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Top 10 REASONS YOU MIGHT HEAR “That Spray (Pesticide) You Sold Me (Recommended) Didn’t Work” ▪Phil Sell - Shawnee County Extension Agent, Horticulture.

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1 Top 10 REASONS YOU MIGHT HEAR “That Spray (Pesticide) You Sold Me (Recommended) Didn’t Work” ▪Phil Sell - Shawnee County Extension Agent, Horticulture ▪Retail Garden Center - Spring Training ▸ February 4 & 5, 2003

2 Top 10 REASONS YOU MIGHT HEAR “That Spray (Pesticide) You Sold Me (Recommended) Didn’t Work” ▪The proper product, used improperly, may not work ▪Reinforce the importance of label information ▪Customer (Client) Expectations ▸ Don't set yourself up by creating unrealistic expectations –Lawn care services are guilty of this - –When they promise a “Perfect, weed-free lawn”

3 10. PEST RESISTANCE WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Genetic adaptation - Natural selection ▸ Insecticide resistance known since early 1900's ▸ Resistance to fungicides since the 70's –Benomyl and its relatives (thiophanate methyl/Cleary’s 3336)) –Myclobutanil (Immunox) ▸ Herbicide resistance (triazines) ▪Good to switch off ▸ Switch to a different family of pesticides ▪Soaps and Oils - Physical/Mechanical ▸ Resistance is not an issue

4 9. PRODUCT REALLY DOESN’T WORK (For the intended purpose) WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Treating for grubs probably won’t control moles ▸ Most insecticides don’t kill earthworms –None are labeled for that purpose ▪Physiological problem ▸ Blossom-end rot (tomato, pepper, watermelon) ▪Efficacy may not be supported by data ▸ Don’t be swayed by anecdotal testimonials ▸ Ask for convincing credible scientific evidence –Based on legitimate replicated research

5 8. PRODUCT DEGRADATION WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Shelf life expired ▸ Large containers - false economy ▪Storage Conditions - locked; away from children ▸ WP, dusts, and granules should be kept cool and dry ▸ Liquid concentrates should be stored above 40 degrees – May settle out or separate if frozen ▸ Some are living organisms (Bt), nematodes ▪Water quality –pH –Dirty water (ie. glyphosate) ▪Diluted spray left in sprayer for later use

6 7. PREMATURE EVALUATION WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪People expect immediate gratification ▸ Think white grubs should die overnight ▸ Think weeds should die overnight

7 6. IMPROPER APPLICATION RATE WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Dilution too weak or too strong ▸ Inadequate dispersion in tank - agitation/WP “gravy” ▸ Phytotoxicity can compromise chemical activity ▪Spreader calibration is important ▸ Explain to customers/clients ▸ Are pre-calibrated spreaders accurate? –Walking speed of applicator –Confirm/re-check during first pass

8 5. MIS-DIAGNOSIS WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Ask the right questions ▸ Checklist of pertinent information ▪Thorough inspection ▸ Hand lens is useful ▸ Sharp pocket knife ▪Secondary problems over-looked ▸ Primary problem may have been controlled –A secondary problem could be unmasked (spider mites) ▪Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample ▸ Explain what you need - what is a good sample?

9 4. WRONG TIMING WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Ignor or mis-understand pest life cycle ▸ Target vulnerable stage –“Present and actively feeding” –Scale “crawlers”, small bagworms/caterpillars, pre-emergence –Before squash bug “jail break” –Too late after borers are in the plant ▪Don’t recommend a spray if it’s too late ▸ Post infection of diseases –Window of opportunity (pine tip blight, anthracnose) ▸ After borers are already in the plant –Pheromone traps - spore traps

10 4A. FAILURE TO FOLLOW UP WHY PESTICIDE DIDNT WORK ▪Failure to water in as required ▸ Soil insecticides for grubs ▸ Pre-emergence incorporation ▪Subsequent treatments omitted ▸ Traditional crabgrass preventers ▸ A dormant spray doesn’t control everything - all season ▪Re-treatment interval too long ▸ Multiple generations –Several life stages present (spider mites, squash bugs ) ▸ Extended Infection Period –Rose black spot, apple scab/rust, early blight

11 3. PRE/POST TREATMENT CONDITIONS WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪Rain or premature irrigation after spraying ▪Weed foliage mowed off before or after spraying ▪Weeds under stress at time of spraying ▪Temperature at time of application ▪Weed foliage not wet when “weed & feed” applied ▪Extended drought may defeat pre-emergent ▪Dust on leaves of weeds

12 2. APPLICATION TECHNIQUE WHY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪ A hurried or haphazard application ▸ Thorough coverage - all plant surfaces (under leaves) –Spreader sticker, adjuvant/sufactant (consult product label) –Prune fruit trees - Control thatch ▸ Spreader pattern –Drop spreaders - overlap wheel tracks –Rotary spreaders - pattern feathers out at the margin ▪Improper equipment ▸ Shaker cans - Limitation of “hose-end” sprayers ▸ Enough pressure to reach top of trees - Trombone

13 1. W HY PESTICIDE DIDN’T WORK ▪They took it home and never put it on...

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