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they found the Titanic 3,810 m under the water (aprox. 4 km)

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2 they found the Titanic 3,810 m under the water (aprox. 4 km)
Chapter 1: Under the sea In 1985 , some cameras went to see the rest of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. they found the Titanic 3,810 m under the water (aprox. 4 km) They also saw that it was split in two halves. There was a distance of 800 metres between them.

3 Chapter 2: The biggest ship in the world
More than 15,000 people built the Titanic It was built in Belfast (Ireland) The began in 1909 and finished in 1912 The Ship: 46,328 TONS 28 ACROSS 265 LONG SPEED=46KM/H The ship had: 16 COMPARTMENTS and 15 emergency doors The rooms were for: 1st class $ 2nd class 3rd class=working people Their dream was to begin a new life.

4 Chapter 3: A City on the sea
On 10th April 1912 the Titanic started the journey to NY The ship went from Southampton(U.K) to France. And from France to Cork (EIRE) And from Cork to America through Atlantic ocean. The designer and creator of the ship was Thomas Andrews In The TITANIC , there were: -325 first-class passengers -277 second-class- 706 third-class E deck -908 officers and workers -8 musicians President of the White Starline=> Bruce Ismay Captain Smith: He controlled the ship Milvina Dean (the youngest passenger. She was 9 weeks old) Jack Phillips -- Radio operator

5 Chapter 4: Iceberg On 14th of April 1912
That night, There was good weather There were lots of stars in the sky The sea was quiet but, it was very cold The officers saw an iceberg in front of the sea. The ship tried to turn left but it couldn't, because it was too fast They heard a big noise on E Deck (3rd class) They stopped the engines and went to see the damage.

6 CHAPTER 5 CQD: Come Quickly distress
There was a big noise= the titanic hit an iceberg. The captain decided to close all the emergency doors They also stopped the engines There was water in 5 compartments , and the designer, Thomas Andrews said: “This ship is going to sink” Jack Phillips, the radio operator sent emergency messages by radio. 12:13 a.m. CQD

7 CHAPTER 6 Nobody was listening.
There were 2 ships: the Californian & the Carpathia The Californian was at 16 km but, the radio operator went to bed because radio messages were something new in those times. The TITANIC sent fireworks and rockets but the Californian didn’t realize of the sinking, they thought that they were celebrating a party. The Carpathia was at 92 km away and they could listen the CQD message at they started to go to help, but they were too far And when they arrived, it was too late..

8 Chapter 7- Into the Lifeboats
The Titanic had 20 lifeboats to save 1,178 people In TheTitanic there were 2,224 people The officers helped with the life jackets The first to be saved were: 1st class, women and children From the 20 lifeboats only 18 went into the sea. Lifeboat th Officer Lowe helped a lot of people and saved a lot of lives

9 Chapter 8. In the cold, dark sea
The 8 musicians didn’t stop playing the Front of the ship went down. The Titanic broke into two halves. the Titanic was completely under water at 2:20 a.m. Thousands of bodies were floating- They died because of the coldness Lifeboat 14= 5th Officer Lowe returned to help and rescue more people but he only could find 4 people (at 3:00)

10 Chapter 9. The Carpathia and the Californian
The Carpathia (93 km away) heard the message from the Titanic at 12:25 The Californian (at 16 km away) -didn’t hear any messages -Later, saw the firing rockets from the Carpathia. At 6:00a.m. realized of the tragedy and went to help The Sailors from the Carpathia helped all the passengers on the lifeboats. They gave them hot drinks, warm coats, blankets… But the passengers were only worried about their families and friends The Carpathia arrived to New York 4 days later only with 700 people and 1,513 were died in the Atlantic Ocean.. In New York Senator Smith was really annoyed and angry. And asked a lot of questions to Bruce Ismay (President White Starline)) He said that the responsible of the tragedy were Captain Smith and Thomas Andrews

11 Chapter 10: Life after the Titanic
The American ship “Mackay Bennett”=>Rescued the dead bodies from the Titanic and they were buried.

12 Chapter 11: Finding the Titanic
Walter Lord wrote a book about the Titanic (A Night to Remember) in 1956. In 1957 (First film) A Night to Remember In 1985 Robert Ballard went twice to see the rest of the Titanic under the sea and he made a film (second film). Titanic (1) In James Cameron saw Robert’s film and decided to make a Hollywood film. He also went with cameras to see the Titanic. Cameron’s film cost 200 million dollars= 1 million dollars every minute. Not every thing in the film is true, but the most is true. Millvina returned to see the Titanic in 1997 with a ship called QE2 (Queen Elisabeth II)


14 Vocabulary Engines: Motor Operator: Operador Designer: Dissenyador
Sailors: Mariner Sink-sank-sunk: Enfonsar-se Suddenly: De cop Deck: Coberta Sailor: Mariner Towards: Cap a Rocket: Coet Deck: Compartiment Bury: Enterrament Operator: Operador Designer: Dissenyador Emergency: Emergència Gun: Arma Captain: Capità



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