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Republic of Texas Presidents David Burnet and Sam Houston.

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2 Republic of Texas Presidents David Burnet and Sam Houston

3 Who: David Burnet

4 When and Where: March 1836 in Harrisburg Texas

5 Relations with Natives: Treaties with Cherokees had been made in exchange for their help as scouts in the War for Independence, but Burnet did not uphold the treaties.

6 Relationships with Mexico: Mexico believed the Treaties of Velasco were invalid, and therefore saw Texas as still part of Mexico and didn’t recognize Texas’ independence.

7 Relationship with the USA: Since it was so early on in Texas’ history, there was no formal relationship with the USA.

8 Financial Issues: Burnet had no way to pay the soldiers for their service in the army or to pay off the Nations debt.

9 Contributions: Helped establish a government for the New Republic of Texas.

10 Other: Since he was only an ad-interim president, he calls for an official election after only 5 months in office. Texas elects Sam Houston.

11 Who: Sam Houston

12 When and Where: July of 1836- Harrisburg Texas which is renamed Houston in his honor.

13 Relations with Natives: Natives threatened war due to settlers moving in and not upholding treaties.

14 Relations with Mexico: Mexico disputed the borders and ‘invaded’ Texas. Houston wants peace because he can not afford a war.

15 Relations with USA Houston called for Annexation, but he was denied by the US government. They thought Texas was to unstable and it had slaves.

16 Financial Issues: Issued ‘promissory’ notes, which were paper money that said the government promised to pay you back. The notes had almost no value when cashed in.

17 Contributions: Established Houston and is loved by most Texans. It gives them hope and the idea that Texas may make it on its own.

18 Other: Stephen F Austin dies in December of 1836 during his term in office. Houston can not run for office again since in Texas you could not be president twice in a row.

19 On the bottom of Page 31: Answer the following question in three complete sentences or more: What would you need to have in order to start a new country, like the Republic of Texas?

20 Who: Mirabeau Lamar

21 When and Where: Waterloo Texas, 1838-1841

22 Relations With Natives Retaliation due to the Council House Fights. Lamar didn’t wanted peace with the natives.

23 Relations With Mexico Issues over the Northern borders of Texas and Mexico.

24 Relations with U.S. Lamar strongly opposed Annexation and did not want to join with the US. He had little connection with the United States under his presidency.

25 Financial Issues Debt grows due to his leisurely spending. He issues “Red backs” even though they have no value.

26 Contributions as President: Moved the Capitol to Austin Texas and started a system of public education.

27 Other: He wanted to give prime land to Texans even if it meant taking land away from established Indian tribes.

28 Who: Sam Houston ◦ His policies are the same from his first presidency. He serves from 1839-1844.

29 Who: Anson Jones

30 When and Where: 1844-1845 in Austin Texas

31 Relations with Natives: He wanted to keep peace at all costs.

32 Relations with Mexico Mexico finally recognizes Texas as an independent country and no longer disputes the southern border.

33 Relations with US Opposed Annexation even though most Texans will vote to join the United States.

34 Financial Issues: Large Debt because he does not curb spending.

35 Contributions: He is the final president of the Republic of Texas.

36 Other: He was a Doctor before becoming president, but after leaving he will commit suicide due to depression.

37 Unit Divider Directions: Using your notes fill in the Texas Flag Unit Divider. For David Burnet tell me what kind of president he was. (this goes in the star) For Houston, Lamar, and Jones tell me what they wanted in their presidency and what made them different from each other.

38 Man Divided HOMEWORK – Due Monday, Jan. 9 Houston and Lamar: HEAD – How were they going to solve TX’s problems? MOUTH – What were their messages to the people? HEART – What was most important to them? HAND – What tools were they most fond of? LEG - What actions did they take? FOOT – Where did they lead TX? Color the People to represent who they were!

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