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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About A Cat

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1 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About A Cat

2 Kitty History Domesticated 4,000 years ago 2,500 years ago -Egyptians
Romans used cats for rodent control cats were thought to carry the Bubonic plague - ordered to be killed. first cat show in London first cat show in US - New York

3 Cat Breeds 330 recognized breeds Shorthair group - 26 breeds
Longhair group - 13 breeds

4 Cat Factoids Independent and self-sufficient clean, self-grooming
don’t require a lot of house training sleep hours a day life span of 15 years need to scratch front paws bathing - minimum - they usually take care of this themselves!

5 Female cats like to live in groups
Male cats are territorial Check for ear mites Cats have sharp teeth and claws - 2nd dirtiest mouth.

6 Don’t feed my kitty… Toxic Plants -Poinsettias -Lilies -Begonias
-Philodendrons Chemicals -Tylenol (acetaminophen) -Advil (ibuprofen) -Anti-freeze -Chocolate

7 Cat Colors 4 Solid Colors - color evenly distributed the entire length of hair shaft. -Black -Dark Brown -Orange -Light Brown 4 Dilute Colors -Gray/blue -Cream -Lilac/lavender -Fawn

8 Tabby is the natural hair coat pattern of cats.
Calico cats have 3 colors: black, white, and orange or red. -almost all calico cats are female -genetic trait

9 Tortoiseshell cats are black and red
-usually female White cats have genes that mask all color. -All white cats have blue or green eyes

10 Pointed cats -color pattern of dark markings on “points” of the cat.

11 What are you trying to tell me? Cat Communication
3 ways -vocal -body language -visual and scent markings V OCAL meowing - vowel sounds purring - caused by repeated rapid opening and closing of vocal folds.

12 Hissing - a sign to stay away
BODY LANGUAGE Tail up - “I am happy” kneading - “I am trying to get comfortable” front paws wrapped - “I am comfortable” ears back - “I am not happy - watch out”

Scratch marking Scent marking -feces uncovered -urine spraying -head rubbing (sebaceous glands around head)

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