 SEMA Show Student Program Exhibitors Wanted!! A limited number of students will again be invited to participate in the 2008 SEMA Show and enjoy this unique learning experience. Member exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet future industry leaders on-site through the following activities: Volunteer opportunities in YOUR booth Wednesday, November 5 th networking breakfast Access to over a hundred quality student resumes at the Show If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Nathan Ridnouer at See you at the Show!

4 Chuck Schwartz, CEM, Chairman, ConvExx Chuck has over 30 years of experience in managing shows and events, including four of the top 200 Tradeshows. Served as past Chairman of the International Association for Exhibitions and Events (IAEE). Received the highest honor, the Pinnacle Award.

5 1 - PRE- SHOW MARKETING Failure to pre-show market Not included in the plan or budget

6 2 - SUITCASERS Allowed a suitcaser to take your time. Exhibitors or non-exhibitors. Report to Show Management

7 3 - SHOW EXPENSES No control over show expenses Per diem Budget entertainment Taxis/Monorail

8 4 - PLAN Didn't make a plan Why do you need one Not too late – 9 weeks to go

9 5 -BADGES Didn't order badges Wait in line Hassles proving who you are

10 6 - BUDGET Didn’t make one Didn’t follow it Is it too late

11 7 - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY No record of my trademarks or IP protections Not equipped with documentation of patent or trademark protection

12 8 - SEMA HELP Didn't ask SEMA for help when there was trouble Suitcasers Damages / Injuries / Thefts Other Exhibitors Contractors Call cell phone

13 9 - DEADLINES Missed order deadlines – paid too much Get on-line now

14 10 - HOTELS Picked hotels by quality and not by price Put staff in different hotels Save by using budget properties

15 11 - BOOTH INSTALLATION Failed to schedule booth labor properly Hired temps from outside – a no-no Didn’t test it at home No back-up plan

16 12 - ELECTRICAL Did not provide a layout for electrical order Not sure of power needs Forgot to budget labor and wattage

17 13 - RULES & REGUALATIONS Broke display rules and had to redesign booth on-site Split Islands, Islands, Linear Line-of-sight Impact on neighbors

18 14 - HANDOUTS Didn’t bring enough flyers or catalogs to the show How many should I bring – 2500?

19 15 - BE IN SHAPE Not prepared for 10% humidity causing dehydration Survival instructions and survival kit Chapstick, aspirin, Tylenol, foot powder Good broken-in shoes Deodorant, etc.

20 16 - MARKETING AT THE SHOW Missed out on Feature Vehicle program New products not ready at show time No press kit No sponsorships Forgot about directory listing

21 17 - FREIGHT Didn’t take advantage of small exhibitor 1000’ free freight No bids on shipment to show

22 18 - BOOTH STAFF Not trained No schedule Don’t know rules 24/7 Who’s Your Daddy?

23 19 - INTERNATIONAL Didn’t attend the International Marketplaces to learn how to market outside US Didn’t use the free trade leads program in the CIC

24 20 - SEMINARS Didn’t attend seminars or have staff attend to learn about trends and forecasts in the industry

25 21 - SPONSORSHIPS Assumed that sponsorships were over the company’s budget – didn’t look for a sponsorship in the price range or contacted MMI to be creative

26 22 – EXHIBIT RENDERING Didn’t send in rendering of exhibit floor plan in advance to eliminate problems on site

27 23 - ASSOCIATION BOOTH Didn’t stop by the association booth to find out about special programs that can save money throughout the year Didn’t join a council to receive special notices about things happening in your sector of the industry

28 24 - ENEWS Didn’t look for exhibitor updates to find out latest breaking news about the Show

29 25 - LEADS Didn’t protect leads against loss Didn’t assign staff to follow-up Didn’t follow-up within five days after show

30 Thursday, September 4 – “Make 2009 Turn Out Fine: It’s Only the Little Things that Matter” 10 to 11:00 a.m. (PDT) Presented by: Tom Shay, Profits+Plus Thursday, September 18– “Listen to Your Customers: Their Opinions Really Do Matter” 10 to 11:00 a.m. (PDT) Presented by: Joe Bates & Charles Colby, Rockbridge Associates Mark Your Calendars for upcoming SEMA webinars!

31 Thank you for participating in the SEMA Webinar program

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