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Mrs. S Browning Abertysswg KS1/2 History.

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1 Mrs. S Browning Abertysswg KS1/2 History

2 Did Romans eat Pizza? We are going to find out what Romans had to eat?
How did they eat? Where did they get their food?

3 What did they eat? Romans bought hot pies and tasty treats a bit like modern pizzas, from the eating houses in the busy towns. They were topped with onions, fish and olives.

4 Why didn’t Romans eat tomatoes?
Romans didn’t know about tomatoes because they were brought over from South America about 1,500 years later.

5 Where did they eat their food?
People ate in taverns and eating houses. Few families had ovens or a kitchen. Rich people used snow to cool their drinks.

6 How much did Romans eat? Sometimes Romans ate so much that they were sick!!! After they were sick they went back to eat some more.

7 A Roman Menu Dormouse in honey Boiled ostrich Roast pig with thrush
Song bird Grapes Olives Wine

8 Quiz Where did Romans eat? In their house?
In the tavern or eating house? At a friends? Answer In the tavern

9 Why didn’t Romans eat tomatoes?
They didn’t like them. It was too cold to grow them. They didn’t know about them. Answer

10 Make your own Roman Menu

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