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March 26, 2014 Portage Cragin Library. Welcome Intro to the BGA Robert Reed Director of Programming and Investigations Better Government Association.

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1 March 26, 2014 Portage Cragin Library

2 Welcome

3 Intro to the BGA Robert Reed Director of Programming and Investigations Better Government Association

4 School Budgets 101 Sarah Karp Deputy Editor Catalyst Chicago

5 CPS budgeting Like school lunches, we don’t know what goes in, but we don’t like the result.

6 Where does CPS get its money? 40 % from property taxes

7 Old system Schools allocated teachers based on the number of students. Small enrollment swings didn’t change the bottom line. Teacher salary didn’t matter to principals because they were given positions Less flexibility for principals

8 This year: Student-based budgeting Core allocation money follows the student. $4,140 per student Schools get less SBB core allocation depending on number of students who are more severely disabled

9 How CPS arrived at this amount Adding together last years expenditures on things that would be covered by SBB. = $2 billion But the amount was reduced because of the district’s budget deficit subtract $81 million

10 On top of SBB schools get: Administrative base to pay for 1 principal, 1 counselor and 1 clerk Salary adjustment for veteran teachers Magnet schools and magnet cluster schools Federal and state poverty money, based on number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

11 Belmont-Cragin Elementary School About the same number of students FY 2013, FY 2014 About the same number of students FY 2013, FY 2014 Yet a decrease in general education money Yet a decrease in general education money Replaced by student- based budgeting: College-ready funding Full-day kindergarten general education fund supplemental ancillary teaching positions Fund Grant Description FY 2013 Expenditures as of 6/30/2013 FY 2014 Approved Budget Bilingual Ed TPI & TBE00 CHILDREN-AT-RISK00 College Ready Funding150,0690 Extended Day Learning Time00 General Education Fund1,437,224334,670 Operations - Custodians00 Public Building Commission O & M 69,04683,662 School Transitions2,58914,163 Special Education - Transportation 00 Special Education Fund247,895129,398 State Maintenance Program Grant 2,1000 State Special Education Block Grant 247,625270,456 Student Based Budgeting01,190,383 Summer Office Support1,9200 Supplemental Ancillary Teaching Positions 13,9890 Transportation - Safety Personnel 00 Workers'& Unemployment Compensation/Tort 54,72863,324 2,227,1842,086,056

12 Schools CPS considers in Belmont Cragin area Belmont-Cragin School Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy Charles P Steinmetz Academic Centre Chicago International Charter School (CICS)- West Belden Campus Christopher House Charter School Dr Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy Franz Peter Schubert School Hanson Park School Harriet E Sayre Language Academy Henry D Lloyd School Joseph Lovett School Josephine C Locke School Laughlin Falconer School Luther Burbank School Marvin Camras Elementary School Mary Lyon School Northwest Middle UNO Charter School - Near West Elementary Campus 18 schools 2 high schools; 3 charter schools

13 Investment in Belmont-Cragin Budget $3 million less; Lost 42 positions Like elsewhere, high schools saw the biggest losses. Both high schools saw slight increases in students. Among 8 elementary schools that saw budget cuts, Burbank, which is down 44 students, lost the most at $751,000 3 charters saw an increase of $870,000, but much of that due to Christopher House adding enrollment

14 Charter schools Same per-pupil amount as district run school. “administrative base” salary adjustment stipend for in- kind services (operations, maintenance, security and magnet positions) Elem k - 3Elem 4-8H.S. Weighting1.0711.24 Per pupil$4,429$4,1405,132 Admin Base$542$507$623 Teacher adjustment $98$91$112 Stipend for services $1,758$1,643$2020 Total $6827 $6381$7887 Plus, state and federal poverty money

15 Extra money Government Grants Private foundation grants Parent fundraising Charters bring in more---more than half bring in over $100,000 in private money Less than 10 district-run schools bring in more than $100,000

16 For more information To find information about specific schools: Budget.aspx Budget.aspx School-level budgets are under “Interactive Reports” under the “Find your school budget” tab Read Catalyst-Chicago online and in print

17 How to File a FOIA Alden Loury Senior Policy Analyst Better Government Association

18 Freedom of Information Act Step 1: Find the FOIA Officer City of Chicago Freedom of Information Officer Cassandra Daniels Chicago Public Schools 125 S Clark St, 7 th Flr Chicago, IL 60603 Fax to 773.553.1701

19 Freedom of Information Act Step 2: Writing a FOIA Request No specific format is required. No standard form is required. No reason for your request is necessary. Be as specific as possible about what records you are requesting. Include your name and contact information. Review the Illinois FOIA law, particularly section 7 on allowable exemptions: D=2

20 Freedom of Information Act Sample FOIA Request June 1, 2012 Dear Ms. Daniels: This is a request under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140). Please provide copies of the school expenditure reports for the 2011-2012 school year for Edmund Burke Elementary School and Ludwig van Beethoven Elementary School. I also ask that you convey this information electronically, via email to If the records cannot be provided electronically, please mail them to me at the mailing address provided below or contact me so that I can make arrangements for pick up. Because these records are being sought in the public interest, I ask that you waive all copying, printing and programming costs associated with this If any part of this request is denied, Section 9 of the FOIA requires that you provide reasons for the denial, citing the specific language in the FOIA that grants an exemption. If you have any questions pertaining to this request, please do not hesitate to contact me at 312-821-9036. Thank you, Alden Loury Better Government Association 223 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 900 Chicago, IL 60606

21 Freedom of Information Act Other Notes: You may ask to conduct on-site inspection, which may alleviate copying charges Try to be as narrow as possible: broad requests such as “All documents related to…” are more likely to be denied. Under FOIA, you must request a specific document. If you do not know the document you are looking for, you may try writing, “Documents sufficient to show…”

22 Freedom of Information Act Step 3: Tracking Response The public body must comply with or deny the request within 5 business days. The public body may request an extension of up to 5 business days. No response from the public body equals a denial, and you may then appeal. Keep notes and records (names, dates, times) of all communication, including phone calls. Submitting everything via email or fax will allow you a stronger paper trail, which can be used to appeal a denial.

23 Freedom of Information Act Step 4: Dealing with Denials Call/email the BGA and tell us about your situation Attend a BGA FOIA clinic Submit a request for review with the Public Access Counselor: File a lawsuit Ask an attorney you know to take on the suit pro bono

24 Freedom of Information Act FOIA and Charter Schools Charter schools are nonprofit organizations and do not necessarily have to follow FOIA or OMA, though some do. For info on charter schools: Submit a FOIA to CPS requesting a copy of a charter school’s annual audit and projected budgets Look for the charter’s 990 form on Guidestar or the Attorney General’s Website:

25 Closing Questions? Concerns? Contact us! 312-427-8330

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